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  1. I have not played many FPS'ers recently though zeppoli so my appetite is no where near full. And Solopheg you better be packing some heat
  2. Heh you got me about 30 times in the open beta lob12. You have the reflex's of a 12year old and are leathal with that G43.
  3. Can't wait to storm omaha with the BAR. Qnx06RcQJk0
  4. I don't usually fly brit so only noticed this after I'd fired a few rounds off. When I checked the ammo counter I swear I had 2672 rounds. Yep when I spawned in a hurricane1 the other day at lille. It should be 1600 ish no?
  5. You can see rifle death fire bug in this video and hear it too in background along with smg fire bug aswell. n7OSvnYoLvE
  6. managed to test this for an hour today. Here are my findings rD5QmMG69GA
  7. Yep I heard this. Think I might have figured this one out but it needs testing. It happens when french rifleman & german lmg or smg shoot/kill each other at same time. Whoever is clipping a building seems to get the death fire bug, which takes a random amount of time to stop. You could try it versus different types of infantry with or without building clipping just to be sure.
  8. Just spent 20minutes climbing to 8km in my H87 only for 3/4 people to hear me and break well before my guns. What is the point in even trying to get above an axis plane that can out run you if he hears me coming even if I have alt on him? It's mofo ANNOYING! FIX IT! This bug has been around since day 1 and needs to be fixed as your highest priority for Hanger.