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  1. Here is my vid of 1st sortie. Was fun just wish we we're ready to go and didn't have to wait 40mins. The training server should have been setup ready but again it was not which sucked and cost a few people to miss the second run due to time constraints. K-5YlTFB1tM
  2. Killed 2 hurrys in 1st run & rtb'd, crashed on take off during second raid along with a few others Killed a spitfire on 2nd bomber i think but then *** rammed into his corpse. Got singing footage also but not sure I want to post it. Was cringe worthy with all the starwars quotes in there muhah XeJL-hcIQTk&list=FLe1l-wp3-qoY&index=19
  3. Managed to get clear of the 5 109s who straffed us on the field at vliss (from 2 different directions and at slow speed=well co-ordinated) with my wingman hed. Hats off to those of you who missed on purpose as the event could have been very boring otherwise. We lost Bonifatus straight away though and chaos insued. Escaped and climbed to 5km. Spotted 3 109s below me at 3km over fleet and engaged playing drag n bag which didnt work too good. We we're now 2vs6 almost co e. Got hits on 2 in head on and one from behind before I *** rammed him. Didn't see one stuka. Fun non the less and I know what I'm gonna do for the next one.
  4. Sounds good ice I don't mind taking a fairmile out if needs be
  5. Allied fighter h81 or h75 either plz! Thanks. looking forward to filming this lot hah
  6. mewodFdV4bQ iNbMTn08Hok Here are my movies for the event. Watch on youtube for HD 720 and enjoy.
  7. Damn that sucks you only had so little e4s. I scored a 111 (frantish) and 110c (ostwind) and damaged another 111 and 2x109s before another 109 & low ammo forced me below the bombers where I disengaged. Took off again and chased a 109 but he escaped past the no go zone. Was fun and looking forward to the next one. Thanks again for organising Frantish.
  8. Allied side gonna be on AHC teamspeak server?
  9. Sign me up for 1c Hurricane plz. Thanks for organising this
  10. Still going strong with 27 active members.
  11. Just curious if anyone has got a solid state drive and is running battleground europe on it and what the performance is like compared to a normal sata hard drive or your previous? Looking to buy a new system and wondering if having the game on a single SSD with windows 7 is viable/good idea? What are your thoughts please.
  12. Very true hick this is what I was looking at buying one for but the amount of space I require to make/save movies doesn't even make them viable. Previous campaign I used 250gb and that was using growler guncam with no sound. Can't even imagine what it would be like trying to save it in HD with fraps plus sound, which is what i want to do. I bet I wouldn't be able to save a whole lot of footage thats for sure. Then you've got to delete if after every campaign, which if I'm reading right will degrade the SSD ? Better to wait until they become cheaper, bigger & more advanced eh. Although I am tempted to buy a small one just for the operating system. Thanks for replying guys you've helped a lot.
  13. Just been educating myself about SSD's at anandtech since I posted this. Quicker load times would be nice considering how long it takes me to get in the action with my current pos obsolete system. I swear it takes 4minutes. How long does it take you guys to load the game and then load into the game world roughly with these SSD's? And any chance you could please post your system specifications as I'm curious what else your running. Cheers
  14. "Welcome to sea world kid"