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  1. Hi Ok, it seems I have to start the game using the same user account (Admin) as I used to install it. It must be some user privilage setting or something that stops me from running the game using other accounts. I just cant figure out what it is, any suggestions anybody? I will create another partition and compare the behaviour beween 10.4 and 10.5, I hade short freezes yesterday. /fablefoo
  2. Hi installation successfull when using admin account. However, the game does not start up when I connect to server. I have checked my video settings but they seems to be in sync. Is there antwhere I can fins a log on what fails during startup on my mashine? /fablefoo
  3. Hi I have just installed 10.5 on my iMac G5 and is about to install wwiiol 1.27.1. I have ran into some trouble that got me reading this thread... Question: It seems (from the posts here) that the running the game on 10.5/G5 might be worse than a 10.4/G5 combination. Is that correct? Will I be better of if I create a second partion running 10.4 for my wwiiol game? /fablefoo For My installation error it is still under investigation but I will try re install as Admin, I installed as a user with granted admin rights earlier. Interesting parts of the installation log: started (uid 96) Found receipt (id match) for (wwiiol0001271 / com.playnet.ww2ol-full-installer): (wwiiol0001250 / com.playnet.ww2ol-full-installer) Found receipt (id match) for (wwiiol0001271 / com.playnet.ww2ol-full-installer): (wwiiol0001261 / com.playnet.ww2ol-full-installer) --- Package authoring error: Duplicate receipts detected --- I'm looking for a receipt for a package named wwiiol0001271 with a bundle identifier 'com.playnet.ww2ol-full-installer' and found the following: Name:wwiiol0001250 Identifier:com.playnet.ww2ol-full-installer Name:wwiiol0001261 Identifier:com.playnet.ww2ol-full-installer ... Starting file extraction Extracting... BomFileError 13: Permission denied - /Applications//World War ][ Online.app 2 of 2 files written in 0.24 seconds. 0 kilobytes installed at 0.0 MB/s.