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  1. This quoted above would mean you do not pull the sight in any direction, meaning it needs to be centered to aim properly.
  2. Smgman is contactman for 91st, think I told you that some time ago, (double checked, I did). He said he was already in contact with you this whole time
  3. On land, in the air, or on the open seas. You are not alone.
  4. I can try to make it. Just on the chance that I can not though I don't want to sign up officially, but you might have yourself another 111 in the air.
  5. Casacerian, If all is okay with the application online, I will be on the lookout for you in game, would assume other officers are looking too. If you see any 91st tag under a player, send them a message and ask if their is a recruiter online. Usually there is at least one, if not then hang tight if you can and one should be there eventually. Hope things work out for you buddy. Always good to get fresh blood in squad.
  6. I know 7th AST and 91st have pm'ed you already with a date/time. But after talking with Lexfire a bit more we decided on a different date time, hopefully he can post in here to confirm as well. June 18th at 1700 EDT (2200 GMT+1)
  7. Seems good, as long as nothing is lost track of or whatever. Seeing as it seems to be 91st slowing that will end up slowing things down, we try to get it done as fast as possible as long as it works with 101st and 13th.
  8. 91st vs REI 21 May 2100 GMT 2200 GMT+1 1700 EDT (New York) 1600 CDT (Rat Time) 0700 EST (Sydney) Best of luck REI
  9. Very well fought. I want to say this is probably the largest battle that will happen, was 20 vs 24 if I am not mistaken. Very glad I got some time to show up for this. GL the rest of the way, and GL to all those who have to fight you guys, will be rough for them I am sure.
  10. Should be one hell of a fight, both large squads with a lot of talent between members. GL to Blitzkader, lets hope this time works for jammyman now. After re-reading post berlinee, CDT is 1 hour behind EDT, so would be other way you wrote it
  11. *kick* Still here
  12. BUMP All your retired CinC's belong to us!
  13. I think we can continue with April, not sure how the rest of it will work afterwards though.