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  1. Someone else experienced this? When flying offline everything works ok, but when trying to fly online, throttle stops working, cant control plane in bomber view, etc.. Is there something im missing here?
  2. Im mostly playing on my HP Dv9500 17"", Core2Duo 1,8GHz, 2gb RAM, 256Mb dedicated graff on NV6800GS, Dualboot XP/Vista atm with new patch i use the "Max Visual masturbation auto setting" running pretty smoth, the occasional dips, but more then enough. But thats ground only mind you, i dont fly.
  3. Im running it on my HP Pavillion DV9575, 2GHz Intel C2D, 2GbRAM, 256Mb Nvidia 8600GS. Works just great, not getting seriously hot either since i undervolted. Running in max res and what i would call "medium" settings. But i guess its all about personal preference when it comes to what graphics level thats "acceptable".