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  1. Also, for future reference, those downloads are stored in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\WWIIOnline\Battleground Europe Go in there every once in a while and clear that stuff out, it can take up a surprising amount of space after a year or two!
  2. I feel your pain, pfmosquito. I've gotten in the habit now of just downloading the full game every time. It's a PITA, but it's better than going through that crap on a slow connection.
  3. I forgot about this epic thread. Just spent the last two hours going back through it. Awesome stuff.
  4. Ah, yeah I didn't catch it. I never read the newsletters anymore, since it's just the same stuff copied and pasted from the announcements anymore. I sure did enjoy all the times hunkered down over an HC map with you, and I'm certainly going to miss the experience. I just hate that CRS is moving to the "Buy into it long term or pay extra" model, but I guess that's life, and all good things come to an end, to be replaced by a dollar sign. I would absolutely love to catch that beer we've been talking about, it's just a matter of time opening up and coordination. Don't be shocked when you get an email from me out of the blue S! Oswald, always been one of my favorite dudes.
  5. CPU makes the trajectory calculations. GPU is purely graphics (assuming it's a dedicated video card)
  6. the word core(s) is in this thread 28 times up to this point, including quoted posts and the one in this post. Just thought ya'll should know.
  7. Vista does suck. I had Vista on my machine from the factory, when I reformatted and installed XP, I literally DOUBLED my framerates across the board. I get about 30 FPs in large battles now, and considering my processor isn't as fast as yours and that is the bottleneck in my system, I bet if you put XP on your machine you would be amazed with the results. Win XP Dual Intel E2200 @ 2.20GHz GeForce 9800GT 4GB RAM
  8. It looks like theres no fix short of reinstalling the game every time I wnt to play, so I guess I will wait this one out and see which comes first, a patch within a week or a week goes by and I unsub. Not gonna pay if I can't even play!!! I would much rather CRS patch the game though! Thanks for all of your help X15. You've truly been an awesome community resource and a big help to illiterate fools like me!
  9. heh now theres a name I haven't seen in a while. How's things goin for you brady?
  10. I did a clean re-install for the 9th time literally, and it now works and i can get ingame... however, I cannot get past the first screen because my mouse is frozen and i cannot control it, even after alt tabbing out and back in. sigh.
  11. is the auth.playnet.com address working correctly? Why would I not be able to connecct to that one address??
  12. The only thing I had to change was Enable UPnP. Saved settings and the router restarted. However, no dice. As soon as I agree to TOS, it begins trying to connect before i can even put my login details in, and cant connect. i can't even click in the boxes to type stuff into.