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  1. I'm getting a lot of "invalid building message" on radio, especially when spawning in/out. Heard others are too. Fix for it? Thanks, Lowflyr
  2. Very good discussion and as you can see, a myriad of ideas and recommendations (good and bad), which all have to be weighed by CRS. Like watching a sporting event or being a laborer for a company, everyone has an opinion about what should and should not be done, but it's done from a distance not knowing what is taking place behind the scenes or what it really takes. What is nice, a management team like CRS, who welcomes comments and tries to improve. All within the constrictions of business income and expenses. As an individual who has owned businesses and been in management roles for many years, you can't make everyone happy, but you try, but always with an eye watching the bottom line. My wish list, besides what already has been mentioned: Do away with ai but leave the towers and let players again climb them. Let each side defend without auto help. Again allow players to swim/wade rivers where ever. Yes, sitting ducks, but their choice. Allow for the ability for engineers to build limited bridges where ever for alternative acess for attacks. Allow for small rafts or boats hauled by trucks to rivers for group inf crossing. Ability to build remote temporary small airfields (aru) closer to towns being attacked with limited numbers of aircraft. Would get more air battles going and alleviate the complaint of flying long distances and bring players back who like that side of the game. Regardless, I will continue to play this overall fun game. Keep up the good work CRS! Lowflyr
  3. Will we have to download the full version or will this patch over our existing program. Have all my settings and hate to redo them. Thanks, Lowflyr