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  1. Not sure what has happened, but I had to do the Windows 10 Anniversary update, now if I launch TeamSpeak, then try to log in it starts the connection then tells me there is a problem and dumps the login. Acts like when you try and open Windows Explorer and TS at the same time. Suggestions?
  2. Found it. Is there a work around as I really like the overlay? Thanks, Lowflyr
  3. Thx OHM How do you disable the overlay and do you know if there will be a fix? Lowflyr
  4. Very good discussion and as you can see, a myriad of ideas and recommendations (good and bad), which all have to be weighed by CRS. Like watching a sporting event or being a laborer for a company, everyone has an opinion about what should and should not be done, but it's done from a distance not knowing what is taking place behind the scenes or what it really takes. What is nice, a management team like CRS, who welcomes comments and tries to improve. All within the constrictions of business income and expenses. As an individual who has owned businesses and been in management roles for many years, you can't make everyone happy, but you try, but always with an eye watching the bottom line. My wish list, besides what already has been mentioned: Do away with ai but leave the towers and let players again climb them. Let each side defend without auto help. Again allow players to swim/wade rivers where ever. Yes, sitting ducks, but their choice. Allow for the ability for engineers to build limited bridges where ever for alternative acess for attacks. Allow for small rafts or boats hauled by trucks to rivers for group inf crossing. Ability to build remote temporary small airfields (aru) closer to towns being attacked with limited numbers of aircraft. Would get more air battles going and alleviate the complaint of flying long distances and bring players back who like that side of the game. Regardless, I will continue to play this overall fun game. Keep up the good work CRS! Lowflyr
  5. I signed up last week to join the OCS program and received the email below, however all this week I have tried logging in only to be told I don't have permission to view this page with one of the reasons being administration may have not authorized yet. Can you tell me how long this takes to get authorized or am I logging in incorrectly? I log into the regular forums no problem. Thank you and Merry Christmas. : ) Lowflyr Congratulations, LOWFLYR. You have been accepted into the Allied OCS Program. As an OCS Cadet you now have access to a new forum in the WWIIOnline.com Playnet forums. Click here to read the forums: http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/forumdisplay.php?f=98
  6. I have noticed my radio communications are no longer getting out to others. How do I reset radio so it is again transmitting? Thanks, Lowflyr
  7. This is the first time I have had this happen. I can send out a message asking if anyone is receiving and get nothing back. I am able to send and receive individual chats, so that's not a problem.
  8. Will we have to download the full version or will this patch over our existing program. Have all my settings and hate to redo them. Thanks, Lowflyr
  9. Greetings everyone. Over the years as I have had to occasionally program my 8-way hats in the key mapper I get frustrated when I try and get it to read left-forward-up, right-forward-up, etc. by moving the control hat. It usually will set it at either an e, w, n, or s. Sometimes it finally, after multiple attempts, shows what I want (like a sw), but also then loads a s or w with it. Is there an easier way to set these up without using CH Manager? Thanks, Lwflyr
  10. I have CH controllers and noticed when I try to set my rudder pedal brakes, it recognizes them, yet they don't seem to work when I apply them in the game? I tried the inverted axis methods (Cntrl, -, +) and it shows they are programmed. On a seperate note: I can't seem to have my controllers recognize the columns to the right. An example, the elevator trim (i & k, if i recall) I click on it and move my contorl button to have it recognized, but it does nothing. How do you program these columns? Thanks all. Lowflyr
  11. Greetings everyone. It has been over 4+ years since I played. Just began missing it too much. Anyway, I need help in programming my CH Products controllers (Pro Throttle, Pro Pedals, Fighterstick). When I go to the Keymapper and I hit the detect button, it says it has detected the controls and it recognizes my various controller input buttons when I'm programming but they do not read any of the axis's when I move them. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Is it something I have to do in the CH Products control manager or is it something I'm missing in WWIIOL. Does anyone have a file for the control manager for the three controllers I could use, which may be a faster way. Can anyone help, it would sure be appreciated. Thanks, Lowflyr
  12. thanks Kamel, I'm still confused. Where do load these files? Into my Ch Products Control Manager and save or into WWOL files. Still wondering why my controller axis's are not recognized by WWIIOL? I think it may have something I'm not doing right in CH P control manager. Not checking the right boxes? Lowflyr
  13. How do you go about joining some WWIIOL Teamspeak channels? I downloaded the program and am ready to go, but alas, I cannot find any channels to join in the fun on WWIIOL. Thanks, Lowflyr
  14. Greetings all, Well about 2 weeks ago I received my new computer with one of my intents to be that I would see some better fps; Of course it had VISTA and the bummer is it hardly made a dent in my fps. Went from avg 15 fps in games to a whopping 20-25 fps. I have searched this and several other forums to obtain some ideas on how to tweak the system for improvement. Most of them are at least 3-4 months old+ and have not been very incouraging; along with flaming and finger pointing, which I don't like to see happen as everyone is trying. I have the latest drivers, and the MS Hotfix installed. I have a G15 keyboard that shows I am only using about 28% of CPU and upto about 90% of RAM. Does this mean I need more RAM. One person suggested I get more RAM ( have 2gb already) and "page file" it. Don't know how to do this. I have some questions, and what are the latest list of recommendations for tweaking. for WWIIOL. If you can also do a step-by-step that would help not only me but all those other novices who so love this game. How do you page file (steps please) In Nvidia control panel, if I add a WWIIOL file with the tweaks, what exe. file do you save it to so that it loads each time? The other recommendations to try? Here is what my new computer system is, if that helps. Processor: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz 4 - 320GB SATA II 3GB 16 MB 7200rps HD Memory: 2x1gb Corsair DDR2 6400 xms extreme RAMw/ heat sink 4- case fans Coolermaster LGA 775+ 3.6GHZ fan RAID-0 Striping Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.070627-1500) BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG Memory: 2046MB RAM Page File: 970MB used, 3341MB available Windows Dir: C:\Windows DirectX Version: DirectX 10 ASUS P5N-E SLI NFORCE 650 SLI MB NZXT 800 Watt power supply AC97 onboard sound XFX EXTREME NVIDIA G8800 GTS 640 MB Video card Windows VISTA Home Premium Windows VISTA Office Basic Big thanks in advance, Lowflyr
  15. I have just read several forums regarding why joysticks are not being read due to problems with keyboards. The reason being; this last week I got a new machine compete with a G15 Logitech keyboard and experienced the same problem; WWIIOL would not read the throttle, joystick or pedals. (I too have the CH Products controllers) I know SgtSpoon, one of my programming heros had a great explaination on what it happening and some possible solutions. The one I don't like playing with is disabling hid drivers...I am a novice and scared to death of tweaks. What I did try, and it worked was; I disconnected my G15 and plugged in a ps2 standard old keyboard, fired up the computer, sure enough the controllers were recognized. So I thought, what if I kept the computer on, the old keyboard plugged in and plugged in the G15.....I still had recognition of the controls in WWIIOL and full function of the G15. I just keep the old keyboard plugged in and out of the way. Now I know, this is a pain (unplugging / plugging in the G15) each start up, but at least I have the controllers and my G15 working. Maybe this is yet another clue to help resolve the dilema and get a fix. Lowflyr
  16. Thanks sgtspoon..... Will give it a go. Of course the next issue is that of fps. With this new computer I have I am lucky to get 30fps, which is a real bummer......
  17. On the French side I was a Captaine, then scored enough points to get promotion to Commandant. New score showed 0, indicating I had gotten promotion, yet it then initially showed I was a Lt again, now I am back to Captaine @ 90%? Who/where do I report this and can they audit my account? Thanks, Lowflyr
  18. I have a CH Products Fighterstick USB, Pro Throttle and Pedals. The problem I have is that if I unplug the 3 controllers or load new nvidia drivers, the next time I go to use the controls they are read differently in the game and keymapper and I have to re-program all the controls in the keymapper set up. Very frustrating. Example: Joystick=1, Throttle=2, Pedals=3. When I make a change or unplug / relug them in or make the drivers upgrade it may look like this: Joystick=3, Throttle=1, Pedals=2 or Joystick=2, Throttle=3, Pedals=1. I am not using a hub and plug directly into the ports on the back of the computer. I plug them into the same ports that they were unplugged from and in the same order and have tried: dfferent order, switching ports, just to be sure and even using the hub, with all plugged in to hub then into one port on computer as a test....no luck) I also have the latest 4.0 drivers from CH Products. Is there a certain procedure I need to follow, or way to either program the controllers or does the keymapper have the ability/utility to change recognition and at least eliminate having to redo the entire procedure (reprogramming)? Getting to the point I hardly want to even use the controllers and don't operate any armor, planes, trucks, etc.... Thanks in advance. Lowflyr
  19. Thanks guys. I was afraid of the answer you would give would be "sol". my next step is to contact CH Products and see what they can do for me. Thanks again. Lowflyr
  20. Hello everyone. Upgraded keyboard to a MS Digital Media Pro and now noticed that when I am infantry running I can no longer look left or right. Works fine while walking, crawling and crouch. Any suggestions? Thanks, Lowflyr