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  1. I think they would both win because winning is about sharing
  2. It wouldn't take off, trust me, I'm a space rocket engineer
  3. I had a DD drove from willem. I got to knokke AF about a mile away from it and my engine magically goes out. Ok I look around nothing is even around me. Nothing on land, nothing in the water. I look back see wtf is wrong no smoke nothing. Then i hear a *ping*, i look around nothing is there. Then the engine starts on fire. WTF is up with this invisible crap???? It's so much BS.
  4. Yep just tried the offline beta client and it works there
  5. okay I found a temporary fix to the problem! There's a application named Cursor Lock. I use that to start the playgate app and it locks the mouse to the monitor the game starts in. Looks like this
  6. Ok I got past the mouse not working at all BUT I have two monitors, when I play and move the mouse to my right, the mouse pointer actually continues over to my second monitor. If I click while the mouse pointer is in the other monitor, the game minimizes. Halp?
  7. wow thanks. They should add that information to the launcher or something, its a bit weird that you need to come to the forum of the game in order to be able to play it in windows 7. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  8. So I downloaded the client and installed it. Went trough the settings thing that popped up, pressed save. Started the game. It loads fine but when the start screen ingame comes up I can't move the mouse, no sounds, can't do anything. Also it looks like the windows mouse pointer, not the in game mouse pointer. I have 2 9800gtx in SLI Please help?
  9. The upgrader failed somewhere and now my installation is void, at least it didn't require me to reinstall windows this time.. Also I have to manually run the playgate app as "run as administrator" in Vista or else the application just fails without any other explanation. The correct way would be for your app to ask for a elevated access... great way to welcome potential new players.
  10. CC if at all possible, side switch to Allied side as Captain with Q as meh trusted gunner
  11. i wanna be a german DD captain
  12. So how does this work? Can I just join the training server and then be a part of the mission? What's the url for the training server? I've never been on the training server.
  13. So are a lot of other people, just lettin ya know.
  14. Thank you, worked like a charm! I dub you poster of the month, congratulations!