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  1. Kloppfs heels: Zu Befehl!
  2. The troops have been called upon and we're all looking forward to meet past, present and future foes and friends in the field. Just don't stand in the way of the Krupp steel, once it gets moving. S!
  3. 1.35 is apparently on the horizon. We will see when it gets here, though.
  4. The graphics engine is in fact so inefficient that getting a new engine in could very well mean much better performance, while still getting much better visuals.
  5. FMOD, now it starts to make sense. Still miss a few things, like convoluted DSP, but that will possibly one day be made as plugin for the mixer. I saw native support for Unity and plugin support for several other engines, but no mention of Unreal?
  6. I could do the audio engine design and knock the socks off the rest of the industry. Audio is in general the most under-prioritized aspect of the gaming experience today, with huge gains in immersion and control of player behaviour waiting to be harvested. Just read through the entire Unreal Engine 4 audio specifications and was a bit underwhelmed, but the basics are there and would be enough to catapult this game's audio experience forward.
  7. Dark clouds are forming again, and the sound of a thousand whines are to be heard from those opposing the armee.
  8. Zeppelins have left the Moon and are descending on Earth!
  9. Yes, indeed. We have many greentags that try out the game and soon after leave never to be seen again. Recruitment to get ppl into squads to help them out in their first hard days and enhance their gaming experience is important stuff my friend!
  10. This is huge for those of us that likes to recruit outside the game!
  11. Congrats on the new squad guys! Looking forward to see what you can do in the field with the soon to arrive PPOs.