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  1. ok i have toyed around with this a little and now with these settings I test them by flicking from muscle memory and what I find is that with this file for some reason the horizontal sens is about 4x the vertical. Here's the file. https://pastebin.com/NSgc340Y edit: disregard that its still 2x I actually measured this time
  2. (the following pretains only to mouselook hip aim and sighted aim as infantry, i have not tested any other mode or vehicle) I just tried to come back to the game after so many years today but one thing was holding me back was the "gun swing" physics and more cripplingly, the vertical sens being half of horizontal sens, that is when I move the mouse up 1 inch it goes half as far as it would if I were to move the mouse right one inch. Even doubling the vertical sens in the config file seems to double the horizontal sens as well, even though the only value I changed was the vertical one. Someone said its a bug and it's being worked on, so I hope that's the case. Could anyone confirm this? If not then I could get used to this, and sacrifice my muscle memory for every other fps game ever made. But it's just a huge turn off for me considering how important boots on the ground are. here's my global.calib from the cfml folder in case anyone wants it or needs it. https://pastebin.com/DhyZwnyQ
  3. Yes that is correct I prefer to have sighted speed the same as hip aim
  4. ok here is my updated infantry.calib file, I did this to try and double the vertical sensitivity and all it did was double both vertical and horizontal. https://pastebin.com/hQrPgape edit: yeah i see what you're saying merlin. Like I said I could get used to it like you are but I've spent hundreds of hours in target practice in counter-strike in the past year or so, i would love it if i could emulate that sort of feel in wwiiol. back when I used to play wwiiol a lot though (almost 10 years ago now wow) I believe I had my squad help me set up the cfml
  5. I'm getting blue screen of death every time I try to fly any fighter plane. It doesn't happen in blens though for some reason. also, the engine audio of my own plane is extremely feint. I'm not sure what other info I'm supposed to include here except that I give up.
  6. It won't go past this: . It freezes and brings up this page. What should I do?
  7. Still nothing. It's been like this for a while
  8. maybe they added sheep to persuade your computer to go faster?
  9. When I try to install, it gets to about 78% and it says "An I/O error occurred while installing a file. This is normally caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file.", and gives the option to retry (which doesn't work) or exit. How to fix?
  10. why is it grayed out?
  11. oh. I feel sad now.
  12. How do I make an after action report on csr??? When i click "make aar" it brings me to my personal logbook.
  13. I was wondering if there is a way to determine besides how much % to next rank, how many things i have to kill, ect.
  14. @gunz: I did log in, and still got nothing. apparently it is working, or has worked for some because i recall reading certain player written aars.
  15. I ran an ei down with a fighter one time and killed him.he was standing on the edge of a fb veh spawn, and i didn't fire 1 shot, just blender'd him.
  16. If lightning strikes an armored vehicle, would it harm the occupants?
  17. constant cuncussion effect? awesome i want it!
  18. images not showing up for me
  19. If only you had known of this thing called "teamwork" that can be used to get more bullets...
  20. I am really frustrated right now. My fps is the culprit, dragging my k/d down into the depths. I'm getting 5-10 fps when in a city full of people, 5-10 fps when far away from a city looking in the general direction of the city full of people, and 30-45 fps when in a forest or desolate area with nobody there, and when I get into one of those situations where its kill or be killed, You know, the kind where you and the enemy are point blank, and a split second decides who wins, my fps drops to 5 right there. In this situation which happens to me quite often, The winner will come out usually by aiming at the opponent and shooting him. If one has a smooth 60 fps, and can see clearly where he's aiming, and the other has 5 fps and it's more like a slideshow, You can bet your *** that it's gonna be the guy with a smooth fps who comes out on top. I have a 1.8ghz processer, 1.75gigs of ram, and a radion 9550 video card. I've tried evrything other than upgrading. running msconfig, closing all other un-needed programs, turning settings down, ect. 5 fps is simply unacceptable. Nobody should have to tolerate this. Basically either I'm having some sort of problem with my computer or the game, or its the game it's self, and if so, it's the most demanding game i've ever played in my life. It used to be acceptable, 60fps average, but than I quit untill a month or so ago, and the trend has gone from "Evryone can play with decent performance and get kills and such" to "The faster your computer, the more kills you will get and the more fun you will have. Those of you with sub-par computers are out of luck. go buy a faster computer." and I don't like it. I'll be able to upgrade in about a month, but untill than I'll have to get my *** kicked by whoever has a faster computer. I sure do miss the days when the winner was determined by who had more skill, rather than who had more money. edit: oh yeah, if you have any tips on how to get a better fps without touching the wwiiol settings or upgrading the hardware, it'd be appriciated.
  21. Would it be possible to make it so the computer doesnt have to process things that are behind walls or solid structures? I've seen it done on alot of games but not this one.
  22. you could at least make it so, if connection is lost, it tries to reconnect instead of just giving up after 1 try.