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  1. i still say u are all OT noobs.... Wait till i resub, ill show u how OT should be
  2. to bad i cant get into OT forums yet... Im sure that place still has a few strains of my mutant dna laying around Anyone seen that hot chick melody n her pink tank. She said she would marry meeeeee..... im still waiting
  3. yeah its been a while, waiting on building a new rig before considering signing back up for action. Hopefully a few of the old crew are still around
  4. all, Been a while since ive ventured into these dark n dirty placesss.... hows is everyone these days
  5. They rock and Dover is da sexehhh opps i mean bump
  6. yeah who would have thought someone would actually listen and by rammmm go back to a 8600gs vid card and that will fix ur prob lol
  7. Rats any answer???
  8. yeah the problem is i got money with no home to go to and a squadie with no game to play Rats can you please advise if there is another way around this issuee or give us a update on when the gift certs will be availible again
  9. Dudessss where is the option to buy a squadie a gift cert.......... Can find it on the new webpage and all i can find is this below in the FAQ. Is there a option to give gift certs any more as i got a squadie who is down and out at the moment and i would like to give him a real lift up Please advise asap.............. Gift Certificates Temporarily Offline Jul 28 05:12PM We have discovered an issue in our Gift Certificate purchase process that we must work on to resolve. In the meantime, we are taking the gift certificate purchase system offline. We hope to have this restored in the next day or two.
  10. A couple of reasons this issues may be occuring 1st - the x52 doesnt like being added to the secondary key mapping, primary works fine , secondary no go. 2nd if primary doesnt even work make sure u install the x52 software pack with the admin software that allows you to create and test profile settings for the keyboard 3rd I had a issue with the joystick where everything worked fine on the joystick apart from the led light on the throttle and the little mouse gizmo on the throttle. I downloaded the latest version of the software pack for the x52 and installed it. Once this happened the light came on the throttle and the mouse gizmo and mouse button on the throtle worked fine. 4th I have read around somewhere , cant remember who posted it but it was definatly in this forums where usb keyboards/mice may be conflicting with the usb keyboard. Something to do with the Human interface device that shows up in hardware devices in system management. I think the fix for this was to choose the disable option for the HID device in hardware devices. I think this only occured when there was like more than one HID device showing up. and you had to try it a few times to make sure u disabled the correct HID device. Let me c if i can find the post EDIT Found it
  11. nope there is always residuel power in the mb when the the power is cut. saying that ive seen perfectly working motherboards with onboard led lights stay on for about 10 or so seconds after the power supply was pulled. Thats usual. However considering what temp ur computer was running at i wouldnt be surprised if something did fry. Its not recommended to run a cpu over 55 degrees C period. Anything over that , while it may run smooth enough will reduce the life of the chipset.
  12. Yep your not alone This started happening to me 2 nights ago and since i made a post about it a whole bunch of peeps have jumped on the bandwagon with the same issue
  13. make sure u are using your actual user account and not ur game user account. I joined this game with the username meshifty1 for web access etc but my game name that shows up in game is just meshifty.
  14. This problem just started happening to me and i remember a while ago it happened when i 1st downlaoded 1.27 beta.When i uninstalled 1.27 and went back to 1.26 the issue went away. But when this occured it didnt stop me completely. It ment i had to try and run the game 5 or 6 times before i could actually get in. now onto my issue now. 1.27 has been working sweet for me since it first went live. beginning of intermission. All of the sudden yesterday and today this problem seems to have returned. takes about 5 or 6 game launches to actually get into game. Each time the login box will come up i accept then screen goes blank and just before the usual wwii spalsh screen with the loading bar i crash back to desktop with no error. 4 or 5 more times doing this i can then actaully get in game. I was able to live with this. as i could at least get into game. Now all of the suddent today and late yesterday afternoon i started crashing out of the game with BAD_MEM_POINTER errors. I downloaded the network connection utility from the wwii page and ran it Test Starting. Test 1: Auth Pri -OK- 500ms Test 2: Main Pri -OK- 219ms Test 3: Main Alt -OK- 203ms Test 4: Main PingPri -OK- 218ms Test 5: Main PingAlt -OK- 219ms Test 6: Main Chat -OK- 219ms Test 7: Event Pri -OK- 219ms Test 8: Event Alt -OK- 218ms Connection tests completed OK. thats what i get. Any rats care to comment if this is ok. The Auth Pri at 500ms is a bit high. But i dont know why that is. Could it be alot of load on that server causing me crap pings to it. And why is that serv have the highest ping when all the rest of the pings are between 200 and 220???? Are they at different locations, are they on older equipment?