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  1. i still say u are all OT noobs.... Wait till i resub, ill show u how OT should be
  2. to bad i cant get into OT forums yet... Im sure that place still has a few strains of my mutant dna laying around Anyone seen that hot chick melody n her pink tank. She said she would marry meeeeee..... im still waiting
  3. yeah its been a while, waiting on building a new rig before considering signing back up for action. Hopefully a few of the old crew are still around
  4. all, Been a while since ive ventured into these dark n dirty placesss.... hows is everyone these days
  5. looks like a really poorly implemented way to compensate for the camera being at the torso rather than in the head when laying prone. Trouble is, you would have to hold the sight view when getting onto position and to see out of that position for it to be usable.