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  1. What is this concussion bug you speak of?
  2. I'm willing to put down chips on this new fad of ei clipping under the stairs in cps.
  3. I hope they fix it soon, the 251 is one of my favorite pieces and losing it's passenger ability makes hotdropping impossible. Now it's just an armored msp with an mg on top.
  4. I witnessed it at Liege. Yet I remember I had 1 infantry guy constantly get off my 251 at Bastonge and not die. He was the only passenger though, maybe it was just a fluke?
  5. Of course I have. In Habay today I ran across the road, got behind a building, then was mg'd by a tank watching the road. I know exactly what you're talking about. Yet then again I just picked myself up, and played on. It's not worth getting so worked up over. Lord knows how many times lag has been on my side of things. At the French Habay FB there was this ei SMG that was shooting at me, I could hear the sound for like 4 secs before I turned around and started shooting. He ends up dead and I'm wounded. Happens again with me getting killed. It happens both ways, and it's just something you gotta learn to live with.
  6. It's to underline the futility of complaining about it.
  7. And then what? People will complain about it in 1.30 as well.
  8. Dude unless you want to either A.) Go back to 1.0 graphics, B.) Pay for a direct wire-in from all player computers to the server. or C.) Personally buy every player a brand new, top-of-the-line PC with all the stuffing, there is no way to fix it.
  9. You can't fix internet lag when you're playing with people from anywhere to west coast USA to Finland. New patch caused new lag for alot of people, it's just something we're gonna have to deal with.
  10. I believe just unreserving your piece if equipment and waiting a bit then re-reserving will fix it so you only have to wait those 5 secs. BTW I bet the Allies would have a fit if they had to deal with the spawn delays the Axis deal with almost daily. Seriously you Allied sloths need to get on it!
  11. First you stayed zoomed in if you suddenly moved while you were looking at binocs, but now it's a different story. Now whenever you do that, you're weapon doesn't show up, fire, aim, or even come up. This can be really annoying, epically when you moved to take out an ei that came just out of that bush... How to do: - Look through binocs - Move while looking through binocs
  12. I have the board set to English, but "Inbox" and "Sent Box" are in Spanish. Small little thing I thought I'd mention.
  13. ok ok, i'll admit, I set myself up for that one...
  14. first invisi planes, now invisi inf. Whats next?