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  1. I'd like to sign up for an E4 position please.
  3. To make it a very simple and short description of what's wrong, I am unable to speak in TS (or at least be heard) while in-game. I can do it if I alt+tab to the TS page, but when I go in-game it won't work. Advice please?
  4. bump for the Knights!
  5. Aww.... thanks for correcting me. Yet I can't exactly edit anymore. That word is so hard.
  6. Yea, but you know what they say. Gotta move with the times. S! dale
  7. Thanks for the bump anyway.
  8. S! The Knights von Duestchland are looking for new blood to add to the ranks! We are a veteran squad and have many members who have been playing since 2006 and and beyond and are willing to share their know-how to anyone wanting to learn! We are striving for squad teamwork and participation, working in groups to strategically aquire a common goal. We would be honored if you would even consider joining us. Just visit our forums here for more info or to request an invite:
  9. Do you think he could answer the famous "How many Sherms did it take to take out a Tiger?" But seriously that's pretty cool, you're lucky.
  10. I don't have alot of details, I'm going on some wild free info from, but apparently I had a great uncle who was a panzer commander in Normandy. Don't know much else.
  11. Nevermind, it's all fixed now.
  12. Hi. I'm using Vista 32 and am getting frequent connection issues. For one, whenever I'm in-game I will frequently freeze up and it will only relieve itself if I ctrl-alt-delete and return to the page. Also, I have gotten CTHL's right after I've loaded the army selection screen. I am running the game in Admin mode, and will try it in XP compatibility. Update: Even after setting it to XP compatibility, now I cannot even move my mouse at the persona selection screen.
  13. I think telling people your OS and specs would help a great deal...
  14. S! I remember back in 2007 when you guys took me in. Had alot of fun with you guys and alot of memories were formed. Maybe I'll think about rejoining.