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  1. Well I went and checked all crash logs and I can't find anything dated today or game related. It just dumps me out to desktop with no crash popup or report showing. Any other suggestions on where I might look?
  2. Also, I know you said the GT 120 "Works" do you know of a upgrade for an older MacPro that works GREAT?
  3. Can you tell me the best Video Card options for older mac pros? Mac Pro 2.66 Dual 1.33 Bus 2 Gig Ram (I know I need at least 4 for this game) Snow Leopard Current Card NVidia GT 7300
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell me how to give you the CTD log? Also, could you suggest your preference for an upgraded 3D card that would run the game well?
  5. I get in, go to pick a infantryman or something else, get loading screen then CTD. Any suggestions? Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 Dual-Core Intel Xeon Memory 2 GB 667 DDR2 Geforce 256MB Geforce 7300 GT
  6. So am I missing something, but is the mac client not available? When I download, I get an .exe file. Just trying to find some details, everything points to a yesterday release of open beta?
  7. Anyone know of a good one that works with 10.5?
  8. how do you turn off normal mapping?
  9. Just played ground for the first time in months, I see that I am getting solid colors on weapons and the ability to see through walls completely on buildings, which makes the game near impossible to play because you can't tells whats a wall and whats not? This a known issue?
  10. I have been a member since the beginning and through all the ups and downs and this is the best version yet, I have for the first time seen FPS in the 80's and stay there. Great job, the game is again playable and fun!
  11. I have a new mac pro arriving this week...yay...I have been holding off for quite a while and running the game on a G5 pretty well. How is the game holding up on the Intel Chip? I see the post for running under windows, I was just wondering how guys are doing on the mac pro. I also noticed several post on how it wasn't handling dual cores well. Any input, thanks folks. mrpapp
  12. I have always wondered how many active players WWII Online has at this point. Does anyone know or is this information not available?
  13. Please...please...please...its like doing battle in a sandstorm!