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  1. Really great guy, Fought alongside him with the 91st many of early mornings. Hate to hear this sad news. Huge loss for the WW2OL community.
  2. Perhaps after I finish new pc build.... like what I see but was hoping for new UI and the ditching of Brigades
  3. How's Breakfast in Sedan these days? They still have that café we use to frequent?
  4. That was cool... Take note at the moment he respawns into the fru and immediately pulls out his binos to figure out what's going on... this is exactly why binos for new players is a must which i'm assuming that's the way it is now from the video.. but for a long time it wasn't which always puzzled me. now if crs will just redo the UI and that obnoxious concussion sound they might be onward to greatness again.
  5. sounds good if you can fix yours ...i have had this 3200 for 6 years and use it everyday..although i did not care for the mionix drivers runs better just plug and play. hope you get yours fixed .
  6. well perhaps consider this one
  7. i have had some later model mionix but i still prefer the 3200...if you have access to amazon you should be able to find 3200 cheap since it's older model ..it is so damn comfortable no other mouse can compare. you don't really need anything over 1800 dpi most pro game players play around 800 to 1000 dpi...anything over 3200 is far too sensitive here's the beauty - http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server4200/8hjcw/products/87/images/273/NAOS_3200_pic3__92439.1380196569.439.250.png?c=2
  8. mionix 3200 best gaming mouse i've ever used and i have owned prob 50 different mice it's a euro mouse that is similar to razer in material but even more comfortable right side curves in for your pinky and right middle finger so it feels like a glove when holding it.
  9. windows 7 uses more of your hardware to run......If you got really good hardware then you shouldn't have any problems but i dont think you will see ww2ol improve any performance wise. I like windows 7 myself and even liked vista much better than xp after the 2nd vista service pack before that pack though vista sucked. Iv'e never seen a blue screen since leaving xp behind and do not miss them either. o if you do decide to make the change you need more ram for sure... 4 gigs is fine but no less than that
  10. might as well look toward the future and go with something better.....what you was using before would not have much life left in many games. you should go to newegg and start by looking at the best asus motherboards in the price range your willing to fork out and check the reviews. after that check on the processors that fit the board of your choosing after that it becomes clear what you are gonna be in for
  11. I was getting them every 15 mins since last patch....I have all week long tried about everything i could think of with no luck....then the last thing that i tried has seemed to help, was able to play game for 2 hours with no ctd in a big battle too for the first time in a month. what i did was boot into safe mode and ran all my spyware remover programs........ Interestingly out of the 4 i ran Spybot search and destroy found several problems after deleting the problems i only ctded 1 time in 4 hours play witch is a huge improvement so it is worth a try.....download.com is a great place to download Spybot along with anything else you might want.
  12. I had major issues as well since last patch...(ctds) every 10 mins, tried everything with no luck then finally i uninstalled restarted pc then reinstalled game and now no problems at all.
  13. It all depends on what time you play no doubt Kgw daytime through early evenings 1775 evenings-primetime ironwolves evenings-primetime as well 3pzg 12am to 6am is our most organized hours at least 15 and up to 50 without much effort everday year round...we even can get 20 plus prime time from time to time and almost always have at least 6 logged in 24/7 year round
  14. i dont think i saw one axis plane in that battle lol
  15. Y game been around 6 years and has never had jumping and wont likely ever have it mainly becuase there are so many issues it could cause clipping ect ect I suggest you give my idea an honest try if you can get used to it, Didnt take me long and i love it for other benifits as well ....itll solve all your problems if you like it