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  1. I agree. An automated system as suggested would greatly reduce successful attacks by both sides. What we have now is way more advanced than any soldiers could have dreamed of in the era the game takes place.
  2. Good point! I hope the right people consider it.
  3. Everything HC needs help with they can call on sub players for. Hey HC... You can call on me anytime. Lol it's not like only f2p players are willing to help out. I personally am not a fan of f2p. It is what it is though. I agree as some others have said it should be a limited time offer. If you like the game sub up. If you can't afford it.....sorry. Their are many out there paying more than their fair share through the hero builder program huge S! To those guys. F2p already gets too much imho. But oh well. I don't look down any any of them I know there are some great f2p players out there. But sub up or be happy with what you get.
  4. I would use TS but there never seems to be any of my squad on it. Also I have a shared space where my desktop is at so my use is limited to absolutely necessary comms only. Well that and I have the worst luck with mic's just got a new one that I can't seem to get to work. I am a returning player from long ago and can remember how ts was such a huge tool. Though like others have said. Once you get to a certain amount of people it seems useless as everyone talks over others. I would definately like to see it used more than it is now though.
  5. S! Fleabark.. I just came back from a leave of absence also. I have been back about a week. Hope your enjoying being back in game. I know for me it has been fun to see old squaddies from back in the day. If your old squad isn't up and running anymore maybe come run with us? 7th/AST. The part of this game I have always enjoyed most is working together as a team for a common goal. I often read about many gripes through the forum about the game and things that need to be addressed or fixed. To me most of those things are secondary. The players are the difference! Working together with good comms = fun for me.
  6. I'm thinking I may just go for that build you suggested earlier. Its just going to take me a bit longer to get in game going that route. I'm not a very patient kind of guy though so its a little tough. The more I think about it I'm only wanting it to be value for now....i know in a year or so I will end up kicking myself for not putting together a better machine. I'm new to putting a machine together and was curious as to what I could use out of the old box. So DVD-rom and hdd only? The reason it was down in the first place was the power supply went out so I won't be saving that.
  7. Thanks for the input guys. So since my post I found a already built unit with the parts I was planning on for $400.00 new. Seems like a steal. I really like the post from the parts picker that would be a great machine I'm sure. My question is would the system shown here be a letdown in performance...I know the better parts would make a sweet machine but it's also another $300.00 over this setup. This would be a dedicated machine for wwiiol. I have a surface for work and a laptop for surfing the web. I just need this machine for the game and TS only. I really don't know anything about computers so I really appreciate the help on this. My emphases really is on value for this machine. I just don't want to end up kicking myself later if I were to get it and the performance was a bust. I would have to assume that it would be leaps and bounds over everything else I have used to play the game in the past. They were all out of date machines that barely ran the game.
  8. Can any of you tech guys tell me if this load out should be good for the game? I was really hoping for some help on what to go with. This is what I'm thinking.. CPU/Processor: Intel Pentium G3258 GPU/Graphics Card/Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti RAM: 8GB (Team Dark DDR3-1600 CAS 9 Storage: 1TB HDD (Seagate Barracuda) Motherboard: ECS B85H-M9: Has SATA III 6 GB/s and USB 3.0 support Case: Thermaltake Versa H25 PSU/Power Supply: EVGA 430W 80+
  9. I have been out of game for way too long. Last computer went down and I ended up going to a surface product for business needs. Although it works great for work before I knew it I been out of game for years. I'm planning on building a rig to try to save a bit of loot versus buying a purpose built machine. I would like to stay in the $500.00-$700.00 range. Here is the issue... I'm not a tech guy. I have done some reading and feel like I could figure the build out. My real issue is not having any idea on which way to go for the components of the build. In all actuality wwiiol is really the only reason for this build. That being said I really would like to come in under budget if possible. Am I dreaming or is this possible? I'm really looking to go with what the game will need at a performance level that won't hinder play. I don't need a bunch of bells and whistles just looking to find an economical way of getting back in game. I'm sure there could be as many opinions as people when it comes to the hardware. Most important to me is afordability in quality mid level components with considerations to a noob builder. Thanks S!
  10. 7th AST member here. Just wanted to say congrats and good form to REI. Nice job it was a fun battle. Personally I hope we meet up again. It definately was a good fight right down to the last sec first round. Although we had hight losses to our inf before actual assault we did get our last guy close. Hope we get a chance to face each other again. You guys are a very quality opponent!