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  1. I was online in a JU-88 and tried to map the rear gunner deploy key and CTD. I don't care to try and fix it.. subs up in a few days.
  2. My Asus G74SX shows that with 2 monitors and running WWIIOL in a town with 30+ ppl visible GPU (not CPU, but GPU) never went above 37%. I have an NVIDIA 560M with 2Gb graphics ram and its NOT the GPU, or the CPU (I have 8 cores, and none of them went over 60%. Most were idle). WWIIOL is in no position to take advantage of the new GPUs. When 1.3x came out they spec'd a system with an i5, 4Gb and and a GPU with 1Gb RAM. HOGWASH ITS NOT OUR COMPUTERS. The game needs a COMPLETE REWRITE (remember what KFS1 was supposed to do?). After the horrible 1.33->1.34 and continuing issues even GIVING WWIIOL away is merely a game in its death throws..... build up *some* sort of base and hopes you can sell the IP to another company. I started AUG 2001, I come back every 2-3 years to see whats up. Every time I was told its my PC.... so I but what was, at the the time, the #2 gaming laptop on the planet and guess what? WWIIOL STILL IS CHESS ON LINE.
  3. My X45 does this some times. Forget what Scott says... never mess with the registry directly. Download DXTweak2 and install/run. Bottom of the screen, set defaults. You can also tweak the axis settings and see whats being reported.
  4. Last night logged on and had MSI Afterburner running on another monitor. Was in 3 town/city fights, actually they were the only action on the entire map. MSI showed that while my in game FPS never went above 30 in town (got up to 60 when spawning at MSP) I NEVER GOT ABOVE 37% GPU UTILIZATION AT ANY POINT IN 2 HOURS OF PLAY. This is on my G74SX running two monitors. Please some fanboy tell me how the GPU is my problem? Hows about CRS just come out and say what we already know? The game is a horrible mess, and without ANOTHER COMPLETE REWRITE we will never see solid, 30+ FPS performance until then.
  5. I'm all for free to play. I'm all for moving the game forward. But I have the #3 gaming laptop out (well, it might be down to 4 or 5 since the G75s came out) and the game is still a dog? I've done everything CRS has said to to: 2Gb video card, 16GB RAM, i7 processor, 10Mbps internet connection there is NOTHING left to do.. and the game still slows to 10-15fps? I think the sad fact is that unless the game gets PLAYABLE (read that as it loads, and does not turn into a chess match in cities) then even giving it away will not help. I mean really... people will sign up for free... the game is coded so poorly that it cannot be loaded or played, and that's supposed to help the member base? Wasn't KFS1 supposed to fix the graphics issue? Aren't we already on the second or THIRD game engine rewrite? Its good the US in the mix (that took 11 years) but CRS needs to stop listening to the players and start coding a better client and server.
  6. Ok, my laptop is a ASUS G74SX i7 2.2Ghz 16Gb I did the benchremagen and got 64-66fps added the benchvehicles and got 24fps Set the perferences to PERFORMANCE, retsarted reran benchremagen was up to 72fps benchvehicles was 32fps Offline mode gives 148-172fps I have the latest NVIDIA drivers Am I stuck at 30fps (which I doubt I will be able to hold when in a city)? I'm back for the sole purpose that the US is now in the mix. But I can't see me being a 'cheerleader' if I get sub 20fps in a fight.
  7. no no no CRS says you need more RAM! hahahahahahahaha AA is broke online also from another thread. hahahahahahaha Yeah, its YOUR COMPUTER!!!!
  8. And that middle picture, the two guys with the skulls on the stalhelm, they are not German troops. They are Finnish. Kev Os 4 Div. I made the same mistake. I have to laugh when I hear people who want to but stuff for this game. Its not your PC, REALLY. My G74SX will rock every game on the planet, except this one.. 15fps flying and 10fps in town... EI not being drawn yet killing you... yeah... that's ALL MY COMPUTERS FAULT?!?!?!!? I cam back for the USA add on.. but like everything else in WWIIOL that doesn't work either.
  9. Save your money... this game is not worth it. For 10 years its been 'your graphics card', 'your memory', 'your insert random computer part here'. Even if you DO get the game to kick off, you are going to be at 5-20fps (like the rest of us).
  10. read the directions on the screen. I really can't add more than that unless you tell me what is not working. Unless you have a specific question I won't reply to 'it doesn't work'. It does. Read the directions on the screen. Its that simple.
  11. I've wasted 10 years on this game... I'm not really going to fight for a 2 fps increase.. that's not my job.
  12. No. I was getting 5FPS in towns. This game chokes when 10+ ppl are in the same are. I've heard every story CRS has cried for the past 10 years. Remember the engine rewrite was supposed to up the FPS, then the new netcode, then the new speedtrees etc etc etc.... I have 8 cores, a 10mbps connection, 16GB ram and I STILL get <20fps in towns.
  13. I have the BBK1 model (upgraded to 16Gb recently) and its a steady laptop. I don't get 100FPS, but I usually have apps running in the background (WWIIOL can't use all 8 CPUs anyways).
  14. I map the clutch to the X axis and the brake to the R on the throttle. Make sure that you are assigning HALF of the axis to L and the other half to R. When the mapper prompts you I think the key is + and - BEFORE you move the axis X45s work fine.