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  1. Grats! Well deserved, been on a few of your drops.
  2. Try going into your video settings and see what your "global" settings are, (should be a program that allows you to tweak your settings under the cards manufacturer), wwIIol used to auto switch my card to my intel built in graphics. So I selected run all programs with (your graphics). I have never had a desktop with a built in graphics card exclusively, so make sure you actually have just one, better yet post your dxdiag.
  3. Yes, Alot of non new peeps get killed alot, part of the fun, especially when trying to retake that pesky bunker with 100 allies in it
  4. Send a message to Gophur, I am sure the link is around to join builders...I will look around for you.
  5. Hi all, the following are bugs that I currently have found playing Axis... 1) Fired Panzershreck with back to a CP, immediately killed from backblast (working), then CTD (not Working) 2) Was able to finish building a FRU with my Opel, after I was killed by AI...(I wasn't interrupted from building the fru and completed the FRU while I was dead) 3)Deployed an ATG and my ATG clipped the wall with a leg and I was killed 4)Was able to kill an american sapper while he was running in place for awhile at an FB, so I decided to walk to him and shoot him in the head, he died. I like the way the new grenade mechanic makes me deadly accurate tossing it now, even though the minimum distance is gone, and sometimes you cant see the arrowhead when making a long toss...(it hides behind the german nade)
  6. I too, I select mission, go to enter world and CTD, screen loads like it wants to let me in, then desktop...First 20033, 126, now this wth is going on? I can't play on my time off. grrrr:confused:
  7. I get a black screen out for 1 sec then back to normal.
  8. lol, let me know if you see it peushing an 88, hehee.
  9. I tried what Gophur suggested, set everything low. I still 20033. Yes everytime this happens we lose a unit in supply, also you go out as a KIA, your CS&R is going to take a hit. I also noticed that when I do log in, it says NETCODE2 disabled on this server, is that a problem?
  10. Hey, been a builder for awhile, and was told my statue would be at the gas station in Ciney when the infantry upgrade patch came. Still no sign of it....
  11. In my opinion this whole bug is directly related to your connection...When I start getting higher pings, I get mission pending alot more than normal.
  12. I have been CO of 3PD 2KG for a couple of weeks now. I am still showing as a major. Is this a known bug? I should be a 1 star general. I also can't load my new officer sig. Any ideas? EDIT: Fixed rank sig.
  13. Meat bomb ftw lol. Usually from being shot down by something, never random for me.
  14. Oh this is great, I heard about some people having a cheat or bug that lets them see everything, no bushes etc, like that 1 guy said, "great I been crawling around like a noob all this time in a huge empty field"