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  1. Man, you really have to weed through posts to find one that is actually helpful and has some useful information in it. Thanks.
  2. You need to uninstall the game and reformat your hard drive. This may or may not fix your issue.
  3. They must be sick of pizza. Send something better, like fajitas. On the Border Mexican Grill (817) 540-0777 2500 Airport Fwy, Bedford, TX That is close and I am pretty sure they deliver.
  4. I had to delete the cfml file, RESTART my computer, start offline mode to make sure all sticks were detected, then import the cfml files, restart offline mode, pull up device manager and disable my joysticks until they were all the numbers I needed them to be, then open offline beta again and test it out. Oh and in between all the disable changes I had to keep detecting my joysticks from in game. Hope all I went through helps someone else.
  5. After much joystick detection, restarts, and cfml deletions I finally have it set up and working with my joysticks numbered the correct way.
  6. What did juuba say?
  7. I have somewhat the same problem with different devices. I have Windows XP, thrustmaster stick, saitek throttle, and saitek rudder pedals. Only the preferred device seems to get recognized by the game. I can change my preferred device around to all three one at a time and only that one stick is recognized in game.
  8. It is my second time trying it with the same results.
  9. I have the same problem except the installer hangs at 7% and says; The file C:\Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe TEST\playarc01.ww2 could not be opened.
  10. The ability to climb trees has never changed. We just don't have the trees you can climb anymore.
  11. That blows! I loved climbing up some ruins. We can't get on building roofs anymore? Just lame. I'd trade climbing for ragdoll any day.
  12. I have that as my teamspeak button, the numberpad +. Every time I talked my map zoomed all the way in. Messed with it several times but I wasn't able to get rid of that keymap even though the keymapper said I was good to go. Very annoying.