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  1. Thanks odonovan1. Flight stick should be arriving this evening. Hope to be in the skies tomorrow or the next day. Just in time for a map reset. I always loved the Dewo 109e matchup the most anyway.
  2. Thanks at least someone does.
  3. Geez, warm welcome. Take 10 years off and everyone forgets about you.
  4. Coming back to at least fly if nothing else. Good to see some of you old guys are still around and kicking. I'd like to join back up but there is no registration button anywhere on the oldabe website and I can't remember my old login. Pretty sure I had Cerberus take me out of everything when I quit the game. Anyway, get back with me if you'd like to hook up. My flight stick comes in Tuesday so maybe Tuesday night I'll be back destoying the LW in my Bell.
  5. I just came back after three years or so to try it again for a month and am having some problems getting windows 7 to recognize my T.Flight Hotas X stick. Windows sees it under devices but installs its own old drivers that don't work. It doesn't give me the option to change the driver and the installation software doesn't detect the stick. Any ideas what I need to do to get Windows 7 from recognizing my stick as just a HID and not my stick?
  6. I'm having the exact same issue but not with an x52. If you find a fix please post it.
  7. My game had been crashing so I decided to uninstall and do a fresh install. Bad move apparently. My installation now stops at 7% 90% on the file C:\Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe\playarc01.ww2 with an error that reads, "An I/O error occurred while installing a file. This is normally caused by a bad installation media or a corrupt installation file." I searched for this problem on the forums and got two hits. Both suggested RAM problems and new RAM as the fix. So I got new RAM, same problem however. I have also downloaded the full install five times and get an error on the same spot every time. So I don't think that is the problem. I used Registry Cleaner to make sure there were no Playnet or BE registry errors. I found one Playnet file, deleted it. Still stops on the same spot. I did a dxdiag, no errors found anywhere. I did the chkdsk, had no bad sectors. I cleaned out half of my hard drive so space isn't a problem. I am stuck as to what to try next. Windows XP, quad core 3.0, 4gig RAM. Edit* It seems to be fixed. I redownloaded after new RAM and it works... well along with 100 other things. If anyone has this problem in the future, feel free to pm me.
  8. The good news is I'm sure they check the bug and windows support forums first thing on Monday mornings.
  9. Can't believe the forums aren't blowing up, I guess not many people are left to complain.
  10. Ah, thanks. Can't believe nobody posted.
  11. I let it try up to 150 times, doesn't connect. I played once today for a couple minutes and had no problems after I made the terrible mistake of resubbing for one month to see if anything was better than when I left. So, I know my account is active. I know it worked earlier. I gave it 15 or 20 minutes to see if anyone else is having problems, nobody posted. I check veetle to see if I could stream stuff, no problem there either. So.... 18$.
  12. What if you could handle it, but you don't think it is worth it? If it was the game play it once was it would be worth it. But the version we have now isn't the game that has kept me here so long. It seems like CRS is always changing the game, dumbing it down if you will, to chase the customers they don't have instead of making a game that built on what made the customers it had stay.
  13. It isn't even good business sense. Yeah it seems at first, but do they really want a bunch of pissed off people riding out their last three months talking trash on the forums and in the game? You want a bad environment to keep new players, see what it is like with 4 or 5 really vocal guys who are super mad they got suckered out of 3 months of subscription. And new players either have to pay $18 or commit for 6 months? We have a hard enough time getting new players. Hardly anyone will do that when the norm is $15. And the game isn't that fun for me who has been here from the start and know what I am doing. For a new guy who doesn't know what they are doing it won't be more fun than games they can get for less.
  14. Can you guarantee me my financial situation won't change in a year or six months or you won't make some change to the game that makes it not worth playing to me? If you can do that, I'll resub.