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  1. Tzulscha "makes me wonder how many of them were POWs here and just stayed after the war" More than a few. Father of a good buddy used to know one guy in Western Mass., German infantry, turned U.S. farmer, who said he was treated better by us as a POW than by his own army when he was doing his duty.
  2. My old Logitech Wingman Extreme joystick has a slider that sticks at about 80%. I figured I'd disable it in keymapper, and map a couple of keys for the throttle...but the KEYS max out at about 80%. I can't get my planes to full throttle. I've tried j/s buttons, different keys, no luck. Weird coincidence, or am I missing something? Ideas?
  3. Are they at all suitable for gaming? Have a perfect place to set one up, but I've been told they don't support games at all well.
  4. "I don't really see the "Rommel is overrated" thing...." Rommel's come down a peg in recent years with the ongoing declassification of various WWII documents. Turns out he was getting near real-time info on British dispositions, unit strength, supplies, and even morale, thanks to the Italians...they'd lifted a US military cipher book from the Rome embassy, which let Rommel get the US attache's detailed daily reports home deciphered and on his desk before they made it to D.C. The intel hole got closed right before El Alamein.