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  1. Interesting. I haven't noticed this, but Sascha registered hits during a dogfight where he swore his plane wasn't pointed at me.... but that might be simple lag - he's on another side of the planet from mine... it definitely registered on my end. Framerates in the air have remained consistently high for me. I was getting framerates steady around 80 fps generally to ~120 fps pretty consistently. FWIW.
  2. Jesus Buck. I'm speechless. Thank you for letting us know what's been happening for you. I always enjoyed our banter via side chat and such. I hope we get to touch base again in the near future. Thanks for having the courage to open up to us like this. Buck I'm so sorry you are dealing with this and I hope we as fellow players can make your time as good as any you've had on here. S!
  3. I'll encourage the pilot to share his experience 1st hand.
  4. We had an allied player experiencing this as well. We even went so far as to test it both on the beta and live servers. On the beta the hits registered. On the main server however, this player emptied his guns into his non menuvering and participatory opponent. No hits registered on that occasion. It was reported and I'm sure is being looked into. You may want to test yourself. This thread should probably be moved to bugs. Maybe there are ground players experiencing this too... Edit: all this while several more of us were flying normally on the main server. It was not a bug that affected all of us.
  5. Great stuff. Looking forward to all the new additions. S! and thanks guys/gals for all your hard work. It's great to see some progress moving along. How did you manage to actually add new units to the game anyway? Is there a way you could briefly comment on how you circumvented this (previous) limitation? Thanks! and S!
  6. Is this some kind of pad thread?
  7. Grr.
  8. Sounds like the pot is spiking. Try a youtube or google search on cleaning joystick pots. Wish you luck.
  9. Had to do it just now to get out of the game following an RTB... I was getting alot of errors in the mission while flying my 110c4. I shot down a plane or two and after an hour of lolligagging around... I rtb'd but was unable to despawn. I got the regular despawn box, but no timer counting down to 10. I waited for the "ok" button to light up for a despawn, but it never did. I tried several times before giving up and alt tabbing out to task manager. FYI - hopefully this will help you with your bug hunting RATS. S!
  10. As I said before I don't get it nearly as much as other players, so it's hard for me to tell you when it happens - but for the people I fly with it usually happens - After a death - entering combat - bouncing an EA - generally just flying around I'll post a link to this thread in the hangar so you can get more specific feedback from people. I know many squaddies are experiencing this, and I am 99% sure they are not the only ones. But I'll encourage them to speak for themselves so you can get much better information.
  11. Got it last night Gophur. Thanks for looking into it.
  12. I haven't noticed a flop increase or decrease. Do I notice E-defying maneuvers by allied planes? Instantaneous zoom climbs and unparalleled maneuverability? Inability to catch diving EA? Baffling levels of situational awareness? Sure I do. If I try to duplicate what they do I black out, lose E and flop, or just plain old wind up dead. So I try not to do those things. I either get the drop on a guy, or I don't. IF I'm feeling particularly stupid I'll tangle with a higher EA, or engage in a turn fight/loopfest and usually die as a result. I may think it unreasonable that my opponent can do things that I can't, but I'm sure they feel the same way about our climb out ability (until the dreaded IX comes in). I also know that I can't pull alot of what I see my opponents doing when I fly a hawk or spit, so clearly I'm "doing it wrong". Contrary to my frequent rants of frustration on TS I know some of these people can throw their birds around in ways that I do not yet know how to either a) duplicate or counter. When I have it all figured out, I'll let you know. Until then I have much to learn. Edit: Rebel is right in his statement. Not that you guys are wrong - but he is right in that there has been no documentation of fm changes for the 109's recently. Probably because none were (deliberately) made.
  13. Someday when the TS is up, and you and I have the time, I'd love to play "head on dork" with you to see your strategy in action - I'd love to see this counter move unfold - I have a picture in my mind's eye, but I've likely got it wrong. S!
  14. Posting in support; sadly I am still experiencing this from time to time, but more importantly, I'd say ~50% of the pple I've been flying with are CTD'ing every other mission. It's a big problem - thank you for working on it - we've seen improvements - but it's still a very big issue. Thanks RATS.