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  1. Jesus Buck. I'm speechless. Thank you for letting us know what's been happening for you. I always enjoyed our banter via side chat and such. I hope we get to touch base again in the near future. Thanks for having the courage to open up to us like this. Buck I'm so sorry you are dealing with this and I hope we as fellow players can make your time as good as any you've had on here. S!
  2. Great stuff. Looking forward to all the new additions. S! and thanks guys/gals for all your hard work. It's great to see some progress moving along. How did you manage to actually add new units to the game anyway? Is there a way you could briefly comment on how you circumvented this (previous) limitation? Thanks! and S!
  3. Is this some kind of pad thread?
  4. C'est la question. Please tell us you are building. You will get much more bang for your buck that way, and alot of "big box" stores will sell you outdated prefabbed crap with subpar components. You should start with a budget, and seek the guidance of those who have done this before. You will get lots of good advice in this forum. check articles like this one to start. You want a good balance of GPU and CPU power for this game, but you also don't need to overspend on a super whiz bang comp (that is, unless you want to).
  5. Looks like your gamma is too high and you have one of the filters (I *think* post rendering) on. This causes the sun in game to give a "bloom" effect and the high gamma doesn't help the problem. Try turning on and off features under your video options in game and test them out offline. Likewise, make sure your gamma is set to 1.0 (usually under your video card's settings in your operating system) or default. Good luck. PS don't be surprised when your thread gets moved to the support (Windows) section - because it likely will.
  6. My name is Beazil and I approve this message.
  7. I've been running three monitors in BGE for years. I started with a triplehead2go box, but upgraded to dual 470's last year and have been running nvidia surround. 3d is not supported by nvidia's driver set with opengl, which is a huge complaint of mine, since it is a driver limitation. We actually used to have nvidia driver support for 3d in this game which was awesome, but that changed with this latest "3d" stuff - but that's a whole other rant which I will spare you from. ATI, Nvidia or Matrox all have solutions. You really can't go wrong with any of them, imho. The matrox box allows for some great freedom - you don't have to worry about the video card's solution since the matrox box takes care of that for you - but last time it was limited to a maximum display of 5040x1050 (which is what I run). Not good if you are running 1080p screens. Nvidia's solution REQUIRES dual cards to pull off "Surround", unless you have a specialized card like the dual gpu cards (590 for example). While costly by comparison, you need that extra horsepower to run good frames - not just in this game, but in others as well. ATI offers a strong alternative in Eyefinity. You only need one card to do it (provided it supports eyefinity) and you can always add a second or even third card later, provided you have the slots on your board for crossfire. Finally, regarding large screen tv's - I have run on my "el cheapo" 42 inch Soyo (that's quality baby!). While not great as a computer monitor in and of itself, there was no ghosting at all, and the added immersion from a screen that large was indeed something special. I have also tried three projectors, but abandoned it as unreasonable because of the life expectancy of the bulbs themselves. And since they cost 80% of the replacement cost of the projector, it did not seem cost effective at all (~$1500 for three projectors, replacement bulbs at ~$350, and the bulbs only last about 300 hours). As large screen LCD monitors decrease in cost, as do tv's, I am looking at another upgrade in the future from 22 inch monitors. The ideal would be 3x52 inch 3d TV's, but unless I win the lottery, I'll have to settle for something else....
  8. I went from sli'd 275's to sli'd 470's. Since SLI does nothing in bge, (I use them mostly for the triple resolutions and sli support for other games) it IS worth noting that I experienced a very large boost in stable framerates - although I would consult Madrebel's thread below for methods of maximizing your nvidia performance in game regardless.
  9. I have an H70 cooler on right now, just haven't done much in the way of overclocking - when I have I usually get bluescreen crashes and reboots in game - not what I want for stability. Another massive massive plus - I've actually been able to run fraps at 32 fps, which means Beazil can finally see what he can do to provide vids for the voracious hangar tribe. Trials with a full version of playclaw netted much worse results with all kinds of settings tried. A big thing I've been running into is the inability to do any kind of ingame video capture with three screens. While 30 fps isn't anything to write home about, it's at the very least stable and I am actually able to play offline while capturing - something that no matter what I tried I was absolutely unable to do (15fps was a previous highpoint). By the way - when not capturing in flight I've gone from ~ 80 fps to over 160. Very nice! High five! Edit: SLI doesn't do a damn thing in BGE, (I remain hopeful for the future) - but it does enable surround with similar framerates to my previous triplehead2go. And sli actually does do something for the other games I play, not that I do much of that.
  10. Veeery interesting...... Using your setup on my system (2600k @stock, 8 gigs 1600, sli'd 470's accross three monitors @ 5040x1050).... My initial setup was 4x AA, normal maps on, reflections and water shaders/combat smoke on netted me ~39 fps using .benchremagen command. Using your nvidia settings and in game settings got me ~65 using the same benchmark.... Usually my framerates are much higher than that, but that showed a very significant boost. By the way I tried all three different multi monitor settings and those made absolutely no difference on my system. S!
  11. Wow, great finds Madrebel. I'll try your settings to see if/how much it helps me. Very much obliged for your sharing.
  12. Hmmm.. does not compute - you should be doing just fine with that setup. Even though it's only 2.4Ghz, your cpu should easily handle this game. A 275 isn't exactly cutting edge, but it isn't archaeic either. I run the game on a similar dual core 3.0 AMD system at my stepdad's place, and get ~80 fps, so something is wrong I think. I assume all of your hardware drivers are up to date, etc? Edit: Although you should check where you are in terms of reccomended specs - I think your cpu power is just a bit "under spec", but not by much.
  13. Try posting in the Nvidia forums as well, or even sending feedback to the nvidia driver team. For example, there are issues enabling triplescreen resolutions that have to do with Nvidia and windows 7 x64. On the Nvidia forums we had a sixty page thread on it trying to sort out issues and solve the problems. After much troubleshooting and such I was able to get it to work on my current build. But it was a pain in the *** at first to be sure. I was using new hardware on a new OS. The discussion was helpful for me, and that's why I'm making the suggestion. There are so many potential issues that you may have unfortunately troubleshooting them like this *might* be the only way to solve it. If you can't find the answers here it is possible another nvidia user has experienced it somewhere else, and may have shared that experience on their discussion board. I wish you a speedy resoultion to your issue. Please post back so the next guy with this issue can get it solved too. S!
  14. I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on that when it happens madreb. I jumped the 1155 bandwagon from the 965 SLI AMD and haven't yet looked back. I DID have to endure the whole recall thing though. Not fun, but at least they made it hassel free. I've not heard much on "Bulldozer" yet. Hopefully AMD can really deliver another great product this time. While I've been happy with my AMD systems (various ones since the AMD 486 DX4 100) they've never been able to compete with higher or even med/high end Intel offerings for some time (but still the best bang for the buck platform for the budjet user) - and the main reason I've used them in the past. I can't wait to hear your experience. S!
  15. While you reinstalled the game, did you nuke the old directories associated with it? Including those in your "my documents" folder? (sorry bout the furmark comment - never heard of it before this *sheepish grin*) I can't imagine what would be causing your issue arkansas. Especially if everything else is working. Try sending a message to Awhulf or Bloo as well - just in case they have seen this before. Edit: Is anyone else aware of another user with a 580 card? I've had ctd's with the latest nvidia drivers - but not opengl errors. I'd suggest rolling back driver versions to see if that has any result, but then again, how many versions could you possibly roll back? Maybe 2 at most? I havent' heard of anyone else running today with a 580. That doesn't mean that there is noone doing it - just that I haven't heard of it. Be nice if they would post in your thread so we might know if they have similar issues or not.