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  1. My grandfather served as an ordinance loader for Typhoon aircraft with the RAF... He was stationed at one of the first airfields captured in Normandy after D-Day... He didn't talk about it much... One day he told me of how the Germans were at one end of the airfield, and they were at the other. They'd load the bombs on the planes, they'd take off on a super short run, drop their ordinance at the other end, turn around and land... His division moved NE up the coast and into Belgium... He brought home a bunch of souveniers, most of which I now hold on to. He actually met my grandmother who was a WREN in England at the time... brought her home to Canada at the end of the war and started a family...
  2. Can't let the 23rd have top billing
  3. I had a 6800 and a 9800GT card both go kaploo to heat issues in the last couple of years, only reason why I asked... Kinda figured as you'd even gone so far as replaced the thermal paste. Perhaps a 450 or something is right around your corner!
  4. How's the heat in the case?
  5. My buddy Beazil flys with 3 screens... Looks freakin sweet too... PM him.
  6. Q) Can someone not actually MAP a map that's of Pearl Harbour?
  7. Should...but doesn't. Yes, I did plug in speakers to see if onboard sound worked. I think I've decided to just upgrade... Better CPU, 4gigs of ran and the newer video card. Gotta do it at some point anyways. I appreciate the time you guys have taken to try and help me with this situation, I really do. Kev
  8. I DO have an "Unknown device" with no driver with the big "!" point... I'm guessing that's probably it? Thanks Badger, but not much luck... Seems as though there aren't any new drivers for Win7 that I can see... Read some other posts in the Asus forums last night with people having similar issues...
  9. Maybe it's just time to give up and buy a new system :S
  10. fark.... will have to do some more reading/searching at work tonight... thanks bud.
  11. No other network connections are showing...
  12. Which takes me to there, but I don't see and specific drivers for what I need...
  13. M2NPV-VM is my Mobo...
  14. The model's printed right on the MB... I'm just at work, can't remember exactly... They look all the same when you google it