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  1. Perhaps. I mean it has 2 lookout murder holes on each of the 4 sides of it on the second story so it could be limited if it was in a crowded armybase that had a bunch of buildings surrounding it. Its hard to see the scale of it in the picture since its not in an actual ab, but I think it would do well in any type of environment as long as it wasnt too crowded with buildings right on top of it. On a side note, i wish they had more castle bunkers around the map like the one in willemstad. Those would be so much fun to fight for. I get that not every town has a castle, but its a fun intracite design with the lookout catwalk and a 3 story buildiing bunker battle type deal
  2. I took a break from slaying allies to check out the new north part of the map since the update. Montyuno, Copone, and I took a ride up there and were pleasantly surprised! Nice work on the new bunks! Comment your thoughts/opinions.
  3. I have no idea how he couldn't kill me... He was 15 feet away with a full auto weapon and completely choked a routine kill and even worse got turned on killed lol.
  4. Played very off and on from 2007-2015, been playing regularly since 2016. First squad was 644th Wild Boar Division
  5. thank you sir!!!!!!!!
  6. Here are a couple clips from the last day of the campaign using my favorite weapon with the mission results screenshot at the end. to all for a fun campaign!
  7. Hi