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  1. Cool thank you
  2. XOOM you skipped over my question lol
  3. lol yeah. Because if drop-shooting isn't fixed too, that going to be people's new go-to move with the LMGs
  4. Does this still let people drop-shot with it or is that aspect fixed too? So if you are standing still shooting, can you continue to fire it while moving into the prone position? I could care less about the walking and firing, the drop shotting with lmgs drives me crazy!
  5. I know CRS is afraid of a "red vs blue" game, but I don't agree at all that it would be like that. Each side has different variations of similar equipment that make them different enough to bridge the gap between identical and inbalanced (with a couple exceptions). For example, the 3H and Stu are both T1 tanks. The stu is fast and agile, the 3h is slower. The brit rifle holds 10 rounds in a clip, but takes longer to reload. The k98 holds 5 rounds, but reloads quicker since it only has to put 1 clip of 5 rounds into the weapon instead of 2 clips of 5 rounds. The mp40 fires slower and accurate, the Thompson fires fast and maybe a little less accurate. You get the point. Red vs blue would be reskinning the same exact tank for both sides. same speed, same gun, same armor, same sap spots, same commander binoculars, etc. Same goes for inf weapons. Every successful world war 2 game that I can think of has game balance and none of the players complain about "red vs blue". I am not a new fan of the "historical" storytelling approach, which is why I unsubbed after all these years. I'm paying the same price to play with less equipment for a forced storyline attempt. And with the tz3 pop imbalance, maps aren't even lasting into the later tiers that often, limiting even more equipment. Also, tier 0 and tier 1, as many above mentioned, drive off some players too. Takes around 2 weeks just to start getting the "fun" toys. That's half of a month. You have to wait around 3 weeks total to get to the even better ones. Once again that's 3/4 of a month! And if the campaign ends before that, the timer resets. Another 3 weeks minimum. I think they should just start in tier 2 or tier 3. If some are afraid of the change, start it as tier 2 and make it a longer tier 2... say like 1.5-2 weeks.
  6. You missed my stats then Edit: just realized I wasnt on this list when it was posted here since I didnt have enough sorties to show up yet
  7. This was just minutes ago at Revin. These are just the last few inf that spawned. I killed 14 total that mission. We couldn't figure out where they were coming from since there was no ems near. We soon figured out it was invisible. Arenholt was on the other side of the bush and saw them spawning in out of thin air. Please fix this.
  8. I like this thread. I think CRS should give it a shot one of these campaigns. I think most of the player base would really get behind it to be honest.
  9. Thank you sir
  10. do like 232/3f, a13/Vicky, pan/h39
  11. I like battles that involve land-air-sea with high-pop. There have been some epic battles in vliss, walsoorden, Willemstad, Oostende, Dunkirk, BOZ, etc.
  12. I guess some guys are good at it, but I never have good luck spraying from the hip with that thing. I hardly ever use it except occasionally for niche tasks. Plus if you get into an engagement over 25m you're screwed. Out of hip fire range and you'll probably get shot as you're deploying. I'll take any smg pretty much anyday over the mg34. The only instance I would take an mg34 is to camp an ems from afar or if i had to cut something beyond like 200m.
  13. Could probably send a hundred bucks to a smart 13 year old kid in India to rewrite the entire code in a week. The ones that make apps and stuff out of boredem lol
  14. STATS 4 LIFE
  15. It was on a hill across a river from an ab/town. About 1k away. Ei barely rendered so it was definitely an armybase supression type of deal. I screen recorded the gameplay so one of these days ill edit it to show the action parts. Haha there were a ton of trees that blocked many potential targets from me the whole duration. Not to mention hitting moving targets and 1k can be challenging especially with a new tank. I was also playing a little more careful as I do not know the armor capabilities of it vs certain allied equipment yet