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  1. I'm playing now and it seems about the same. Both visual and performance. The gtx1080 is a powerhouse though so it never really had any issues with the performance aspect. The only thing I did notice though is that vehicles appear darker. I don't think I like that so I will probably revert back to the stock settings.
  2. I have a GTX 1080 and I just changed the settings to these. I'm about to jump in game and mess around I'll let you know if I see a difference
  3. I don't really have a strong opinion on this either way, but many people have been asking why infantry have been taken out of navy units. A brief explanation why would answer what many players are wondering lately @XOOM ?
  4. I haven't seen any stug g's in our spawnlists tonight
  5. Did the campaign start yet? If not then when?
  6. Yes this is always epic. Ive been trying to get the rats to set up a remagen/unkel intermission. Same cross river concept as roermond east and west, but you get giant hills and many flanks to go on. I dont think airfields are far either. I know many players would really have fun with that intermission setup ^^@XOOM
  7. Dang too bad you guys dont use SolidWorks. I use that software for a living basically. I doubt there's any compatability between the two, but I could build some badass vehicle models if you did
  8. Write it below. ONLY ONE! No listing top 3, 5, etc. I know it's hard to narrow down, and I went back and forth a couple times. I'll go first: Berry Au Bac. I remember some very fun battles there over the years.
  9. I stopped taking the guy seriously. It's just funny at this point.
  10. This x1000. This is what many people think, but are too afraid to say.
  11. Story of this game
  12. lmao I almost never see people use the stuH, and when I do I sometimes ask people how many kills they get and its usually none or a couple. It's too hard to use it as a CS tank and cut spawns/buildings/bunkers when you fire 1 round every 15-20 seconds. Plus its hard to use it most situations. For example, if there is an ei in front of you behind a berm, you have to contact that EI with the round, which is a very very precise shot. If you hit the berm in front of the ei, it won't damage the ei. then you have to wait 15-20 seconds for a reload. With a mg, you can hold down your fire button while you make a slight adjustment to your aim. Next is cutting things. So say they have a depot on one side of a street and the CP for the depot on the other side. you are trying to cut. You have to either contact the ei with the round or place it super close to him. That depth perception is very hard to calculate in the limited time you have to fire while an ei is sprinting across the road. Even if you are a great shot, itll still take 15-20 seconds to reload, which means more and more ei crossing that road. Plus, if EI smoke the road, you are screwed. you have 1 shot every 15-20 seconds to have an attempt to get ultra lucky and hit an ei crossing, where if you had a MG, you could just lay down a continuous stream of fire or bursts into the smoke. I think I made my point here and I hope this makes sense as to why people don't use it. My statement isn't to argue if its historically accurate or not, it's to explain why people don't use it.
  13. im 41-1 this campaign so far against ets and atgs with tanks and the 1 is from when I was leaving an armybase matamor was sitting up in an apartment building pre-ao with a bazooka. dang it matamor!!!!!
  14. It's fun. I think each campaign it should start in a random tier so it's never the exact same as last. Variety is the spice of life. Some people would dislike the idea, but i'd be all for it as would some others I can think of.