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  2. It was on a hill across a river from an ab/town. About 1k away. Ei barely rendered so it was definitely an armybase supression type of deal. I screen recorded the gameplay so one of these days ill edit it to show the action parts. Haha there were a ton of trees that blocked many potential targets from me the whole duration. Not to mention hitting moving targets and 1k can be challenging especially with a new tank. I was also playing a little more careful as I do not know the armor capabilities of it vs certain allied equipment yet
  3. Some were kills counting as hits, but overall its a solid tank. First run killed 2 Shermans and m10 with RTB
  4. I do notice a difference with HE. I landed an HE round around 6 feet away from an ei with pak36 after patch and it killed him. Likewise was killed as inf by a CS matty cannon that hit around 10 feet away.
  5. Axis side channel literally just lost us Beauring because a bunch of people were arguing about something and spamming insults at each other on the side channel so much that nobody could see hafgan and I asking for help for 15 minutes
  6. So over time quite a few axis (and allied players during intermission) private message me asking how to be a better shot and get the big infantry killstreaks. While aiming is just something that comes with practice, I figured I'd make a post on here of my tips to help new players get better. There are many roles as we all know, but these are just my tips to be a good slayer. Feel free to add anything you want to as well in the comments. 1 -Dont walk/run in straight lines 2 -Dont sprint continuously (use brief pauses; untap sprint key ocassionally; be unpredictable). People spread rumors that I am lagging, but I am actually running as choppy as I can on purpose. 3 -Try to find ledges, berms, etc that dont expose body 4 -Strafe when ADS 5 -Don't sit in the same spot too long (this tip is situational, but a rule of thumb is that if an enemy sees you in a spot, it's best to move because theres always that guy that will aim in the same spot for 10 minutes waiting for you to pop back up. 6 -Relax. Dont get too excited or nervous. 7 -Pick your battles carefully. Just because you see an enemy doesnt mean you should shoot at them at that instant. If you have no cover and/or they are already taking aim at you, break from their view and find a different place to take a shot or dont take it at all. 8 -Dont get tunnel vision. This comes with practice, but use your peripheral vision to scan for additional enemies whilst engaging the current one. 9 -Dont sit in common spots. Everyone knows to scan the top of church towers, bunker windows, depot roofs etc. 10 -Know when to back off. This is something I am trying to improve on as well. If you are stringing together a lot of kills in a short time, the urge is there to keep on doing what you are doing, but eventually a smart player will catch on and you will get rushed by multiple enemies. 11 -Dont always lay down prone if behind a berm. I see this all the time. Some people think if they are prone behind a berm with just the top of their head exposed they will be too hard of a target to hit. Most good players will plink you! 12 -AIM DOWN SIGHT. Limit hipfire especially with rifles. 13 -Pre-fire around corners that you are confident an enemy is around. 14 -Keep scanning your surroundings 15 -The NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT TIP... BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! Having a good shot and having deceptive movement means nothing if enemies always get behind you and shoot you in the back. It will happen. It happens to everyone. You can drastically limit this though by having good situational awareness. You should always be asking yourself where are the enemy spawns? Where are my teammates? Where is a lot of my mass exposed? What directions are safe to run to if need be? What's marked on the map and where? Does that enemy have a rifle or smg? Where would they least expect me? Where are their high traffic routes? Do I hear footsteps? Is that guy too far to hit with my smg? To be honest, you can have terrible aim, but if you constantly playing smart and getting behind unsuspecting enemies, you have a huge advantage. When you die, ask yourself if theres anything you coulda woulda shoulda done differently. This might seem like a lot to remember, but I can pretty much sum it up by saying make yourself a hard target and be aware of your surroundings. One of the reasons I enjoy this game is the complexity and challenges of having to use logic and tactics to outsmart your opponent. You dont get that in games like Call of Duty. At least not at this level. I hope these can help. Like I said, feel free to add your tips as well. As a mostly axis player, some allied players that are good at this that immediately come to mind are gretnine, xohorvath, and unknownname. Im sure there are some others I'm missing. salute
  7. Well written post! I am a somewhat recent college grad and you write better then some people I went to school with haha.
  8. I don't feel like typing out an elaborate response, but winning isn't much fun either when most of the people on the losing side quit and there's no competition. Both sides have had campaigns where you just walk right in and take a town because the other side isn't even trying (mainly tz3). I'd rather take a well fought loss than an easy "win" any day.