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  1. stats page is merely resting
  2. No time for site, all time is spent farming stats
  3. all-access f2p to play underpop side only is the best answer I've seen for the issue. 95% of players I've suggested this to agree it would be a strong solution. The Crs guys made it clear they don't want to try it though.
  4. sucks that ground forces subscriptions aren't allowed access to the training server
  6. That's because you killed your own teammates LOL
  7. bloopers from last few campaigns no hit registry invisible ems death by nothing Floating trees
  8. are stats still being recorded and page is just down or are they not being recorded until page is back up
  9. long live Statsgruppen!
  10. Kalmthout Leuven Ciney Arlon Montmedy Haybes Gedinne Lier Eghzee Berlin Something else that would be cool that probably wouldnt take much if any development work would be those cool fortifications near the inf spawns at area51. those would be fun to have on the main map as a big ppo (make it long build time and long cooldown time) or just preplaced around random areas on the edges of a town
  11. Sounds great in theory, but it would take NUMBERS to achieve this type of play. This would fall apart in minutes with current game population
  12. I dont have a problem with most of the current game mechanics so im going to let everyone else keep duking it out over that. Just some outside the box things to consider though with some of the proposed ideas: -If you could only make an fms in the general dir your fb is, then the first thing I would do as a defender would be to drive a dfms in from a backline town for extra supply since you know that direction will be clear of efms and likely clear of ei. -Makes it 50% easier to find an ems since half of the directions are out of the equation. I would immediately flank a dfms out perpindicular to the dir of the fb and flank it. Or just push it with tanks right away. These would be easy to shut down especially in later tiers when you can only spawn ligjt atgs vs heavy armor
  13. Value. Value and cost are similar, but different nonetheless.
  14. Exactly. I'd wager all day long that lower sub prices and existing gameplay mechanics would bring in and retain more new players than same sub prices and new mechanics. Even Just looking at the new guys and inactive guys who commented on this thread, a $5 sub would win back their subscription. It would win back mine too. I didnt see any of them say or allude to that same sub prices and different game mechanics would get them to resub. /myopinion