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  1. Kalmthout Leuven Ciney Arlon Montmedy Haybes Gedinne Lier Eghzee Berlin Something else that would be cool that probably wouldnt take much if any development work would be those cool fortifications near the inf spawns at area51. those would be fun to have on the main map as a big ppo (make it long build time and long cooldown time) or just preplaced around random areas on the edges of a town
  2. Sounds great in theory, but it would take NUMBERS to achieve this type of play. This would fall apart in minutes with current game population
  3. I dont have a problem with most of the current game mechanics so im going to let everyone else keep duking it out over that. Just some outside the box things to consider though with some of the proposed ideas: -If you could only make an fms in the general dir your fb is, then the first thing I would do as a defender would be to drive a dfms in from a backline town for extra supply since you know that direction will be clear of efms and likely clear of ei. -Makes it 50% easier to find an ems since half of the directions are out of the equation. I would immediately flank a dfms out perpindicular to the dir of the fb and flank it. Or just push it with tanks right away. These would be easy to shut down especially in later tiers when you can only spawn ligjt atgs vs heavy armor
  4. Value. Value and cost are similar, but different nonetheless.
  5. Exactly. I'd wager all day long that lower sub prices and existing gameplay mechanics would bring in and retain more new players than same sub prices and new mechanics. Even Just looking at the new guys and inactive guys who commented on this thread, a $5 sub would win back their subscription. It would win back mine too. I didnt see any of them say or allude to that same sub prices and different game mechanics would get them to resub. /myopinion
  6. Since this game thrives on numbers, I think that if we had 4 times the players, the amount of fun and action it would create would quickly snowball to 5x, 6x, etc. the amount of players. There were even a few inactive players on this very thread who said they would resub for 5 a month. If I owned the game, it would drive me crazy knowing the game died without at least trying that idea since that could've been the solution. And yes I understand it's easy for me to be an armchair quarterback since I dont actually own the game, but xoom is looking for honest opinions so that's what im providing
  7. This game isn't going to grow if subscription prices stay where they are right now in my opinion. Like I said a few days ago, the value is just not worth it, and it's strongly backed by statistics. Gotta put the sentimental value of the game aside and look where the game stands in the market and vs competition. Prospective players don't know about how good the game once was, the online friends we all made, the epic battles, how far the game has come since, etc. They will pay for what they are currently getting. In the end, its risky to keep sub prices the same and its risky to lower them. However, low sub prices could be the thing that jump starts a large pop increase. Even a moderate pop increase would be noticable with where the game currently stands. A pop increase would result in better battles, more stability, more squad play, more tactical/ops opportunities, and these in turn will have a snowball effect and bring in even more pop. But you never really know until you try. It's ultimately a business decision that will have to made sooner or later because the options seem to be running out
  8. Yeah i would certainly pay 5 a month. I understand the game cant be free, but it also shouldnt be priced above its value because it can, has, and will drive people away. Its just basic fundamental economics lol. If the game/product cant make profit or at least stay afloat without upcharing it way beyond it's value, that's a huge problem. And yes the inability to go to the other subscription models they offer really upset a lot of people like u guys are saying. I would've went to the all ground forces one, though still overpriced, just to have a glimour of hope, but since it's an all-or-nothing type deal, i choose nothing.
  9. I ended up deciding to not renew my sub this time, as many others have decided as well it seems. For example, i usually log on after work and more often than not there may be one or two light ews towns on the map. Sometimes try to drive a fms to try to get action started, and next to nobody spawns. Very little action. I logged in yesterday after work and there was no ews anywhere for 10 minutes while I was checking the fontlines, fbs, etc. so I ended up just logging off and playing a different game. I just cant justify spending 18 a month on this anymore when the game is virtually dead half (or sometimes more) of the time I'm on it. And thats not even factoring in all the bugs/issues. It's not the price point, its the value. If the game were how it was back in the early to late 2000s, I would have no problem paying the 18. Other subscription based games have many more players, modern graphics, modern coding, less bugs, etc. That is what, based on steam reviews, hearsay, and brief conversations with green tags who never came back, prevents rentention the most- the value. I tired showing the game to a few of my friends in the past and they had no interest whatsoever (some thought the air combat was pretty cool, but would never pay 18 a month for it), again primarily for the reasons above. In my personal opinion, the current business model will ultimately be the death of the game one way or another.
  10. This man answered the call of duty today when he stepped up and completed a monumental task. You might call it a rite of passage in a way. This is something no other player besides me had done up until then. In completing this task, he put his stake in the monument of success and all the honors and privileges that come with it. He reserves the right to be called Master Coleman from now on. He works hard in silence and lets his success make all the noise. And when God gives him lemons, he finds a new God. I will explain what happened: At around 2100 hours server time I put out an open challenge on the ops/side channel for $100 bucks to whoever could figure out how to get on top of the blown up docks building with me at Cromstreijn within 10 minutes. Among the contenders that showed up were ibshot, tatonka, arenholt, zippy, chimm, playtime, and Master Coleman of course. Through hundreds of attempts by all these players, the chances of someone figuring it out seemed impossible. Ibshot got close to figuring it out a couple times, but with only 2 minutes to spare, and while I was looking away from my screen swiping on Tinder, Master Coleman figured out the technique and got up onto the building with me. Please join me in congratulating jcoleman on this achievement. The rest of the players there watched jcoleman do it and figured out the secret to it and got up there themselves, but jcoleman paved the way and for that we all thank him. His stats are pretty good too by the way
  11. just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the next email they send and that should take care of it
  12. I suggested half price subscriptions to play underpop side only and a lot of people seemed to think it was a good idea, but xoom shut it down real quick unfortunately
  13. Matamor scares many players playing the opposing side. He is a true legend and has a profound effect on any battle. And matamor is totally not sending me financial compensation for saying this.
  14. This guy is a good player just so you all know
  15. Better than tz3 and early tz1 rolls everynight and constant over/underpop. Plus even pop makes for better and more fun battles. Its also not like this would happen for every single AO/DO