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  1. I found the smoking gun to this- I was killed by a spitfire. So this has to be a bug @B2K@XOOM@OHM@dropbear@aef@odonovan1@matamor
  2. Wrong, there was no ei gun audio
  3. Read title 5:15 - Turned up volume on my headset and heard m10 behind me and was like O Sh%$!
  4. There were no enemies around. I also looked up the player that it said killed me in the "killed by" and that player doesn't exist.
  5. Was clearing buildings after we took this town, took random shots at a Sherman with a Beretta SMG and got the kill on it Stopped recording as I was despawning so here's a screenie of the stats to show I got kill on the tank:
  6. FYI get good with a rifle because when supply is shot and your town is down to rifles, you need to still be effective. There are a lot of players in this game that can only reliably hit things with an smg, so when their town is down to rifle-type weapons, they either lose their effectiveness or don't even show up to defend. I still like to play rifleman sometimes even when we have smgs because it leaves more smgs for the players who struggle with a rifle and also is good practice since you are pretty much dead if you don't hit your first shot when you find yourself in a close range engagement with an enemy smg (unless you can quickly take cover, which isn't always possible). Finally, if you get killed with a rifle it's not a big deal since there are so many of them in supply compared to smgs. If you get good with a bolt-action rifle, you will be good with any infantry weapon (in my opinion).
  7. Play axis a campaign and youll see it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I thought allied was sunshine and rainbows since I never played that side, but I changed my mind not long after. Both sides have things that suck and things that are good
  8. In order for it to initiate, the town must be contested. That is the only requirement. Also, you can only use the command once every 45 minutes. However, I think the 45 minutes is per player. So in theory 3 people could do .overrun in one town and 3 different players could .overrun another town within the 45 minutes.
  9. I can see how it can benefit both sides. One side gets the armybase and one side gets the fbs from backline towns and to use the supply in the linking cps that they own. As long as people don't start doing overrun and fallback after the other side captures the city cp with low ews. That's a free ao boot then lol
  10. This issue is happening again now with the new tier. @OHMfixed it yesterday, but today its locking units again.
  11. I have an active ground forces sub and max rank as shown on the screenshots, but as you can see there are some random tanks locked that I can't play as. Same thing with infantry and other random units being locked