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  1. Thanks to @augetout for the sapper protection
  2. ICYMI @gretnine
  3. This thread has officially given me aids
  4. Next as in the one that starts tonight or the one after that? i think ill be allied for this one fyi
  5. Anybody seen @gretnine ? He's been MIA for the last few campaigns. Need to tear up the battlefield with him again
  6. Allies had some really good attacks this campaign whether it seemed like it or not and the overall pop was much better in the beginning and middle of campaign. Early on allies were slightly overpop almost every night in the beginning of tz3 (idk about the whole tz3 since I don't play far into tz3 anymore). There were a couple days early on allied had a lot of momentum, taking back namur, spontin, gembloux, leuven, st truiden and diest I believe. If allies could play like that and have that population more regularly itll bring a lot of balance i think. The turning point of the campaign seemed to be when axis capped phillipville and cut off several river towns and flavion. That's when it seemed like the allies really started getting rolled. That is a big momentum boost for any side, but it was worse for the allies since their morale is already low from several campaign losses. Props though to all the allies who still fought hard and still played just as regularly after that. It seems from the last dozen, or maybe more, campaigns that once axis get to chimay area in the south or cap antwerp or brussels in the north and mid, allied start to log in a bit less. Then it snowballs. Transversly, once allies secure eindhoven/nandrin/bertrix areas, axis log in less and it snowballs. Not always, but frequent enough to notice a pattern.
  7. Thought about it, but usually I get met with hostility when I play allied. I don't mean just messing around/joking, but players that literally don't want me there. Tis why I stayed axis this past campaign.
  8. @delems Was paying a little more attnetion since he was HC at the time. But from what I saw, we had ao on town, we owned two or three of the south depots, i dont remember if we had an armybase at that time or not. It started out fighting French, then I went and spawned a tank at one of our fbs and saw a british army ei. I was confused, so I looked and amiens had been switched to british. I then noticed they switched Abbeville to british as well. As of now, they changed most of their frontline towns to either British or American if you look. There are only 3 or 4 French owned towns on the map. I don't remember if they had to keep a certain amount of towns a certain side. Frankly, I don't really care what faction they use, as long as the resupply penalty still works properly. Also, just my opinion, they shouldnt get to switch FRENCH FACTORY towns to British. Or british factory towns to French. That's pretty "gamey" and doesn't seem very realistic lol @B2K @XOOM
  9. @XOOM Was this intended to be able to change factory town faction or perhaps something that was just overlooked or not thought about?
  10. Changing the French factory towns to British to avoid the RDP tax from captured factories
  11. for the time I peeked the stairs til the time he ran up, got to the other side of the room, went prone, aimed, and shot doesn't seem to add up for me. each their own though
  12. it was likely a bug. I have a video of something almost identical happening to me too awhile ago. EDIT: found the video … skip to the last 30 seconds. or watch the whole thing doesn't matter.
  13. Bump. Doing some screen sharing again, same link as before
  14. Streaming some live gameplay if anyone wants to check it out. Go to link below. I know this isn't always the most fun game to watch someone stream due to its slower pace, but in case you're bored... twitch.tv/dfire25