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  1. This guy is a good player just so you all know
  2. Matamor scares many players playing the opposing side. He is a true legend and has a profound effect on any battle. And matamor is totally not sending me financial compensation for saying this.
  3. Better than tz3 and early tz1 rolls everynight and constant over/underpop. Plus even pop makes for better and more fun battles. Its also not like this would happen for every single AO/DO
  4. 1. When game is balanced they can play whichever side. As everyone knows even pop isn't common, especially as the campaign progresses. If it gets to a point where its constantly balanced, then great, this incentive is doing it's job and the overall game will be better as a result 2. I dont see an issue there and it would probably be very uncommon for those exact circumstamces to happen anyways. 3. No 10 min side lock. That would ruin the whole concept of this. I would give them like 2 or 3 minute warning before auto switching and also not switch people that are spawned in.
  5. Very underpop defending a town last year
  6. I don't see undercova on your list
  7. Theres a few more random wwiiol videos on my channel too
  8. This subject was from another post that got off on a tangent so I figured I'd create my own thread for it. Both axis and allied vets were agreeing (never thought I'd see the day), so I think it may worth considering. My post from the other post: It's nice to get your moneys worth. Players havent touched an m1garand/bar/g43/fg42/firefly in campaign mode in a quarter of a year! Most people said a late tier start and a tier 0 alternating start they would like. A good idea I thought on top of that is starting in a random tier. Never start the campaign in the same tier back-to-back. Play a map tier 3, next map tier 5, tier 2, tier 1, tier 6, etc. This way you can justify longer tiers as well and keeping things spicy. For insance, getting to play high tier equipment mid map. Most campaigns that start at tier 0 are already deep east or west by the time top tier rolls in. A look at the replies shows a lot of vets are in favor of changing things up. I could also see it cutting down on the complaints from axis about having to deal with the matty all the time and complaints from allies about dealing with tiger all the time. So you started the campaign in tier 0 or tier 1 and are sick of the matty? Well next map you have a high potential of getting to start in a later tier with a tiger. You started in 6 and have to deal with the tiger all campaign? Well next one you start in an earlier tier most likely. This could calm these complaints a bit without having to do something super gamey like weaken matty or buffen 4D/stug3D or mess with the supply numbers of matties and axis tanks again. Granted, there's much more to the game than mattys and tigers, but this has been a hot topic lately on here so makes a good example. There are allies who love late tier stuff as well
  9. I will teach you sometime. Gretnine and I had the 88 strategy down to a science a few campaigns ago when we played the same side. We killed 16 mattys in 1 mission once and averaged like 3-5 matties a mission when allied still had a lot of them
  10. It would be hella fun to play a campaign with axis factories and frontlines switched to allied and allied factories and lines switched to axis. Axis need to push east and allies need to push west. I think it would make me dizy looking at the map, but it would be fun/hilarious/different. It would never happen and too many people would be against it, but just imagine haha.
  11. When you coming back to play? Seen you posting alot lately !
  12. Not bad. Would be better than now forsure Well 2 people liked my post, but I cant see likes lol, comment!
  13. This has been brought up several times in the past with squads wanting to do squad-op missions but CRS didn't want to limit new players spawning and "exclude" them. It seems like @XOOM has changed his mind though
  14. A couple campaigns ago a vet (I forget his name, haven't seen him on in awhile... I would know if I saw it) had an fms camped by 3 ets and ei for 5-6 minutes and we were losing a ton of people so I took the lead and deleted it after unsuccessfully messaging him twice to please remove it. No reply from him afterwards. A half hour later, I drove to setup a dfms at a town the allies were starting to attack from the next closest behind lines town which was an easy 15-20 min drive away (was Gembloux to nivelles I think). I spawned in and walked 10 feet from the fms, no allied around, and the guy who'se FMS I pulled that was camped took my mission and deleted mine. I was raging so I reported him and luckily KMS was on and he was also pissed that the guy did that and warned/kicked him from. I wish I could remember the guys name so others can beware
  15. My mistake, it was actually b2k i sent it to. He replied a few minutes ago to me
  16. I was tinkering around with the post and didnt understand entirely what hide content does so I tried it and now it wont let me unhide it. I tried messaging scking on how to unhide but never got a reply. I think it would be in the best interest to unhide it since they were going to have a community team look into the whole thread. Plus its locked to future replies anyways so the storm wont start back up.
  17. Agree! I think mine will be more on the serious side of playing, like saying out loud why im doing certain things and my thought process while playing Ill try doing one tomorrow night with the mic on. How do you get the wwiiol facebook page to share your stream on its page? Is that something you worked out with Chimm?
  18. Streaming is fun. I just started doing them from time to time. Id consider mine more of a screenshare for now though since I dont use my mic yet.
  19. Every campaign since 1.36 you see 4x as many British frontline towns as French. Just counted a bit ago for example and there's 20 or 21 British frontline towns and 4-5 French frontline towns. Basically the strategy seems to be changing as many frontline towns to British as possible. I noticed it too when I played that side. Most backline reserve towns are then changed to French to "beat" the rule. It seems to happen every campaign now. The most obvious example was 4 or so campaigns ago when all the french factory towns were changed to British owned. It has been going on since 1.36. Axis and Allies both know brit equipment is generally better. (mattys, Sherman fireflys, achilles m10, better semi auto, etc.). I'm not saying this because axis are losing (I also made a post about it as well when axis were on a 4 campaign win streak and when I myself was playing a campaign as allied and losing). Some of the allied hc guys seemed upset that some of their other HC guys were doing this, but it still happens every campaign. If OHM wants it to be like this, then fine, I don't mind, ill live with it and not threaten to unsub like others. I just want him to briefly explain what the rule is or isn't regarding this. @XOOM @OHM
  20. I appreciate all the thought provoking replies and arguments and counter arguments. My final thoughts are simple... Agree on a general ratio of towns per faction and have hc just take a 30 second glace over the map once or twice a day to make sure the ratios seem correct to the eye. No need to count numbers up or any bs. Who gives a [censored] if one side owns a few more than another, because obviously it's probably not intentional. Nobody will probably bat an eye. I'm not going to get involved in the equipment toe, faction geography, blame game, etc. arguments that spawned because none of those were the point of this post, and I dont have an issue with anything involving those personally. With that said, I rest my case here
  21. Everybody sees what's going on, but their side preference determines how they respond.