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  1. This is the effect of no attrition in game. It feels like there are always autos because of brigade rotations. Once that changes there will be autos but they will decrease as battles rage on.
  2. It's how I always picture him.
  3. So that's a yes then.
  4. Below is a tutorial on taking towns in the TOE environment.
  5. Have you thought about wearing a spaghetti strap dress and showing more leg during the next Rat Chat? I help with suggestions where I can.
  6. You mean you're shocked that a gun whose overall range was over 14,800 meters and had a 100% accuracy rate @ 1000 meters, 87% accuracy rate @ 2000 meters, a 50% accuracy rate @ 2500 meters during testing takes you out at a range 2500 meters from time to time?
  7. Correct. Some sort of supply in every town is the only way to stop the massive cut offs that destroy morale and cause people to go play WoW instead. This issue with soft caps is the same issue that was out there from day one of TOEs. People log in to play a war game against other players; not to stand in empty CPs waiting for a meter where there is no danger. Bad for both attackers and defenders. Even the solutions I proposed won't stop the cut offs. All they will do is stop the ridiculous rotation of new supply during battles. Potthead was telling me not long ago about a 15 hour strategy to force some attrition on divisions so the map could be moved. Let that sink in for a minute. A 15 hour strategy... Who the hell plays for 15 hours straight besides Potthead, Potthead 1 - 75, oshelia (or whatever the that undercover Potthead is named), and Lob12 when he goes all Emo about something that was said in the forums? It's too much to ask of one person and you can't expect map movers 6 hours from now to be executing the same grand strategy; communication over super secret secure forums or not. Squads should be able to get together on a squad night and have a reasonable chance in a reasonable amount of time to take a town in a fashion other than catching the other side with their panties down with a quick over run.
  8. Easy fix. Lock all the the towns that link to the AO for the attacker in the same manner. If you failed to provide sufficient supply for the attack before dropping an AO that is your problem. Next excuse for maintaining the supply crutch?
  9. 1. Nope. It is too easy to uncontest a town in game. That puts the supply crutch right back in play. Rescue of a town should be done in the field not by some magical Star Trek transporter. We already have enough gamey crap to facilitate gameplay like FRUs that can be used for rescue operations. HC should have to think ahead instead of using the crutch. I thought about the fact that AOs could be used to prevent brigade movements. First it ties up the AO for the attacking side. There is a cost. Second, units are not just transiting through active battle zones. If a town is under fire and they are moving from point A to point B and don't plan to engage they are finding a way around anyway. It actually makes brigade movements more realistic.
  10. I could see keeping TOEs under one circumstance that involves a series of rule changes. 1. When a town with flags gets an AO slapped on it flags can only move out not in. 2. If a town without a flag in it gets AOed HC is allowed to move ONE brigade so the town can be fought over. 3. If a town had a brigade in it when it was AOed but all brigades were moved out during the battle tough luck. You don't get to exploit rule number 2. 4. Any brigade movement that was put in the pipeline BEFORE the AO dropped is a valid move. Nobody gets punished for movement lag time. Now you have a strategy game where attrition is possible, interdiction missions are back, and HC actually has to both prioritize and think ahead. The lack of constant warping supply might even make battles fun again. The supply crutch gets neutered and if want to rescue a town you do it from the field. That is the only way to save the beast and make it workable. A hybrid garrison supply could work with the above as well.
  11. You know it's funny that the 94th got brought up in this thread. A bit of history. The whole thing started with Deadlock running a tank column up north. We used channel 91 to coordinate. The column kept getting bigger and bigger and we rolled a bunch of towns. The same group showed up the next night and so on. GHC (Shilling) told us we couldn't use 91 because it was a Kreigmarine channel. We went to 92. Got told that one was something else. 93. Same. Ended up on 94 and named a squad after it. 94th did quite well rolling towns. Shilling was apparently not a fan because he wasn't running the show and that when the head bumping started. One night Deadlock got fed up and announced that he would see us on the Allied side. The Axis lost that map. The Allies went on a run of maps. Good times. Many DAC attacks. Ahhh the 94th Locusts... memories.
  12. It's exactly 10/10 since then. Good thing CRS restored the balance.
  13. The UI also needs to be simplified. I shouldn't have to tell someone to click around 40 different places in order to get them in game. It gives new players a bad impression before they even spawn in. Then they see the graphics. It needs to be click on town and select mission. Period. CRS tried to put lipstick on that pig by adding a fast action tab but it really was a useless gesture. We need to get people in game quickly and get them up to speed so they can see why looking past the graphics is worth it. Our current UI developed out of the TOEs fiasco.
  14. 2011 - 2012 Ten maps Axis one Allied and one truce.