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  1. Side switchers are not really an issue with me. Never have been. When you pay to play the game play it how you want. The only time I have ever been bothered by someone who switched sides was when they attempted to derail the other side’s attack plans. I don’t want to know in advance it kills the fun. Other than that switch at will Balance can be tricky for CRS to achieve without restrictions on players. Out of all the years I’ve played this game I’ve believed CRS really missed on equipment balance about 3 times. One of those I really let them know about it. Other than that it is the ebb and flow of numbers and even in a losing campaign you can find ways to temporarily seize the initiative from the other side to make the game fun. The reason I brought up the squads piece early is that I really feel that WWII Online really shines when squads are playing as an organized group. If you haven’t hooked up with a squad to play in an organization fashion I urge you to do so at least once. It is my opinion that no review of the game is really complete without it. for voice comms. It’s Blitz Kader squad night. Run with us if you would like.
  2. I use vasduten for that.
  3. Logging in with regularity is not something every player can do. Life gets in the way and play times can be limited and sporadic at times. You are essentially penalizing people who can't devote their life to the game. This is the same problem we have with HC now. You can't expect people to devote their life to the game. The game has to be able to work on their schedule and not the other way around. If you start penalizing people for not logging in I can almost guarantee you will see a loss of subscriptions from people who don't have that much time to play. Why pay for the premium subscription if they limit the content? As for the breakouts, we have to agree to disagree. Losing vast swaths of territory because a given TZ failed to have HC coverage is not good for the game. It tanks morale for the subsequent TZs and players simply log out and play something else until the next campaign. We have seen the pattern repeated over and over again. When either side is on a complete soft cap fest my first instinct is to log out. I know game play is going to suck at that point. The only thing that keeps me in game at that point is if I'm on with my squad and I feel like yucking it up. Other than that I log out and play something else. Once the First Person Shooter is a First Person Stand Arounder with no opposition it loses it appeal quickly.
  4. AOs, as far as I know, have been changed to be now based off the low pop side. I hate to break this to you but no matter what system is in game superior numbers are going to almost always rule the day. If anything the current system makes that worst because the overpop side can use their advantage to create breakouts that alow for massive amounts of territory to be taken without a single shot fired. Consider this... at least you got a chance to defend your town in the face of superior numbers during your TZ where you were out numbered. The current dynamic often does not allow the defenders that option. During that situation they may as well just log off. That is what they in fact do time and time again.
  5. Trimarchi Your perspectives are very interesting. I too play ROI and RO2 along with this game. What keeps me coming back to this game is entirely different than those two games. I find the squad experience in this game to be unique among the games that I have played. Game aside I’ve known a lot of these folks for years at this point and actually do consider them friends. In RO you really don’t get that. Just my 2 cents. As for the game itself. The graphics are dated and the side rolls are troubling. I have to commend CRS though as they are looking at fixing game mechanics and moving to a new graphics engine in the long term. I actually have a feeling that if the eye candy were updated the game would retain more players regardless of map rolls. As for the map being dead, it can very much be the case. I have found over the years though when that happens I can usually get something going if I want to take the initiative. What you have is a lot of players waiting around for someone to lead and create the action. It is doable but can be taxing on the person trying to do it. One of the great missteps CRS made with this game was prioritizing the strategic layer of the game to the absolute detriment of the tactical layer of the game. Players like you could care less about the chess game and just want good in game action. What this game did was effectively allow a few playing the chess game to shut down the tactical leaders in the FPS portion of the game. There was an exodus of those types of players over time. The problem is that those are the types of players who create the best content WWII Online has to offer. I will say this though, the new team seams to have acknowledged this and their changes have had one consistent theme. Bring the fight back to WWII Online. Their changes are all geared toward fighting head rather than avoiding fights. Hopefully that will breathe some life into the game. The same thing that is true in the past is still true about this game now. It has the potential to be great along with some great moments now. That’s what keeps me coming back I guess.
  6. What is the real alternative here? Let EI run loose since you can’t take it down?
  7. The game during the time frame you speak of was completely different. You are speaking as if TOEs and HC tools to run them is the only change that stands in the way to going back to those days. That is a complete red herring argument. Where was EWS back then? Where were AOs back then? You noted yourself that ABs were the only places to spawn in -- no depots. In fact, if you go back far enough there were no timers for caps and every CP was hot all the time. The game has changes with features independent of TOEs. If TOEs and HC running things is so great, please explain to me why the largest period of Axis dominance in this game was 2011 - 2012 with 10 or 11 of 12 maps. Incidentally, not long after that CRS had to dump a bunch of employees. That wasn't just ruinous for gameplay, it was almost ruinous for the game itself. TOEs did not change the tactics you speak of other than the fact that you can now throw endless supply at a camp until you can break it. Aside from that Depot spawning and mobile spawns changed the dynamic and allowed players better opportunities to break camps. In fact, I would argue 2 AB towns should be the norm since it's hard to muster the manpower to camp 2 ABs at once. Generally those fights are the best fights in game. The TOE system as implemented has put too much strain on HC players and created more frustrations for players than it's worth. The endless softcaps, short maps, warping supply, no HC online disasters, and the rise ISIS are all effects from TOEs. It's time for that to end.
  8. I’ve gone to the pirate version. Six Yaaaaaaarzzzzzz!!!!
  9. That is a bad tactic. That kind of shooting tends to damage backpacks.
  10. We have failed to even see tier 3 in five consecutive campaigns. Had it not been for the initial steam launch that garnered interest we may not have seen tier 3 in the last 10. The campaign is not stable because it is dependent on a system of volunteers that don’t always show. And why should they? People get down right nasty with them when things are not going well.
  11. Seems like a lot to ask of HC given their current game management responsibilities.
  12. I don’t believe CRS said anything about AOs going away. They are necessary to funnel the population into battle. Players should have the ability to step up temporarily to place AOs if HC are not online The moveable flags should provide a nice bump to spice things up a bit. There shouldn’t be so much supply running around the map with them that their manning is absolutely critical at all times. Are we looking at some sort of population based AO? Has that been in some update that I have missed?
  13. Your phone was weird though. It just thought your were trying to make constant references to fat people face sitting.
  14. David actually did make a good point this time though. His first sentence was right on the money.
  15. Agreed. Now we just need to kill the strategic version.