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  1. Ok mini DOC.
  2. The mistakes of the past. They will just be repeated. Idiotic features like ridiculously loud trucks were added to combat this one time zone. The new CRS will venture down that road as well. Implementing asinine stuff that all time zones get to put up with just have the appearance of balance in time zone 3.
  3. Last I saw the WWII Online version of the Dirty Dozen they were launching mortars in Al Basrah.
  4. Yet you fail to realize how close the Axis side was to collapse. The FRU change exposed the 4G’s glass jaw. The Axis has been relying on the infantry FRU to fight tanks for years. The FRU change caused game dynamics to shift and forced ZOC style play that the 4G was not up to. Entire squads discussed leaving the game. I convinced some to stay by just going Allied to have fun with it. We capped an empty town during prime time the very next campaign. The Axis had decided the game wasn’t worth the price of admission anymore. There is where your Tigers came from. I had assumed CRS would model a decent AFV somewhere between the Tiger and 4G to cover the gap when they were able to model vehicles again. Instead they choose a souped up 3H on their roadmap. Notice my account now says free to play. I would go into greater depth, but it’s squad night tonight and I have to think about where we are going to set up a FOB and mortar site to defend the refinery in Al Basrah.
  5. What is the Dirty Dozen?
  6. The buck stops with CRS for leaving what was clearly a [censored] system in game for too many years. You don’t get to fall on that sword.
  7. Don’t waste your breath. I’ve suggested actually playing the game might help in the past.
  8. 232s are best killed with a rifle.
  9. I’m calling bs here stankyus. What your are seeing is an overall reduction in total numbers, not an Allied only reduction. Seen a lot DDZ in game lately? How about Blitz Kader? Squads that used to put up 30 to 50 now put up under 10 on a squad night. Discord during prime time is closely populated so I have a feeling the Axis are dominating one or both of the other time zones numbers wise to tip the game. Overall though I would bet organized vet numbers are down just about everywhere on both sides. I don’t get to see the server numbers though so who knows.
  10. There is absolutely no difference between the Tiger's vulnerability to sappers and the Char and Matty. All tanks have to be sapped while stationary. It doesn't matter if you are going 5mph or 50mph. The tank has a sap spot and is moving or it isn't. And while the 88 is a long range option, it is an overly hyped boutique unit that is ineffective in many in game situations. It's stats reflect that. If you think being under pop allied is bad, trying playing under pop Axis in tier 0. It is down right brutal. The 88 becomes completely ineffective and the armor doesn't hold up so you are often left with the sapper as the only real option. Not the case in the same tier while playing Allied. Often the armor still provides a measure of effectiveness even when the odds are stacked against you. None of it really matters in the nearly empty servers anyway though.
  11. I’ve heard that. No idea if it’s true or not.
  12. Let's just address this myth now. This campaign. As I write this post: 88 Kills on Matilda Mk II's.......................9 Sapper Kills on Matilda Mk II's...............35 88 Kills on Char B1..................................21 Sapper Kills on Char B1..........................61 88 Kills on S35.........................................55 Sapper Kills on S35.................................114 (Note the pak36 has 98 S35 Kills this campaign, more than the dreaded 88) This is the way it is each campaign.... every campaign. I wish CRS would not have removed the sapper and then reintroduced it so that the all time stats could be looked at. However, if you continue to look at what kills the heavies in tier 0 on a campaign by campaign basis you will find it's the sapper and not the 88. There are significant issues to using the 88 as some sort of catch all wonder weapon in tier 0 and the stats show that over and over. Anyway, continue on, don't let facts interfere or anything.
  13. “On the table” in CRS speak means... what exactly...? We’re thinking about thinking about planning to implement a road map that promises to add it to the game by 2045 for the plane’s 100th anniversary? I’m so excited!
  14. Add up total number of of air sorties near the end of the campaign for both sides. Do that for about 10 campaigns or so across both Axis and Allied victories. Then you’ll get a picture of the relative health of the air game.
  15. A month or two after steam was ok. As soon as those people realized they would have to pay for the game it trailed off. It’s PvE now at times.