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  1. What exactly was the damage limit of a real life FMS in WWII?
  2. So in other words you're never going Allied.
  3. No one wants objective data here. Even if you find it and put it out there it will be ignored.
  4. None of it really matters for me. It’s all academic. If CRS hasn’t addressed the issue in a over a decade I have my doubts that it is going to happen at all. Since I don’t fly anymore in game anyway and went to the ground full time I’m more concerned with better Infantry and Armor gameplay. Got my HLL forum access with what sounds like alpha access right around the corner.
  5. I believe in numbers. The numbers in this case are telling the story campaign after campaign and have done so for over a decade. The numbers are objective and CRS had ignored them. One side has an Air Force. The other side is left with Bogol flying by his lonesome...
  6. One could also say the Allied tank kit is what it is. So the only viably close unit that we have in game that should be released along with the Tiger (1942) is the M10 (Produced 1942 - 1943). The Sherman 76 (1944), Achilles (1944), and Sherman Firefly (1944) should all be held out of game for two entire tiers according to your logic. Yet the rats have bounced those units forward for the sake of balance so the Armor game isn't completely out of whack. I guess that tier warping of equipment for balance only applies in one direction.
  7. The first step is admitting there is a problem. We can't even get that far on this issue.
  8. This situation remains unchanged from campaign to campaign whether the Allies win or lose. It has remained unchanged for over a decade. The only saving grace is that HE to include bombs has never worked quite right in game. With the KE audit that may all change and what is an annoyance now could become game breaking. Who cares though, HLL and PS will be out by then I guess.
  9. Oops LOL. Did the math in my head of Axis kills being 29 percent of Allied kills and reversed it. You’re right. You got the gist though. It’s way out of whack. While CRS addresses HE shortfalls in capability for the early brits and long range capability for late tier brits in the armor game they do nothing to even up the massive air imbalance in their road map. A few JABO aircraft do not even up the complete mismatch in fighter capability. The complete silence and apathy of CRS on the issue finally led me to believe they simply don’t give a [censored].
  10. The air game is drastically one sided. It has been for a decade. There are clearly no real plans to address it by CRS. Playing Axis means getting bombed with no resistance in the air to counter it. 5626 kills for ground attack aircraft for the Allies versus 1652 kills for the Axis ground attack aircraft this campaign. That's what... like 71 percent more kills for the Allied bombers? The Axis fighter aircraft don't compete and over time numbers have dwindled which has essentially left Allied aircraft all the loiter time they want over target. 2.1 K/D for British Fighter Aircraft. 1.39 for French Fighter Aircraft. .89 for German Fighter Aircraft. German Fighters are outclassed and it shows up in the effectiveness of bombers. When the KE audit gets completed and the effectiveness of bombs gets increased it should be entertaining.
  11. No you're right it's not a fortress. It's a range with pop up targets for tanks.
  12. I thought you said the Axis were competitive? If that is so than the statement above doesn't add up does it. 3 to 1 isn't bad in a Hurricane Mk 1 against 190's and later 109's. The early tiers were about 8 to 1. But hey... You're fine with the status quo so it's all good. You pay for it. I don't.
  13. The last time I took a campaign to seriously fly I racked up a 3.0 K/D in a free to play Hurricane Mk 1 for an entire campaign. I feel just fine about my skill in the air thank you very much. I'll take CRS' lack of an answer as the answer.
  14. I've already left so there are not threats involved. They did set the precedent. If warping equipment from different years for the sake of balance isn't reasonable, then why to we accept the Sherman 76 vs the Tiger? Let alone the Firefly vs the Tiger? Why we accept this without the contemporary Panther or King Tiger being added as well? I provided data showing the Axis AF is not up to the task. I've not asked for anything that CRS has not already done for the sake of balance in the game. That is a precedent.