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  1. Generally even then flash is only an issue at night. In day light weapon flash is not really a problem even for weapons without a flash suppressor. I would like to see flash kicked up at night and negligible during the day but I'm not sure CRS has the capability.
  2. I like it Frantish but I would like to see the Rats go with some of the ideas that were in the original 2001 game manual to augment the RDP game. I would like to see the supply tickets become visible in game entities in the form of ships, trains, and truck convoys. It would add a real use for the Navy in game and give the Air Force a whole new mission. Supply could be disrupted at a local level which would be a really cool thing to plan around when launching ops. Love the ideas but would like to see CRS think big in this area of the game.
  3. Visible supply in the form of trains and ships in the channel. It would give a new focus to the air game and give the navy an actual game.
  4. Agreed. I do respect the fact that CRS is finally at least addressing SPAA. It's something anyway. Hopefully better AA for each tier will follow.
  5. They speak as though the 88 and Stuka were reliable counters to the heavy tanks. Clearly CRS knows something they do not.
  6. Fixed. Latest Nvidia driver should solve the issue.
  7. Fix update. Grab the new Nvidia display driver. It will fix the loading issue when the new MS update installs.
  8. Slow game loading after widows 10 update. I noticed a thread on this issue this morning. I fought with this last night. The latest Windows 10 update did not play nice with WWII Online. The other guy was using a GTX950M and I'm using a GTX960M so it could be something do with the mobile graphics cards and the update I'm not sure.
  9. Problem 1. The integrated graphics will not work. Step 1, Right click on your desktop and select nvida control panel. Step 2. Go to manage 3D settings. Step 3. You have two choices here you can either change the global setting and let the GTX950M run everything or you can select program settings (This is the route I take). Once you select program setting click Add and select your graphics card then click apply. I also do then do the same with the WWII Setting App and the playgate launch App just to be safe. Step 4. Open the WWII Online settings App and select the setting you want. The settings App will now see your GTX950. Problem 2. The slow game load time. Do a system restore to about a week ago. There is a Windows 10 update that was put out from Microsoft that clearly does not play well with WWII Online. I ran into this problem last night. Re installed the game 4 times. Wiped everything WWII Online off the computer and nothing. It took me a bit to figure out that the update caused the problem. I hope this helps.
  10. Absolutely the supply should come from the rear town. I get that it could turn out tough for the attacker but that is the bonus of having three friendly towns. There is also nothing saying that since the FBs are up all the time that they can't be dropped like a normal FB in attack prep. Just like what often happens in no mans land battles.
  11. Got it. However, that solution would take a lot of dev time. Opening up FBs should not.
  12. I see what you're saying Sprarre but the FBs are already in game and are a good short term fix. The used to open up from friendly town when a HAAC was put up so I know it can be done. I'm just saying they should be put up the minute and AO is placed.
  13. One of WWII Online's greatest gripes since day one has been how fast towns get camped. Have we ever thought that it might be a good idea to open up the friendly FBs from near by towns to give defenders more places to spawn from? Think about it. If you have multiple FBs to a friendly town then the enemy has to essentially find a way to camp all those spawn points at once. It would give defenders more spawn options and probably take the battle into the field a bit.
  14. Time zones are irrelevant to Potthead.
  15. You should feel proud. You were the bonus squishie.