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  1. The Bell is where it's at.
  2. You have to cut HC some slack on this one. They have been logisticians for the better part of a decade.
  3. It would be nice to see this kind of operation once a month or so. Maybe with an automated system to help set it up.
  4. So it was a PZ 4G variant?
  5. All along the watchtower... Princes kept the view... While all the women came and went... Barefoot servants, too... Outside in the cold distance... A Tiger did growl... Two Rats were approaching... And the Allies began to howl... !!!
  6. Now that is impressive. I would have killed my self at least once out of 24 times with my own sachel.
  7. You can get a Sherman 76 with a pak 36. Close flank shot.
  8. Trying to throw people off the trail. We know you are currently in a city CP somewhere.
  9. And the thread is officially now useless. Begun the flame wars have....
  10. Except that in your previous post you spoke as though the Axis had just grown used to having AFV superiority. We both know that's not true. You were just lashing out and taking a shot. Secondly, there are multiple complaints about the numbers of Matildas available. I have offered solutions to raise the number of Mattys available but they fall on deaf ears.
  11. And yet time after time in the early tiers a combination is how I see it play out. Over and over. Especially when the Allies are attacking. You and I both know that's why all the fuss about getting rid of TOEs. No more simply spamming the early French heavy tanks over and over by rotating brigades on attack in Tier 0. The British brigades will have to actually stand on their own. The good news that should result in an increase in Matildas. To simply act as though the British brigades run around the map by themselves is a false premise and you know it. Oh... and the brigades are moving 5 minutes after initial deployment at the start of a new campaign. They do not remain static.
  12. Superior? What is the superior weapon system before the 4G that the Axis have gotten spoiled by and used to? The Char, S35, and Matilda out class everything in terms of armor in the lower tiers. You could easily turn your argument around and say I think the Allies have gotten spoiled by the early tiers and seriously do no know how to handle not having the superior weapon system at their finger tips and therefore struggle with the Tiger. Saying such is probably not productive to the discussion though.
  13. They combine their units with the French who roll in Chars and S35s. Show me where the Axis have the option of bringing in another country with heave tanks to supplement attacks.
  14. It doesn't fix the problem. Axis ZOCs still get obliterated by 57mm and 6 pounder guns spawning from depots. That was the primary problem in C120 and C121. Once the truck FRU came online the Axis ZOCs were not holding up. It was not that they didn't know how to set one up. It's that the 4Gs were getting creamed. On the other hand, the Allies need only lock down the AB to cut out all the guns that are a real threat to the Shermans. As long as the Shermans keep the pak 36s and 38s in front of them they are fine. A good ZOC was workable.If you look at the ATG stats you will notice the 57mm and 6 pounder are about a successful against the Tiger as the pak 38 is against the Shermans. I would not have solved the issue this way. I my opinion what needed to happen was to allow the M5, 17 Pounder, and Pak 40 to spawn from the depots. Not that big of a deal for the Allies but it would have been huge for the Axis. It would have allowed them to have an ATG out of the depots that could do damage without have to expose itself trying to flank into the field. I suppose CRS viewed that as only a solution for defense. That's true enough I suppose. They chose to throw in extra Tigers instead.