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  1. Seems like this is happening a lot now. Playing inf, armor, or air. you shoot at the enemy and they keep on going. Not sure what is going on or how to fix it, but OMG this is getting out of control. as Xoom would put it.. come play and have fun.. this [censored] isn't fun... I am not talking what is balanced or not.. this is strictly hits are not registering. So some examples: Playing engineer, busting FB.. an 88's rolls out on pad.. I am 5 ft from it.. shoot 3 times at gunner head, body, head. After my 3rd shot, the 88 shoot 3 more times and kills a friendly tank then stops and despawns..DOH Playing smg..shoot at INF very close range. 20 rounds into it.. inf turns and one shot and kills me..DOH This goes for playing any class inf. Playing AAA..25.. I am not even sure why we have these things in here.. they don't do any damage it seems. hit 109 zooming down for strafe run.. hit 109 in prop under 100m away.. the prop is visual broken.. but engine sound still on and flys out of visual range.. No kill on 109, when exit mission..DOH Playing tanks.. This is not just me.. Hit tanks in the crucial spots..7,8,9 times and still rolling like nothing is going on. I can't tell you how many times I hear veteran squad m8's complain about this.. And Lastly.. busting EFMS. place last satchel on front of FMS.. EI in literally standing 10 ft from the satchel. The bunker is gone but the EI is still there. If I am even remotely close to one of my satchels when it goes off, I am ded. I came back of all the promises of changes they did and what's to come. I am glad I did, but something has to be done about this. It's not just me..other squad mates and people in chat are always complaining about this. I hope this gets fixed or some notion that you guys are looking into this. Thanks for the hard work
  2. I don't see any trucks listed under "this pack includes" for these Light AT or AA DLC PACKS? Do they have to trucks or not to tow?
  3. yes.. It's strange.. seems like the Standard Mouse sensitivity and the aiming mouse sensitivity should be swapped.. if I set the aiming mouse sensitivity to max(more).. I can do 360's with min movement of the mouse while aiming , but if I set more(max) to standard mouse sensitivity then it take at least 2 swipes of the mouse to turn 180. I have no issue in other games dialing the cross hairs on enemies very quickly but this game is generally very clunky with their infinity. One other thing.. not sure if its my pc doing this.. but the modeling of the weapons seem to jitter a lot , not talking about the sway when you aim.. but the weapon is actually twitching around, which makes it more difficult to aim. Cant wait for the DLC to drop.
  4. mouse sensitivity in game is non existent. MIN or MAX is doesn't do anything in game.. I have to swipe 3 times just to turn 180. Even if I set my DPI on my mouse higher.. the mouse cursor zooms in menu.. but in game its slow.
  5. Good to see ya still rolling around.. even thou its on the axis..
  6. I was just throwing it out there. It's something that was done in the past. But, yes on Sep1 I will make a steam account and get one of the DLC's just to use a truck.. I don't have any issues with that btw. spending at least 10 bucks for the DLC's isn't going to break the bank.
  7. Any promos for Sep 1st for the organic players? ( -old school rates- )
  8. "First, we will be welcoming back all of our Veterans with a very special Welcome Back Soldier event! This Welcome Back Soldier will be different from any that we've done in the past, so if you're a veteran player, make sure to watch out for important communications from RAT HQ with the instructions on how to take part in this awesome promotion!" I see the WBS steam 30 day active.. is this the BIG promo??
  9. Same here .. tried multiple tickets with no response.. will try direct email
  10. I am having same issue try to adjust controller sliders.. but when I exit it doesnt save...I cannot use any vehicles because my bars are all the way to the right.. no x-axis motion... Humping it with inf... EDIT: fixed with Version