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  1. Merlin! that is way cool, lol!
  2. Had a great time flying with JG51 yesterday. Some great missions, etc. a lot of kills. of course we are on discord JG51 axis channel cause you can’t call 6’s or help using the keyboard while flying. And we always use a push to talk button as we don’t care about your sneezing, coughing or girlfriend in the background. We had 12 of us on during the fighting. Lots of fun. Regards,
  3. Put me in as well... under JG fighters email:
  4. yes, another 250 guy, <S>
  5. I'm still having a problem getting this to work in game..... It used to but hasn't for the past couple of months. Will try again tomorrow.
  6. Getting a connection error all of a sudden when trying to log onto the server
  7. As Zoom knows,,,,, Zulu has disbanded and We have all gone over and Joined JG51 Squad. This just happened last night so things moved fast. I am now the CO of JG51 if you needed to know. Also, When we have a JG51 Discord channel to use you can delete the Zulu channels on Axis and Allied servers as I have disbanded the squad. Hope this request has been made in the right forum. Regards,
  8. Well Done and Salute!
  9. I'm not sure of pictures.... How to post them or videos either. Any Guru's out there that figured this out? If someone gets a squad (Zulu) thing for the website, let me know, I can give you privs so you can edit and post them.
  10. Heavy helped me out on this.... I can't thank him enough.
  11. I agree, both sides know enough not to cheat out right like that, He's still there flying a spit against our 109's.
  12. How do you kick someone out of your Discord channel? (They are playing Allied and we are playing Axis). They always use our comms to intercept us etc. Where can you go and get this resolved?
  13. I wish I had the experience for doing the pictures. I have to ask around I quess.
  14. I used the squadtools page to add the current members, you have to add them to this squad forum in order for them to access it I believe. Keep your eyes open just in case I missed anyone.