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  1. Heavy helped me out on this.... I can't thank him enough.
  2. I agree, both sides know enough not to cheat out right like that, He's still there flying a spit against our 109's.
  3. How do you kick someone out of your Discord channel? (They are playing Allied and we are playing Axis). They always use our comms to intercept us etc. Where can you go and get this resolved?
  4. I wish I had the experience for doing the pictures. I have to ask around I quess.
  5. I used the squadtools page to add the current members, you have to add them to this squad forum in order for them to access it I believe. Keep your eyes open just in case I missed anyone.
  6. This is the first comment! Finally got this far!
  7. Ahahah, got to laugh, Zulu is everywhere!
  8. I am with a squad called Zulu. The first thing I would tell you is Install Discord (see instructions at ) Then hook up with a squad on discord an decide weather you like to hang around with them or you want to try other squads. (That's your call) When communicating with them, and they seem to get along with you (hopefully) , They will send you an invite to the squad (That's their call) and will assist you in accepting it which then adds you to their squad list. Hope this helps, Discord is huge in squad communications! Regards,
  9. Link you may need...
  10. I get an increase in FPS when flying, which I do most of the time. up about 10%
  11. I miss being with him at sea, was a lot of great times.
  12. I use the map! I zoom in and accurately mark it on the map. Then I mouse over the target and it tells me the range. Then I close map.
  13. Will do then scking, Thanks for the info.