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  1. I get an increase in FPS when flying, which I do most of the time. up about 10%
  2. I miss being with him at sea, was a lot of great times.
  3. I use the map! I zoom in and accurately mark it on the map. Then I mouse over the target and it tells me the range. Then I close map.
  4. Will do then scking, Thanks for the info.
  5. As well as Hero accounts who pay extra!!!
  6. Had this happen to me as well, Mingus brought this to me also.
  7. Now that I upgraded to a Hero account. Will I get any information set to be reguarding any, if any different features are available? Also, will there be a change on my avatar or something? Haven't heard anything as of yet. Regards, rws
  8. Zulu squad is waiting as well...
  9. Had the same thing happen on Windows 10 after 5 hours of playing, Might be the old memory leak coming back again.
  10. Would love to know if this is successful.
  11. The Zulu squad will be going Allied or a Map and was wondering if a channel could be setup for them on the Allied Discord side like it is now on the Axis side. I checked last night and didn't see one there yet.
  12. The Zulu Squad is always looking for New Players. We are 99% of the time flying unless we get board, lol. Please join us on the TeamSpeak server under the Zulu squad chat. We are always in contact with each other with TeamSpeak and it makes a big difference.
  13. I will be waiting then..... Thanks in advance!
  14. Cant find anything on this. On the bottom of the forums page (I have a full account) I noticed a Squads Group. (Player created squads) I am a squad CO (Zulu) and I was wondering how to create squad page called Zulu. Also what permissions are associated with it,if any. I couldn't find any means of creating one for our squad.