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  1. Would love to know if this is successful.
  2. The Zulu squad will be going Allied or a Map and was wondering if a channel could be setup for them on the Allied Discord side like it is now on the Axis side. I checked last night and didn't see one there yet.
  3. The Zulu Squad is always looking for New Players. We are 99% of the time flying unless we get board, lol. Please join us on the TeamSpeak server under the Zulu squad chat. We are always in contact with each other with TeamSpeak and it makes a big difference.
  4. I will be waiting then..... Thanks in advance!
  5. Cant find anything on this. On the bottom of the forums page (I have a full account) I noticed a Squads Group. (Player created squads) I am a squad CO (Zulu) and I was wondering how to create squad page called Zulu. Also what permissions are associated with it,if any. I couldn't find any means of creating one for our squad.
  6. Nice nice Guns!!!
  7. Oh yeah, everything is up to date. Windows 10 system. I am a microsoft partner, been doing that for 35 years now.
  8. Had to load a new version of TeamSpeak ( and playclaw (3687) to a new PC and set it up. Problem I'm having after copying the File called ts3-playclaw5plus-plugin-64.dll from the C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayClaw 5 Plus\tools folder to the C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins folder (I am using 64bit TeamSpeak) . I am getting the error: Plugin failed to load: Api is not compatible: 20 (Current: 21). When looking at the TeamSpeak menu the Tools --> Options --> Addons. So far this is a pain and I will keep trying. Let me know if you have any ideas.
  9. Salute!
  10. Had a problem with Kryptonite after my windows 10 updates went in when I turned on the computer this morning..... It crashes WWIIonline.... Not sure about it now.
  11. The Squad Zulu is usually around, Flying 99% of the time. We work with Teamspeak and can be found under Zulu Chanel. You and any other flyer is welcome to join us on Teamspeak. We are Axis this map! Regards, rws.
  12. My squad really can't live without TeamSpeak (TS) Start downloading and installing it right away!
  13. <S> to us VVA vets! 366 TFW DaNang 1970=1971, 3 basis Thailand 71-75.