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  1. I had a Clam bake at my VFW Sunday...
  2. ??? Found discord is loading the game automatically instead of loading discord before I load the game. I need to try this again.
  3. and now it when I use discord, and delete the old WW11Online in recient games, and try to install it a new one so I can turn on the overlay, It doesn't see WWIIonline running on my machine to select. Is there a way delete the Old 1.35 beta installed on my machine?
  4. I got it to finally run on the third time booting. But it always says that there is earlier files it detected. I press no to use the new files now. But I bet it is the old beta version installed that I can't remove. I am m pretty much on discord, axis channel, JG51.
  5. I submitted a ticket for this so it is FYI. I uninstalled the steam version, as well as My normal version. No go with the new installation as It says it detected old files and wanted to know if I wanted to overwrite them or not. I chose one then the other but the game freezes trying to startup. I have an old version of the game still in programs and features (Windows 10) being Battleground Europe 1.35 Beta. It will not uninstall and I am hoping that I will get instructions from CRS to delete it and Try the reinstall again. We'll see. Till then, Salute.
  6. Congrats as well! <S>
  7. Salute JGray! Good to see you again. Just a note, JG51 is on the Discord voice app which info can be found in the forums, Stop by when you get a chance!
  8. Don’t forget to save your changes.
  9. Ok! Finally I can go back to axis now that the map is finished.
  10. Axis had to put up with the long cap timers for multiple maps now. We complained but allied said tough.
  11. Rod, this is a great view for new folks to study!
  12. lol. Allies must be mad atm. Well if they can't keep the squads happy guess what happens. Squads Rule!
  13. Remember him well.... He was always a great person and flyer. I feel the pain for his family as well. Will remember him always.
  14. 2001 and I was with BKB for a number of years.
  15. I want my uber luger back for this.