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  1. The day the doors opened. Flew with the 450th BG from Warbirds , then the 17th BG /78th FG .
  2. I meant to have said re-subscribe.
  3. If you go this FTP route, do you loose your previously held rank temporarily ,or maybe permanently if you should choose to subscribe later down the road?
  4. I'm just a nobody from the past, but remember attacks that had multiple leaders taking the fight to the enemy in a coordinated fashion, not this "place a MS and feed the meatgrinder" stuff. One group would form an ATG line or an armor column for suppression, another would herd all the cats (inf) into one group for timer duty, and most times another would organize some air support to keep every thing in the AB' and dead. And we would put the beat down. As a WBS I don't see any of this , and quite frankly the game hasn't changed all that much from those days (Not mentioning PRE- good ol boys club, cause that was much more fun). So is this the new standard or status quo? Is there not enough asses in seats to pull this off anymore? Is there no interest in this anymore? Does the game mechanics not allow for this anymore? Are leaders too afraid of spies? Are there certain times this takes place that I'm just missing (Ive tried different prime times)? Not knocking whats going on (much), just trying to understand.
  5. I didnt look around for it, but is there an actual cost somewhere of how much its going to take to get this to 64 bit?
  6. Shot you a PM.
  7. Shoot me a PM here if you do. Id be interested depending on when it is. I dont have discord though, but do have TS.
  8. Ahh, ok. Im thinking Granit from before that, actually pre-wwiiol in WB's.
  9. Oh, now those were fun !
  10. Granit of old?
  11. This is why I inserterted "YMMV" . i suppose if you had 100 people 5 miles from whatever regional server you've selected, it'll work fine. We found exactly the opposite. Combine that with security and configurability and we found TS to be head and shoulders above any of them. But hey, Discord is free (other than they can share your info with partner companies as per the eula). Guess you get what you pay for. But thats a whole other topic to be sure.
  12. Ive tried this (along with ventrillo) not long ago with 15-20 in one channel . They fell on their face hard. Usually first sound quality went, and then working at all. A good solid TS is still king for large groups IMO. YMMV.
  13. You raise a good point. At one time I had 2 paid accounts. One for playing and one for transport. This was because the level of gameplay really necessitated it since we had so much kit or troops to move. I just don't see myself doing that at this point, and I thought that some input would be helpful since I remember when there were thousands on line doing this...thousands. Like CE ,Just trying to offer a little reflection on what it was that kept that many interested in this. Or maybe like you say, me and my 2 accounts should just go away? No worries either way. Cheers.
  14. Oh, wanted to add. I doubt discord can handle the kind of numbers were talking here in one channel.
  15. This. I remember either flying with the 78th for these or, if our squad night coincided, the 484th (our group) would fly with the 78th as escorts or in bombers as well. Was always way better when the Axis showed up in force. Yeah we used a lot of kit, but man were those some epic battles. If the game mechanics ever gravitates back in that direction , these would be fun again.
  16. Well, see, that really doesn't answer anything. No offense meant . It gives in more to the status quo. To me, and I could be wrong, that the inclination is toward a small area sandbox rush type game with scant info given, even on discord since they are not a squad but more of a gathering of players/ strangers. That type of game does have appeal of course, but there are tons of games out there that do this a multiple times better on modern engines with much more complex graphics and physics. Although, coincidentally , they don't share the size map that this game does, which is your only advantage over those games. I look at the "road map" , which I assume is your questions thread, and I see many new pieces and features, but all being vaguely focused on the aforementioned game type. It lacks any real indication as to exactly what the direction of it all actually is. Its ok if theres no clear cut answer you want to give , or if your actually trying to create a small focused game. I'm just a nobody WBS who remembers something different.
  17. Thats odd given the obvious result of going in that direction. Too bad. Those opps were a blast, and kept a lot of folks here. I used to spend hours on these , and not just in the actual action, but in the planning as well.
  18. Yeah, dont see much in the way of squad opps going on. Shame really. Was probably the backbone of a bigger crowd.
  19. Hmm. I remember the days of thousands online. Maybe that needs to be re-looked at.
  20. I want that 3 minutes of my life back.
  21. Wasn't there talk of a new game engine at one time?
  22. Is there one? Servers down so I cant access the options. Just asking.
  23. All that. Plus long strings of bombers (before EWS) , and knowing when you saw the enemy in the air they were out there hunting YOU. Good stuff. The random action in any given area...the crowd always seemed to know what to do on their own and someone just about always stepped up to lead the gaggle. You could jump in and have the area filled with hundreds of friendly icons headed to a FB (and the inevitable Betty/Opel runs), then the connected town. Dropping bombs on a FB and getting 20 kills was always satisfying...
  24. ∙ What year did you start playing? Day 1 ∙When was the last time you played? Cant remember, sucks to get old ∙What squad were you in? Allied HC, Bomber groups, Hung with the 78th a lot ∙What side did you primarily play on? Allied, bombing crap. Will be interesting to see where the airwar is in this game , and where its headed. Now I just need to remember where I packed away my flight gear. See you out there in the scary skies.
  25. Since the support tab does not work on the home page I guess i need to post this here. my last billing was 2-21. I unsubbed yesterday (3-17) before it charged again since i havent played in 2-3 months and have little time to. And I was immediately charged for another 17.99 for another month.. even before the billing cycle. I expect a credit before I reverse it with the CC company tomorrow in the am. Thanks for your attention.