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  1. does CRS track the HC accounts at all? shouldn't have to ask or debate when there isn't coverage, just log activity and kick everything to a graph
  2. no one at CRS seems to understand that the value of the game is directly related to the number of concurrent users hence all the incorrect (to put it gently) game decisions, and their continued surprise that subscriber and/or builder numbers are decreasing despite their attempts to improve "balance", "realism", "combined arms", "F2P conversion" etc. in the game even now the discussion is not about how to increase the number of concurrent users (i.e. to increase game's value), but to wring some dollars off of literally a few dozen intermittent veteran players someone should really get the entire team on a slack channel or something and a Google doc and have everyone come to a consensus on basic questions like "Why do/did people play this game?", it'd be easy because the answers are pretty obvious after that maybe the conversation would shift to productive things within the scope of a small team like getting an air war back and getting ground battles to hit the vis limit on a nightly basis again, things that were possible in the past with the current product...rather than lamenting about players that won't pay money for a sparsely-populated MMO or the inability to overhaul the billing and progression system
  3. they don't have money to pay a level designer/map person (kind of important for a FPS game), but they got UE4 assets and keep talking about some new project in UE4 they have a huge map and tanks and airplanes, but force 75% of the playerbase to spawn infantry, sit in a little box and stare at gray walls for several minutes at a time they don't see any problem with this and are at best dismissive when someone tells them that they are doing things wrong I'm not sure if anyone has actually made a design document for the game so while I like playing a sortie every now and then (when there are people online) I think I'll just keep my one infantry-only account for now, thanks
  4. all the theorycrafting and justification bypasses the fact that: 1. pilots don't like flying around in a fishbowl 2. this game used to have the biggest online pilot population no flight simmer is going to pay a premium sub to fly around in a fishbowl where textbook WW2 tactics like BnZ can't even work properly, chiding them for having unrealistic expectations probably isn't helping things
  5. not at all good units in good positions beats out masses of bad units, especially bad units spawning from bad positions the average depot fight or army base camp should show you this the attackers are the content creators the reason why there is almost no one playing this game is because there is no quality content, or content at all (lowpop hours) the focus should not be on limitations and roadblocks for attackers if you want strategy and defense maybe you should consider the possibility of "defense in depth" and stop focusing on how to guarantee a hard defense of the first town, and more on the counter attack from the town behind the one that just got surprised this is supposed to be a large-scale coherent map, not a series of isolated matches right? now that town supply is in a town can get rolled and the attacker doesn't get a free trip to the factories
  6. pretty sure the devs openly demanding that players switch sides is what made it lame
  7. you are right that the game's strength is its scale (number of concurrent players and engagement distances), it is one of the only MMOFPS that has not been the focus though, not in a long time if ever even now absolute numerical balance takes priority over greater scale, i.e. the devs and community think a 30 vs. 30 game server is preferable to a 120 vs. 90 server new things get added to the game but aircraft visual distance is only a few kilometers, and armor combat becomes almost unplayable past 2km...and that's just the game engine, like you said the gameplay itself does not support fights outside of towns large scale maneuvers aren't happening with global spawn delay that counts every unit the same with current pop levels right now if you take even fifteen players out of the fight to go do overstock or something you are crippling your team spawn delay like this has overwhelming support from the devs and community so yeah it's not going anywhere large scale maneuvers also require large guilds that log in all at once, and don't switch sides every 30 minutes (to be good sports and play the "underpop" lol), another element that is not wanted here and absolutely no one is going to take time to plan a big operation, get their guild online, and then take a cross-country drive for 30 minutes if there's a possibility that they won't even be able to get an AO to capture town, so the AO system also needs work
  8. there are 4-5 greentags spawning at a FB to a town where we've just pulled the AO doesn't sound like much, but that is 10-20% of the axis population right there seeing as each and every one of these guys is counted the same towards spawn delay a veteran driving around in a tank or lagwizarding around a depot with a SMG, this is a problem if you are going to clobber one side with spawn delay simply for having players spawned in to the game then you need to give them some kind of control over where to send them they don't even speak english, and it's not like the english-speaking F2P players were amicable to orders anyway (if any of you want to remember the steam debacle a year and a half ago) it was actually admirable in that they all set out in a line walking towards town
  9. there are a whopping four axis pilots online atm the air war is irrelevant else axis would be losing every single campaign since all the LW squads left the game
  10. no one cares about the air war, all the pilots went to other games
  11. there are about 40 axis online and we're getting 22 seconds of spawn delay at 4:00 p.m. US EST at this point it's a tax for spawning infantry
  12. no it's a great idea players will surely come flocking to the team that is begging for welfare that is how multiplayer PvP communities work
  13. imagine demanding that one of the slowest and most difficult FPS games be made slower and more difficult because you keep losing, then when you can't retain your own players you demand the other team send theirs over to balance things
  14. spawn delay is a solution if the problem is too many players online, which is just absurd looking at the current server population a "map roll" implies that the gameplay is moving too fast, which is also absurd as the playerbase is declining due to a lack of any gameplay no one has defined a map roll nor have they even said what is an acceptable # of towns captured per day there should be less focus on how to handicap a team of 25 players for being "overpopulated" during a main time zone, and more on how population will ever be able to increase to state the obvious: you cannot charge money for the game in this state, someone logs on and has a queue to play an old laggy FPS game with eight other players they will uninstall and ask for a refund
  15. so clubbing baby seals now is having a whopping 6-8 more players than the allies, some of which might be 2nd accounts or F2P players unless you think that with 25 spawned in and 30 sec SD during 1 AO the axis population advantage was more than that