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  1. if staring at the map was a significant player draw then there never would have been a HC shortage lol
  2. killing a SMG does more for the war effort than killing a tank with the ridiculous emphasis on CQB and terrible level design once a town runs out of auto weapons it's game over meanwhile mindless tank spam can still be bypassed with some skill and coordination (as much as CRS tries to prevent that)
  3. look at the steam reviews page, there are multiple former builders writing page-long extremely negative reviews about the game and the company and mentioning everything that irks them it's not some mystery
  4. I haven't seen any of the complainers even state what an appropriate daily town capture rate is; they don't know what they want even if town captures are fewer than before they're all legitimate battles now, not a few quick lopsided camps then 30 towns auto-surrendering and town captures should be secondary anyway to player activity: all those big map movements caused player population to plummet as they had nothing to spawn when the map does go east or west maybe we'll have real battles over some of the more interesting towns, the ones that up until 1.36 have been just softcapped, surrendered or rolled over without a fight for a decade
  5. depot captures hardly mean anything, plenty of times depots are captured and quickly recaptured this game's ridiculous emphasis on CQB combat though means that once a side runs out of auto infantry it's GG so killing the valuable units > flipping an icon for two minutes and I'm not sure when the last was that you tried sapping a spawn building or a depot, but it's like 8 charges now not 1 of course you don't see killing the enemy as effective, you're probably one of the people in chat barking at all the new players to "rush the depot", as if they are going to kill the veteran with a SMG, 2000+ hours in the game and a throttled connection with their bolt rifle
  6. instead of using powerful teleporting spawn lists managed by unpaid game admins as a way to create imbalance and break the frontline, maybe the the devs could stop strangling the tactical game I mean if the complaint is that the map isn't moving fast enough then there are easy solutions if the complaint is that "we can't camp two towns and then put the entire enemy faction in panic mode for the next two days like we used to" well then that's another issue entirely
  7. catching the enemy with their pants down (as fun as it is) only gets you one town, not a softcap trip to the factories no more TZ3 map-ending cut offs, but it also means that you can't win the map with some flag movements and a few armor rushes if the map is going slow it's probably due to the tactical reasons, maybe because any time a side gets 10-15 more players than the other they get slammed with something like a 300% capture disadvantage supplies matters a lot more locally, but is practically irrelevant globally so like I said you blast one town and you only get one town, not a free trip to the factories on the upside playing smart and getting favorable exchange with the other team means something, there are not literally divisions of teleporting cavalry to come and even things out
  8. so axis took Tienen at 1:34 US EST then they took Seachault at 1:38 US EST poor thomboi is the only HC online, and he's navy everyone wants to keep rolling but now everything has come to a stop so at this point quality of gameplay is not the only reason for prox-based AOs, but maintaining functionality of the server so much of the game is bottom-up, we should be able to keep things rolling especially since the entire map has supplies now and the server promptly went from 2 AOs to 1 AO after we capped Seachault, so map movement is being throttled by the AO quantity no need to be concerned about it moving too fast with prox AOs
  9. what's great is when the EFMS is in view of one of the depots then the attackers bring in tanks, but they can't react fast enough so there are 3-4 tanks sitting near their FMS trying to "support the infantry", but they can't keep it from getting camped then they park a matilda next to the back of the FMS because there's literally no other way to protect the spawning units then a bunch of kills later someone cries in chat that depot snipers are worthless, and that what we really need to do to defend towns is to stare at gray walls apparently the way to win isn't to take out auto weapons with cheap bolts, or get great kill ratios and drain them of their supply, or keep the attackers from making it to town, but to try and CQB the SMG lagwizards with this game's gimped bolt action rifles
  10. wow it's almost like this is some kind of first-person shooter game
  11. what certainly isn't helping the issue of lag is room-to-room combat being mandatory in this game who do you think CRS is listening to? the only way to consistently kill these lagging players was with the old axis grenadier from the top floor that was nerfed by CRS and the old armybase bunkers had long hallways and small firing ports that allowed some defense against lagging players, then CRS went with some bland two-story house with absolutely no considerations for lag there is more close-quarters combat in the game now than there was a decade ago
  12. no it really is a matter as simple as timers just look at how drastically the gameplay was affected with the 3:00 FMS build timer and before that when DOC practically killed the game with the 7-minute FRU rebuild timer (I still remember shutting down entire attacks by ATRing FRUs from 700m lol) a 1:00 depot cap timer means that it's better to keep players from getting inside, and the fight moves outside the building a 5:00 depot capture timer means that all the fighting will be inside a 1:00 depot cap timer means that getting a friend in a truck and hotdropping depots is the most effective way to stop mole attacks in large towns, a 5:00 timer it's better to have the 2nd player actually walk to a 2nd depot a 1:00 depot cap timer means you assault in force, because if you hold off against a few defenders for a minute you have the depot, a 5:00 creates a hopeless situation so you don't assault you sneak around a 1:00 depot cap timer you have to have someone watching the depot, a 5:00 cap timer you can just have 2-3 players cover an entire town by cycling through people like to pretend that there is some other issue, but they're just making excuses for bad FPS design
  13. the best part about the capture timers is that the 20-second capture bonus that you get from an additional capper can be less than the additional penalty you get from being just one more person overpop so getting another person spawned in and assisting the team in the depot can actually result in a net increase lol yes it is nearly pointless to try and capture defended depots much better to find an empty depot and just go AFK for several minutes the rules encourage the exact opposite of forming up in teams and attacking a single point the game went from the defender being able to spawn twice, maybe three times before a depot was captured (1 minute radio) to 10+ times yet there hasn't been a single change in the terrain used to be a thin brittle frontline, now every town has supply yet the same awful rules are still in place, as if some towns falling in TZ3 will break the map
  14. who cares if they are draining supplies, you have active players on the server CRS could pull more supplies out of its [censored] if it really wanted to, not so much for active players there is supplies in every town now, it's a completely different paradigm as a town falling does not open up some hole allowing the opponent to softcap to the factories so far I've seen plenty of garrisons drained on attacks, yeah it sucks but it's not the end of the map
  15. the most important thing about the cap timers and balancing is that it quickly becomes vastly more efficient to solo-cap a depot rather than team up and assault in force