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  1. ATTACK: I can decide to support the HC and drive a truck to a new attack. After seven minutes driving and setting a halfway-decent FMS, about five minutes walking to and through an empty town, a little over 10 minutes waiting for the AO to drop and the radios to go hot, and few minutes watching the actual capture timer go down a defender casually strolls in and kills me. It's pretty predictable, basically rolling the dice to see how bored the other side is. 24 minutes of basically wasted time. DEFENSE: Or I can decide to sit on defense and snipe infantry coming in to town. 19 kills in 18 minutes. And I literally did not leave the spawn building, just spend the entire time either shooting from the windows or on top. I actually did a significant benefit to my side because I took out a bunch of auto weapons for the loss of a bolt-action. Why would anyone ever drive and set spawns in this game? This is why you have so many dead AOs and so much low pop, no one attacks = no content
  2. all the theorycrafting and justification bypasses the fact that: 1. pilots don't like flying around in a fishbowl 2. this game used to have the biggest online pilot population no flight simmer is going to pay a premium sub to fly around in a fishbowl where textbook WW2 tactics like BnZ can't even work properly, chiding them for having unrealistic expectations probably isn't helping things
  3. not at all good units in good positions beats out masses of bad units, especially bad units spawning from bad positions the average depot fight or army base camp should show you this the attackers are the content creators the reason why there is almost no one playing this game is because there is no quality content, or content at all (lowpop hours) the focus should not be on limitations and roadblocks for attackers if you want strategy and defense maybe you should consider the possibility of "defense in depth" and stop focusing on how to guarantee a hard defense of the first town, and more on the counter attack from the town behind the one that just got surprised this is supposed to be a large-scale coherent map, not a series of isolated matches right? now that town supply is in a town can get rolled and the attacker doesn't get a free trip to the factories
  4. pretty sure the devs openly demanding that players switch sides is what made it lame
  5. you are right that the game's strength is its scale (number of concurrent players and engagement distances), it is one of the only MMOFPS that has not been the focus though, not in a long time if ever even now absolute numerical balance takes priority over greater scale, i.e. the devs and community think a 30 vs. 30 game server is preferable to a 120 vs. 90 server new things get added to the game but aircraft visual distance is only a few kilometers, and armor combat becomes almost unplayable past 2km...and that's just the game engine, like you said the gameplay itself does not support fights outside of towns large scale maneuvers aren't happening with global spawn delay that counts every unit the same with current pop levels right now if you take even fifteen players out of the fight to go do overstock or something you are crippling your team spawn delay like this has overwhelming support from the devs and community so yeah it's not going anywhere large scale maneuvers also require large guilds that log in all at once, and don't switch sides every 30 minutes (to be good sports and play the "underpop" lol), another element that is not wanted here and absolutely no one is going to take time to plan a big operation, get their guild online, and then take a cross-country drive for 30 minutes if there's a possibility that they won't even be able to get an AO to capture town, so the AO system also needs work
  6. there are 4-5 greentags spawning at a FB to a town where we've just pulled the AO doesn't sound like much, but that is 10-20% of the axis population right there seeing as each and every one of these guys is counted the same towards spawn delay a veteran driving around in a tank or lagwizarding around a depot with a SMG, this is a problem if you are going to clobber one side with spawn delay simply for having players spawned in to the game then you need to give them some kind of control over where to send them they don't even speak english, and it's not like the english-speaking F2P players were amicable to orders anyway (if any of you want to remember the steam debacle a year and a half ago) it was actually admirable in that they all set out in a line walking towards town
  7. there are a whopping four axis pilots online atm the air war is irrelevant else axis would be losing every single campaign since all the LW squads left the game
  8. no one cares about the air war, all the pilots went to other games
  9. there are about 40 axis online and we're getting 22 seconds of spawn delay at 4:00 p.m. US EST at this point it's a tax for spawning infantry
  10. no it's a great idea players will surely come flocking to the team that is begging for welfare that is how multiplayer PvP communities work
  11. imagine demanding that one of the slowest and most difficult FPS games be made slower and more difficult because you keep losing, then when you can't retain your own players you demand the other team send theirs over to balance things
  12. spawn delay is a solution if the problem is too many players online, which is just absurd looking at the current server population a "map roll" implies that the gameplay is moving too fast, which is also absurd as the playerbase is declining due to a lack of any gameplay no one has defined a map roll nor have they even said what is an acceptable # of towns captured per day there should be less focus on how to handicap a team of 25 players for being "overpopulated" during a main time zone, and more on how population will ever be able to increase to state the obvious: you cannot charge money for the game in this state, someone logs on and has a queue to play an old laggy FPS game with eight other players they will uninstall and ask for a refund
  13. so clubbing baby seals now is having a whopping 6-8 more players than the allies, some of which might be 2nd accounts or F2P players unless you think that with 25 spawned in and 30 sec SD during 1 AO the axis population advantage was more than that
  14. euro time zone has really declined, at least years ago when you would get a big operation going on with SD, not a two tiny groups of players in two towns
  15. now we're up to 30 sec SD with 7 people attacking Geel and 6 defending Baarle-Hertogg CRS needs to check their math
  16. we have 24 players online total, 1 AO and get 25 sec SD while allies cap barle-hertogg
  17. if there are only two active FMS on a side and both 800+ meters out, and a HC silently places a FRU at minimum distance is it really a "minor" spawn lol? I hope you know that all this will do is help the sneaky infantry attacks by experienced players you are not going to get more knock-down, drag-out fights between attackers on a hill and defenders at the edge of town, just silent floods of SMGs capping the spawns to a dead AO
  18. like I said the allies need infantry players to do all the difficult and even menial tasks that the game requires new tank and plane toys just draw more players away from infantry which ultimately hurt their side maybe if FBs were point captureable by ground vehicles, but right now literally everything requires not just infantry but experienced infantry basic objectives like depots don't even appear on the HUD (this is jarring for modern FPS players)
  19. step one of increasing player population is stop stigmatizing having more population than the other team, the whole point of a single global server is to bring as many people online as possible it's not like a dozen newbs can't get pinned down by a single player in an armored car anyway and having experienced players come over is nice, but maybe you should stop making everything in game so difficult that a side needs a roster of experienced players to sustain basic game functions it's only going to get worse because the allies have an increasingly-limited number of players that will do all the artificially difficult chores in this game, and axis can just wear those players out then the allies will be on defense 100% of the time this isn't that different from fighting other corps in EVE online where the whole corp goes rudderless one a few key players get distracted/occupied/burnt out if HC were just sort of super-players with the ability to promote/demote missions on the active battles list, temporarily suspend spawning at facilities, have access to scouting units etc. they could swap sides without so much liability but they can't do anything tactical like that because they are designed as strategic whatevers with control over spawn lists
  20. the allied "meta" isn't viable and until that changes no amount of charity from the axis is going to change things since town supply came in you can't have a good 2 hours, camp a few towns, deplete the other side's brigades and then spend the next few days softcapping and even if that strategy was still able to work, axis got in the habit of doing so long ago (axis just turtles for 4 hours of the day and eventually wins) the only way to win now is to maintain a high level of enthusiasm over an extended period of time they need a core of infantry veterans, they need constant attacks, they need players talking and engaging with each other...but instead they are getting new tank models and bombable FBs lol people need to consider that what makes it easy for 3-4 allies to completely shut out 12+ axis during "lowpop" (like even keep them from having a single FMS to town) also makes it ridiculously easy for axis to stop any US prime time armor rush
  21. what AA gun were you shooting at? the flak 30 will get degunned by a from a .50cal or 20mm AP round have had it happen several times, both crew alive then *plink* from a guy spraying from far off and the gun doesn't work all the ATG damage models are jacked up, unless something was fixed several have reversed member hit boxes and other hit boxes basically disappear when deployed
  22. I'm pretty sure that the former builders complaining on the Steam frontpage (CRS actual storefront) are much more impactful than F2P gripes in some tiny traditional game forum, word-of-mouth via gaming communities is harder to quantify but I bet that's larger as well really the negative feedback is much-needed while the positive reinforcement for bad decisions has really harmed the game, just look at how many subbed players claimed that the rifle is the most powerful and versatile weapon for years...then when CRS believes that nonsense, and adjusts SMG amounts between factions like it's no big deal players are revolting over having to fight in depots with rifles just saw the same thing in this thread with paratroopers
  23. another situation just now where some kind of prox AO would be very beneficial to map activity: axis just captured Bohain after a big battle 30+ axis tags in Bohain allies have no EWS on either of their AOs, Le Catlet and Gravenpolder (partly because we have several axis players watching FBs and stopping efforts to get FBs) allies might have placed a FMS just north of Bohain before the town was captured, they still have EWS and some stragglers on Bohain if AOs were started by player presence allies would have a near-immediate counterattack on Bohain where players were just fighting instead of two dead AOs and instead of determining which of their AOs to pull, then waiting on timers to pull and place AHC would just focus on getting players to spawn from a FB or FMS and push on Bohain
  24. this is all absolutely terrible advice it is suicidal for a game that sells itself on scale to have most of it's infantry combat occur within 10m, doubly so when the game's weakest points are its infantry mechanics, hit detection and building interiors if CQB combat is so good like you claim (and not absolutely loathed) then I dare you to post some video of depot combat on any other online game forum no really, show the best CQB combat this game has to offer and I will be amazed if you don't get laughed at if a tank cuts the path then so what, it's a depot not the AB and the attacker obviously has been able to get armor to the edge of town...just what do you think "earns" a depot capture? someone puts together a team and they cut your path to the depot then they earned it, go sit in the bunker if you want easy SMG killstreaks maybe it would be great to literally make teamwork and tactics overpowered, rather than let lonewolf players defend against anything simply by exploiting lag and CQB auto spam
  25. much faster cap timers (x3 or x4 at least) not counted towards global population if within certain distance of origin (so organizing a bunch of new guys at the AF for 15 minutes doesn't cripple the team due to retarded overpop penalty) C47s and Ju52s get 10 minutes in the air free of AWS detection instead of the normal five there are a whole lot of things that could be done to incentivize para usage keep dialing them up until paras are "in regular use" "regular use" defined as used so much that they are constantly out of autos and specialized infantry para missions plastered on the Steam front page (real ones, not staged screen shots)