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  1. you can't expect to present this game to players when someone can sit 5m away and shoot a player before they're even finished loading and you've turn on "no fire" zones in depots and FBs, so the tech is there and you've recognized that this is bad gameplay
  2. no one is enduring anything, they are not playing or hardly playing at all 35 people per side at some point you guys need to consider the possibility that you have not made the best gameplay decisions
  3. from what I've seen the primary way a depot gets capped now is when it's unguarded, and then it's usually liberated just happened a few times in Stenay and Grandpre, axis capped spawns in both towns simultaneously but it's so easy to retake when the attacker needs so many seconds of occupation just to undo the defending SMG that runs in and lives for five seconds before dying since CRS refused to add in a population floor one side hits max capture penalty/buff even when there are like 30 people online this is supposed to be a beta campaign but I'm not seeing any real beta testing because no one can sustain a fight
  4. someone post a video of killing the matilda with the 4D or 3B would especially like to see the easy shot goreblimey mentioned, if for nothing else for everyone to see what the arc looks like on a 1000m shot with the short-barreled 75mm lol
  5. a noble idea, but side+squad loyalty and smack talk between squads was always more engaging than any roleplaying mechanic don't need any new dev resources to get that either just get the community back PPOs are great, but from what I've seen there is not a positive reception from the remaining playerbase to any sort of out of the box thinking, like even sgthenning's wall that required extreme amounts of time and cooperation for marginal ingame benefit had people complaining yes the players in EVE broke the planned gameplay right out of the gate with "jetcan mining", a completely unanticipated tactic that turned the predicted economy on its head...of critical importance in an economy game the developers just rolled with it because they saw that while it wasn't what they had planned, the players were forming groups and cooperating and building around the tactic, which was in the spirit of the MMO it's just about the direct opposite of what happened with this game, for example overstocking from rear towns was eliminated despite the fact that it involved convoys of units and players and provided all sorts of gameplay opportunities took a decade of begging to just now kind-of-sort-of bring it back in a more limited form, because for some reason there exist reservations about huge convoys of tanks and vehicles streaming along the roads through the game world
  6. The timers are bad by design The whole point was to make slow and bad FPS gameplay in order to make the silly board game easier for HC to manage When someone claims that the timers are good they are not ever referring to "good FPS gameplay" they mean that their roleplaying board game isn't upset by players actually playing a FPS (a good thing)
  7. the most important part I noticed is there will be a true basic subscription at the $9.99 price point, you call it the "infantry only" but it has haulers, light guns and airborne transports so basically everything that a mission leader needs to lead missions and setup+defend spawn points revamping urban terrain is much needed and looks good, but there is the ongoing problem of making sure that the terrain is actually utilized and not just bypassed entirely on the way to the capture points, if you are ever able to designate different buildings or floors of buildings to be capture areas that would allow all the new terrain to see a lot of use also I wouldn't underestimate the value of just putting sandbags or piles of rubble on tops of buildings
  8. spawn lists will never play right even if they look right on paper because historical spawnlists only enhance the experience from the perspective of a roleplaying board gamer that wants historical immersion not a bad thing in itself but people don't seem to want to acknowledge that this is a FPS game the proper thing to do with a MMOFPS would be to take the historical period units and build a game with a roughly balanced triad of tanks, ATGs, and infantry that has never been the focus though, tanks are still either overwhelmingly dominant and ruining every little skirmish, or they're sitting ducks unable to defend themselves let alone cover others there is no in-between or give-and-take, same thing with ATGs they are slaughtered meters from their spawn points when they should be the first and most efficient defense against tanks which leads players to do the smart thing and just counter tanks with infantry shermageddon + 500m superelevated schreck kills (because the game doesn't model gravity properly) does not magically balance out to make a fun and stable FPS, you just get wild swings in dominance and complaints from both extreme ends
  9. ATTACK: I can decide to support the HC and drive a truck to a new attack. After seven minutes driving and setting a halfway-decent FMS, about five minutes walking to and through an empty town, a little over 10 minutes waiting for the AO to drop and the radios to go hot, and few minutes watching the actual capture timer go down a defender casually strolls in and kills me. It's pretty predictable, basically rolling the dice to see how bored the other side is. 24 minutes of basically wasted time. DEFENSE: Or I can decide to sit on defense and snipe infantry coming in to town. 19 kills in 18 minutes. And I literally did not leave the spawn building, just spend the entire time either shooting from the windows or on top. I actually did a significant benefit to my side because I took out a bunch of auto weapons for the loss of a bolt-action. Why would anyone ever drive and set spawns in this game? This is why you have so many dead AOs and so much low pop, no one attacks = no content
  10. lol how is anyone supposed to plan strategy or optimize tactics if no one knows what is going on? no one knows what the spawn lists will be or are supposed to be no one is checking the guy that is setting the spawn lists, players just assume that missing units are intended to be missing no one knows exactly how cap timers and spawn delay are calculated no one knows what the current penalty is while they're capturing, they just see wild swings in cap times and apparently no one knows if it is even a local or global calculation, a little fact that is practically glossed over but absolutely changes everything
  11. due to a variety of factors the TZ3 rolls have been magnified I don't want to rustle too many jimmies here, but there is the way people in the forums and CRS think that the game should be played, then there is the real way to play the game, and this disconnect has resulted in almost the direct opposite effect of what the people have intended with their game changes: the population penalties buff the side with more experienced players, more organized players, and better supplied players...so a struggling team with no vets, no squads and a bad flag movement or two will find itself penalized, hence the "underpop" side getting slammed and alleging that something has been miscalculated when it's really not the penalty is determined by players spawned in to the game world, so the goal is to stay spawned in as little as possible the cap timer penalty/buff cannot help the underpop side if they can't get inside the depots teaming up and capturing a depot is the most retarded way to capture and is at low pop is actually penalized, don't ever team up if you do it had better be 2-3 cutters and one capper the best way to capture is to put one person in each depot and just go AFK frequently the number of depots that have to be defended exceeds the number of available defenders, so unless 80% of the TZ3 allied team is sitting inside literally staring at gray walls (and contributing to population count) then there will be open depots with the new armybase bunker one SMG can easily hold against several people trying to cap (or recap), this means that if the underpop side during TZ3 leaves a bunker open or the one HC guarding is looking at map then they are not retaking that bunker defense has been made easier, so fewer towns are captured during US prime setting a FMS is so hard that the underpop team cannot get off its back and change momentum FBs now have a massive amount of health, so the underpop team cannot even get to the point where they have attack options defense has been made easier, cutoff towns surrender automatically, AO limits are lower, and there are special AO prohibitions on soft captures, so there is an extreme payoff now for cutting off towns, I mean prime time is 2 AOs but with a cutoff you can capture 15+ towns at once cutoff mechanics don't care about population, so you can burst population and make a move, then turtle for eight hours while the other team is technically overpop, can't attack and just watches their towns surrender so yeah just about everything made to address the TZ3 problem has made it worse not that it matters too much though, because the same people complaining about lowpop rolls during TZ3 were complaining about the huge combined-arms attacks that euro prime axis players would put on, it was never about balance or quality of gameplay it was about losing and the complaints should have been held in that context rather than elevated to some pedestal
  12. the devs think that medium ATGs spawning at the FMS would devestate the tank game yes, the same FMS that spawns that schrecks and zooks meanwhile the spawnlist of a badly depleted infantry brigade today, one that lost almost all its auto weapons and good infantry looks like this: ATGs aplenty, well except for the pak 36 of course
  13. quite nearly every unit in the game is a counter to the 88mm, and the stug can't even cover a depot while infantry capture if this is the sort of thought process that BMBM and others subscribe to then it explains why such awful decisions are being made also the simulation part of "military simulation" comes from things like flight models, infantry weapon ballistics, stress models etc. not from copying and pasting world war 2 unit TOE spreadsheets you could delete the FPS game, use your historical spawnlists and literally go move flags and roll dice to decide town ownership, there is nothing simulator about using them allies lose because they don't have a core of infantry players when infantry are mandatory to move the map, they only go on offense during US prime and don't take the initiative outside of that time zone, so if axis turtles for 6 hours of the day it's GG they'll eventually win axis want tanks in infantry brigades because for 10+ years every dev has said responded to any complaint about enemy tanks with an admonishment to "use combined arms", and CRS just up and removed tanks from infantry brigades
  14. yeah it's absurd over a year for CRS to gradually lower a build timer for the FMS from 3:00 down to 1:30, then now to 30 seconds...just for a single timer any suggestion no matter how minor is met with dev posts about how it won't work or there needs to be more data, or wait and see hell I suggested giving the mortarman 50/50 smoke/HE and merlin51 posted like a dozen times telling me how wrong I was so this company that is extremely resistant to change all of a sudden has 1 or 2 guys making drastic changes to the spawnlists with no one checking on their decisions
  15. someone explain to me what is supposed to happen when towns are not allowed to fall during TZ3, but they're not allowed to fall during TZ2 either lol axis euro prime used to assemble together and give the game what everyone here claims to want, large organized combined battles, and they were relentlessly clobbered with game changes like spawn delay and even personally berated by DOC until they just stopped logging in now that there are 35 people per side and apparently a truck and several team mates isn't legitimate play, with online generals demanding greater numbers and organization the funny thing is that the changes demanded by allied players to make it so easy to defend during lowpop have made it easy to defend during "highpop", and all axis has to do is turtle for 4-6 hours per day and they'll eventually win by default and killing off euro prime was the biggest setback to allied US prime players because US prime no longer has a list of drained axis brigades to attack, they're usually all relatively fresh 40 minute AB timers would've slowed the lowpop map cutoffs far better than any of the negative changes that drove players from this game, would've also killed mole attacks and could have been implemented instantly (in before someone with no technical ability claims that adjusting a timer is a really, really complex coding process) some say it's a bad idea though, unlike the past good ideas of achieving balance by boring everyone to death and driving thousands of paying subscribers away lol
  16. no one flies axis regularly anymore because it's so lopsided, and the axis pilot community used to be the most reliable players I would rather fight Migs with props in War Thunder than fight Spit IIb and Spit Vbs with the "superior" F4 in this game you can't get any real sim community to take the air war here seriously as well, I've mentioned this game elsewhere and everyone knows about it the response is just extremely negative there are usually 0-5 axis pilots in total online now, I don't see why anyone can even try to argue that things are fine it has nothing to do with tactics it's the broken damage model and broken flight model
  17. the map is stable this is exactly what everyone has said that they want, no TZ3 rolls, no clubbing baby seals, lots of balance back in the days when allies were demanding 5 minutes of spawn delay to due to the large KGW/ASA ops I even predicted that this would happen, the game would have balance but it would just be 30 people fighting 30 other random people haphazardly yes pop is so low now that the way to take a town isn't to assemble and push, but to wait until the other guy attacks then stealth cap a spawn at your AO and flood the town with infantry
  18. if there is anyone that still doesn't realize how bad of an idea it is to use real-world dollar value to balance a representations of a unit in a video game then just look up the pak 36 stats this campaign lol there are only 4-5 of them in each brigade and they have more tanks killed than the Flak 36 for some reason we have no cheap and mobile light ATGs, but plenty of expensive and awful 88mm guns with prewar ammo that can't even frontal shermans from 1100m or so if you are going to beta test some economic element in a FPS game at least be smart about it
  19. I don't think that there is any other option than to invest in infantry air is a waste of time (realistically only kills soft targets that inf or paks can kill) the top-tier axis tank is flanked out to render range and vulnerable frontally to a host of spammy threats at long range even if tanks do set up with comms on a good position, and have pretty good (for current pop levels) support like a few FMS and some scattered guns, and take out the several shermans that flank out of town there are zooks to deal with I was calling targets in Haybes AB a few days ago and had to nail a zook 2km outside town and if a F2P bolt wasn't there then he would've killed a few tigers prime time pop is so low that axis couldn't even spare 10 inf to stay with the tanks, all had to go to defense to lib Montfaucon the sort of combined arms combat that some players say they want is exactly what the game deters in every way imaginable I do take solace though in the fact that the same players that lobbied for and celebrated just about everything bad that has led to the current state of the game are now are now starved for content they aren't getting any glorious combined arms panzer assaults anymore they're getting dead AOs, maybe a ghost capture of a spawn and the town flooded with inf lol
  20. 40 minute bunker timers it's not that hard it would also kill mole attacks (makes it harder to kick air brigs too, but oh well) then you could lower the cap timers and the AO timers and the FMS build timers, and still the absolute fastest town capture would be much longer than it is now and people could actually skirmish and have some fights even if they didn't have the pop to overwhelm a town why everything else from additional complicated AO rules to demanding side switchers to outright suppressing non US prime population has been tried, but not simply raising a timer is beyond me
  21. it's also probably not a good idea to have the primary chat channel have a big scary warning message telling anyone that posts there to only use it for serious business that is sure to work against facilitating communication with new players, I'm still not sure why the help channel still has a warning message
  22. bolt rifles are ineffective under normal circumstances and laughable in the later tiers once semis come in, so you could put 500 in each brigade and not make a difference; most of the time the towns fall when the defenders are down to bolt rifles outside of disciplined niche use by players with 1000+ hours in the game they are fodder to other units, and suicidal when trying to accomplish core game functions like capture depots though I'm sure someone will be along shortly to pretend that they are the best unit in the game doesn't bode well though that new player engagement as well as FPS balance has taken a backseat to orbat realism, must be some really interesting marketing data to motivate such a decision
  23. "too many shermans" is a problem for armor balance but it also has screwed up the tank/ATG ratio badly almost zeroing-out the light ATGs might be historical for later tiers, but it's disastrous for gameplay as no one can spawn heavier ATGs at the FMS everyone hates the RPATs, but there are now more RPATs than light ATGs in an infantry brigade so what are people expecting to happen when a FMS comes under attack? RPATs will kill more tanks than ATGs then again I'm not sure if there's any coherent design document saying that "the primary counter to tanks should be anti-tank guns", no one ever seems to know what the heck is going on I just see random invocations of historical accuracy the fact that the US faction remains incomplete and sort of just hacked on helps it because unlike the axis brigs it doesn't have a wide variety of early-war trash tanks that remain in the lists and are no doubt overvalued according to whatever secret cost formula is being used atm I think that the allies will still continue to lose though because lots of tanks does not stop them from turtling 18 hours a day, which is the problem CRS should be trying to address instead of pulling out all the stops to give the allies their wishlist in the hopes that they log in more
  24. I don't see why "a truck and a few team mates" isn't the core unit of the game, it seems to be the perfect starting point for a team-based MMO especially since I'm not talking about capturing a town but just sustaining some action, the equivalent of a small FPS match 15 vs. 15 or so instead it's completely blown off as insufficient by apparent roleplayers that want brigade level orbats assembling and moving on towns (ironically which we were closer to back in the bad old days of megasquads or KGW/ASA ops than we are now) a player-placed infantry spawn point is helpful on defense, but it is absolutely essential for attack (can't even remember the last time a town was hardcapped without a FMS, maybe a naval town) so the FMS being hard to set most definitely does not affect attack and defense evenly sound is 100% jacked up in this game, I can hear footsteps almost 100m away while sitting inside the 4th floor of a building, it is not fine nor realistic as there is no wave propagation modeled at all, the audio levels were set arbitrarily by some known/unknown CRS person sometime in the past not the result of scientific study so it couldn't hurt to tone them down for gameplay reasons sound is also vastly more important here than in real life because of the low average visual distance and is the primary way trucks are located, so improper sound levels hurt attackers far more than defenders
  25. customer-relationship management is a multi-billion dollar industry the issue brought up in the OP is due to a breakdown of CRM: longtime customers that are financially and emotionally invested suddenly dropping the product, and then going on social media to tell everyone why this is aggravated by CRS pushing negative testimonials away to the most public social media (Steam is a social network) rather than keeping them as close as possible to the company, preferably via an internal channel shutting down another minor internal channel will only further aggravate the problem, and it won't solve the core issue of "angry builders" ideally you would create a space where upset customers prefer to go, and then you would have someone do nothing else but wait for upset customers and then acknowledge how they feel I don't care about credibility and I don't care about punctuation either, I am typing this in between mining virtual asteroids