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  1. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! You can judge by the number of posts in the last 11 years that I am a complainer! It's been a month since I can play without BS! I don't give a flying - - - - if wwii has the prettiest water or blades of grass!! Can't i just play? Every time there is any patch i have to uninstall and reinstall. I wonder why you are losing players! Bout gone myself!
  2. 38 attempts today, at least that many yesterday before logged in then too tired/late to play. Bought OS X lion, no joy. About ready to call it quits and buy X- box
  3. BTW, I was informed that you must first load OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard prior to getting OS X 10.7 Lion or I would've done that.
  4. Well I am. I downloaded the new version and it doesn't work. I reinstalled it 4x (about 1.3 hours each time to download). I'm use to having to delete and install the entire game any time there is a new version out. This is my new norm and I dread any new changes since I changed to a Mac three years ago. So after reading this support page I discovered that I am using OS X 10.5 Leopard. So now try and buy OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard! The Apple stores, Mac Super Stores, And Best Buys are ALL out! I ordered it on-line at the Apple store for $29.99, and to save up to a possible 7-10 day wait, I spent $10.00 for the 2-3 day shipping. Like a previous person said, " This is information that may have been nice to know before now !"