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  1. Best bet get the SATA. 3 good things are the cable on the sata is small and round allowing better air flow for cooling. 2nd is it has faster transfer rates. 3rd easy hookup just plug it in theres no master or slave switch settings to mess with. Personally I go with HP drives but theses days they are all pretty good.
  2. I'd like to multiCrew with Kingcheeze on the NEVADA
  3. cool thanks for the info guys. Ill just stick with the 6800 I have now. I'll spend the cash on a new processor. Right now I have a 2.4 think Ill put in the 3.0.
  4. alright guys! I currently have a Nvidia 6800 w/256 ram. Thinking of getting the Nvidia 7900 w/512. Question is the added memory really going to help or what? also any one had both? is the 6800 to 7900 that much better?