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  1. BUMP! I remeber when i first joined you guys! .. ima be back soon!
  2. P4 2.8GHZ (Single core) ATI Radeon 9600 XT 1024mb ram
  3. Shut the SSE2 one off .. you dont need it!
  4. or turn off SSE2 executable
  5. If i remeber rightly, go to run and put : dxdiag And somewhere within your sound setting there is a bar where you can increase or decrease sound speed ... something liek that .. i'll find it!
  6. Guys stop making more threads ... they know and there fixing it!
  7. So i was thinking about it in game, about just making a site, or even if BE will allow it, a page where i can post battles, i mean i had great ideas for it, especially when a battle goes on... E.g. Quote: Battle for Schilde - Game of ping pong but who will win.. It was a dusky morning on the 7th December, Schilde is pre occupied with the Axis, and the Allied want it. Strategic planning has gone in place with the Allied to take Schilde, Spawn points are set, tanks are ready, Infantry raging, all to get Schilde back in Allied hands. Office in Command of the attack, Major rmwln has requested a coordinated attack to be placed on Schilde, Tanks are 5KMs out, and spawn points are ready. Guns drawn, ready for action, the order has been given to get Schilde back, the battle rages for 45 minutes ... And yeah thats one i popped up just now! Please tell me what you think of the idea, and if you feel it would go down well?
  8. Dno whats wrong, but when i play the game, my computer restards 5 minutes or so afterwards? Any ideas why or anyway to do a check?
  9. How many updates are there lol, i keep clicking and more updates