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  1. Just saw on the news that the cops just tried to pull over that mattie. They tried stop/spike strips, the pit maneuver , shooting the threads...nothing worked so they logged off
  2. Low or no pop rolls have been ruining the game for years. Just keeps getting worse. It will not "fix" itself but something needs to be done. Realistically CRS will never close the sever during low/no pop nor will they have any kind of forced side balance. I was thinking that maybe they could have a minimum amount of players have to be logged into the low pop side before the overpop side could place an AO, It doesn't have to be a lot but enough to make the game playable, I logged in a few days back around 2am cdt when one side went on about a 10 town cap spree in low pop. I logged into overpop side 1st...was 20 people with 5 frus up attacking 1 town. I then logged out and went to underpop side. They had 3 total people online (no hc also). 1 was trying to defend and the other 2 (both green "R" tag rookies) that were on their own mission in a non frontline town running around shooting at each other. So basically it was 20 vs 1. This cant be fun for anyone and ruins almost every campaign. If the underpop side had to have say 7 guys online before overpop could place ao then at least it would slow rolls as someone would be online to defend. I know people will object but for the survival of the game SOMETHING must be done. 20 vs 7 overpop still wins but at least will be some fighting, 20 vs 1 = everyone eventually loses.
  3. I heard that to be safe CRS packed it up inside a char.
  4. $%&$#@ CRS porked me again. I have a very, very slow download speed. Start downloading the "patch" and see it gonna take 45 min. Pisses me off but what you gonna do. Leave it downloading and start surfing the web, Get bored and come to forums where I read this post. Check download and at 90% so figured ill let it finish as long as its close. Sure enough, doesn't work and says I have to uninstall earlier version 1st. SAY THIS [censored] 1st!!!! Should be in 1st line of any article or read me. How many times are you gonna this to people.
  5. Had the same problem .. clicked on scking's link . It now works.
  6. FYI there is a problem with units being locked out. Been maxed out in rank for 15 years , after patch I am locked out of many things like laffys, lmg, grease gun, m57 atg, morterman etc.
  7. now this is good info
  8. Thanks for the fast response B2K. Ill check later to see if problem resolved.
  9. Ever since the patch I have been sidelocked to the allied side. When I get to the persona selection screen only the allied side is available. For the axis it just says "on leave for now". I have been a premium subscriber since day 1. I didn't pay much attention to it as I have been playing allied 99% of this map. Usually there is a log in timer if one side is overpop but I don't get that anymore. Last night when logging in I decided to stay on that screen to see if after a few min I would have the option to play axis. After 30 mins still nothing. !st attempt to log in this morning and same thing, after an hour it still shows "on leave for now" for going axis.
  10. People might be getting annoyed by me complaining in game but this didn't happen because no one was on. We(axis) had 1 div in montmedy/carrigan with the next chance of a new brig 4 to 5 town moves away.. Allies had 2 divs vs our 1 and both towns had ao's on them all day long. I warned hc about brigs getting low on supply about every 15 mins for hours. When carigan was down to 124 rifles only and no pz, I asked them to start shifting brigs that way and even advised which brigs to move. HC told me that he wouldn't do it because it would take 2 hrs to reach the area. I explained that when cardigan/mont falls you have to move brigs there anyway to cover hole so start now. He did nothing. warned again 1 hr later when down to 83 rifles...nothing. warned again 1 hr later when down to 40 rifles (new brigs would have been there if he started moving when warned). What did hc do, place aos on far south edge attempting to move further west instead of dropping the montafucon brigs back for impending allied break through.. I asked , what are you going to do, wait for mont and carigan to fall before you do anything, by then it will be too late. 45 min later car had zero supply and fell. Then, as expected, hc started to move brigs back but way too late now. Then the bias crap started.. "why do the allies always have equipment and we don't", "its because allies have more people and our stuff is nerfed" etc.. Axis held those towns all day long vs double the allied equipment #s. There was no crs allied bias. Axis players fought great but HC non action is what caused the downfall.
  11. I have been trying to log on for 2 days and keep getting maintenance screen. See no word on the forums about what the status is. CRS says 1.35 is live. Is the game supposed to auto patch update on its own like it always has, who knows. Find a link to update manually. Takes 5 seconds and says complete. Try logging in again and now says campaign is open so log in and get the auto patch found but wont start the update saying no response. Why cant you let people know whats going on. Subscribers should not have to hunt around for days trying to figure out what to do. Post something CLEAR. Game is up and running, if you cant log on follow these steps etc....Game is having problems with 1.35, please wait until we announce a fix etc.
  12. This is a list of the top 10 most hated/shameful deaths. These make my blood boil and start cursing at myself/others or hang my head in shame thinking to myself.."i'm an a-hole" #1 Getting run over as inf by an atg/aaa gun... I hang my head in shame #2 Getting knifed....The killers name is etched in my brain(lol at least for 30 min) as I look to avenge #3 Falling down church stairs....crawling around up top looking for a shot then ahhhhhhhhhh. Think to myself, "your a stupid a$$" #4 blowing myself up with gren/zook trying to shoot out a window..How many times must I do this before I learn. #5 Spawn into a cp at the exact instant it explodes....Fk u crs lol #6 Getting run over by an opel/beddy... I hate this so bad but love to do it to then enemy whenever I can. Just wish it would show on stats. #7 Forget to reload.. run across an ei then click click clik nothing, bam, im dead. small children and dogs would be kicked if any were near. #8 Chat box open.. most annoying thing ever. ei runs into cp, shoot him damit, why aint my gun working, start franticly pounding on keypad trying to close chat box....fire, cmon get him...ahhh still open....bam dead and my chat box says it all...wwwwddwwssaawwwvvwww #9 killing myself with a grenade. I throw it at bunker window or AI tower, see it bounce off, yet I still think im the flash and stay to toss a second grenade before I start running away. #10 Getting run over by a tank.. look at me, im so darn sneaky hiding here in this bush. wiggeling one way or another to avoid being seen by the approaching tank..hes getting real close I can hear him. hes gonna be so surprised when he gets sapped. darn sounds like hes almost on top of meeeee.