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  1. Just tried to log into the game and it said I am banned ? Don't even know why I was banned. Would someone please let me know why? Thanks
  2. The font that is currently in use is VERY difficult to read..Can we go back to what we had before and make it maybe 1-2 sizes bigger..I cant read this for very long before I feel like Im going blind. Needs to be changed!
  3. Was not Ctd ing before the stated in original post..actually my comp has been really stable with good fps during battles..had little reason to complain...cept cant fly..then fps just plain dies over heavy attk'd city
  4. Within the past 30 minutes I have CTD'd 3 times . I never crash and over this last campaign havent crashed once,,now I start crashing???. Any work arounds or suggestions..does anyone else have that problem too? Is CRS aware of this and the FB bug..min satchel chgs to kill FB, etc...
  5. Ive never had a problem with CDT's in over a year and now I had 3 in a row last night and 2 tonight. Just says lost connection to host ..Now it doesnt even let me in to the game..just posts..lost connection to host..What a fine way to leave this game after 5 years....Has to be the last fix because , as I said, I never Cdt and havent in over a year..whats up?
  6. Cappn, Read about your return and problems with your old system..When I read that you have to wait to spend $2000 on a new computer I thought I would give you this advice..Go online and goto can configure your own computer and for less than $1000 you can have a pretty nice computer..I purchased my Amd Athlon 3000 w/ 1mg Ram and Nvidia 5900 XT card for about $850..I didnt need a monitor and added a CD/DVD writer , Floppy drive and 6 in 1 media card reader..also had 80 GB Serial ATA drive and 420 watt power supply. This was 11/11/04 still getting 25-35 FPS from system. Also 2 extra fans ..Delivered in 5 working days..Getting ready to purchase another from them in about 6 months..Hope this will work when you are ready they were very good to me...Sbd2 PS: I have onboard sound and run it at 32 but run 800/600 on monitor. Prob why my FPS is still good..
  7. Sgt Spoon I have made my apologies and stand by my statement " Forget the new equipment get the game to run right first" in addition I never knew until now that this was monitored by non-employee people..I can suggest that , since you know we are frustrated , you copy the full message text and send it off to whomever needs to know at the Rats Office. Speaking for myself and , I imagine, alot of other people I would like to thank all off you for your help in finding the fixes needed to keep each individual ontop of the game. I would be more than glad to help moderate this forum..if ya need some help. As always, I remain....Sbd2
  8. Gilmour: I had that problem and just fixed it thanks to the moderators: Operating System is: Win2K Professional I downloaded from WWii download page using full install for both Battleground Europe and Playnet Downloaded version 1.19.6 Evidentally the download loads it into Program Files ( as it has always done ) but when it does and you try to get into WWiionline it shunts you to the offline Practice window. The install when I first downloaded it went without a hitch..normal as it always is. To get it to work you have to put both programs into a file that has no spaces..including the words Battleground has to run together with no spaces. I used C:\Mygames\CRS\Battlegroundeurope.....for both C:\Mygames\Playnet etc etc..Hope this helps...
  9. Just to let you know I tried to reload the game again and this time I must have done something right...I renamed the file C:\Mygames\CRS\BattlegroundEurope when the browser ifo came up..I also changed the one that started C:\Program Files\Playnet\ etc C:\Mygames\Playnet\ etc...Cant think of the last part...but it did work..Evidentally it doesn't like the C:\Program Files part.....but it always loaded that way before...If this helps you thats good And thanks for I really wasnt yelling just getting frustrated!!
  10. One - Im not yelling at anyone..I am stating a fact! 2 - I use Win2K professional 3 - When I get to the part about selecting a browser it looks nothing like what is shown on the screen u show.. C:\Program Files\CRS\Battleground Europe... thats what mine looks like...I am also wondering if the playgate install has to be treated like the one spaces?... The program has always loaded this way into my C Drive and into Program Files..why is it now finding it different? And I want you to know that Ive been thru 4 different computers just to keep up with this game..Been here a long time and have endured many things along the way...I DO think that this program can be made to run if the download is programed correctly..It's not up to me to adjust line by line items and I'm doing ya a favor so that the newbies coming in wont get off to a bad start.. I care about the game but hey....lets get it right before we start adding all that new equipment..we got enough I feel better..maybe Ill try again tomorrow...maybe
  11. It's a Pain AND YOU KNOW?? Tell you what...when the new people come in to play this game or even the members they will remember those words..Enough! Quite adding new equipment and fix what needs to be fixed to play this stupid *** game..I've reloaded the whole damn thing for the 4th time now and used up alot of my free time just to play the game..TO NO AVAIL!!!!.I'm still being shunted to the Offline Practice..I can't even imagine the guys that will have to do this download on a 52K modem..It must take 4-5 hours just to download it. I'm lucky because I have cable but it still takes 10 minutes and I still have to uninstall everything..then screw around with a line that I am unfamiliar with when it should be ALL DONE AUTOMATICALLY by the people that wrote the code in the first place. Give me a break will ya..Spell it out for all of us non computer ese people..and please....please..don't just blow it off with a line like " We know its a pain" Bull crap!!!!
  12. Huh? I re-installed the game ( again - 3rd time now ) and took care of the space between Battleground and Europe - it now reads BattlegroundEurope with no space in it - I still am shunted to the off-line practice field. Now that I read your advice I can see that is not correct..I'm not dumb but a little more information is needed here..or do I just eliminate the space between program and files too??? Not sure whats meant for me to do when it comes time to rename the file..If I leave out Program Files/ / / etc wont it reinstall in the wrong place? Or should just the Program Files space be corrected? And wouldn't it be easier if the Rats fixed this one line item themselves instead of my having to go thru all this erasing and installing?? Getting a little Po'd here.
  13. I decided to remove both Playgate and WWiionline from my HD and reload both of the software from scratch. All went when I try to get into the game I am automatically taken to the Offline Practice area..So I tried again and again and again.. ( IE is my browser ) and I have DX 9.0c..and tried Kfs1 net ck thing and it was ok..Anyone got any ideas..I re installed the whole thing one more time and the same thing happens...Before reloading this I had no problems what so ever getting into the game..other than the occasional stutter that everyone seems to have. Been in this game 4 years and have never had a problem getting into the game..