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  1. Coming in on your bomber group was certainly very impressive. Thought we'd just found 110s so dropped in on them, then noticed the 111s below, then all of a sudden a crap load of 109s came from nowhere and dove in with us Awesome stuff.
  2. My engine block took damage from a 109 before I engaged you bombers, so my engine was ticking then gave out as I was closing. Think you got last hit before it finally seized. Managed to glide back to base, so I'm still in the fight to give Jerry what for 3 hits on 111s killed a 110
  3. When I get the money I'll be buying one, because I'm sick of hearing my Ethernet connection through my headphones
  4. My 5850 is running at 50+ FPS with 2x AA (temporal AA and adaptive AA cranked up so it's more like 8xAA) and 4xAF. Running at 8x AA will give me massive FPS drop looking at the tall grass, that seems a game optimisation thing to be honest. But I can't tell the difference between 8x and what I have now, so seems I've hit a nice balance. Really does sound like you had a duff card there. I bought this thing sceptically, but after my 9800 burned out and an 8800 in another build has given me nothing but problems I'm pretty happy with the switch.
  5. Has anyone been able to get ATI Tray tools to work properly with the game? For some reason I can't get it to load up profiles with WW2.exe, but I can get it to load them with playgate.exe. Problem is the only way I can get the settings to stick when the game loads up is to tell it not to unload the settings after the program has finished, which kinda defeats the purpose in having Tray tools at all. (playgate.exe stops running as soon as the game starts). Is there a way to get the settings to load with WW2.exe or am I going to have to stick with the playgate.exe work around?
  6. I was doing some testing on this during beta with my 9800. Unfortunately it wtfexploded so I never finished and now I have an ATi. But I had pretty much decided that I could run at 30FPS+ with AA at 4x and that above that didn't make much of a visual difference anyway. Pretty sure I had determined that I could afford to leave all my other settings the same as in 1.30 apart from Anisotropic, which I never got to finish testing.
  7. Indeed, a decent pair of surround USBheadphones will let you hear a sparrow fart too lol. Still doesn't solve my issue
  8. The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), once known as the Royal Regiment of Foot, was the oldest, and therefore most senior, infantry regiment of the line in the British Army, having been raised in 1633 during the reign of Charles I of Scotland. The regiment existed until 2006, when it amalgamated with the King's Own Scottish Borderers to become the 1st Battalion of the newly-formed Royal Regiment of Scotland. The Scots are based around a group of players who have played PC games together since 2004, once you join the family you may take breaks out, but you never leave. As a part of the 2nd Armoured Brigade we play allied only and are mainly an infantry unit, however we will use whatever is necessary to achieve the goal of both AHC and the 2AB. If you are interested in joining a friendly and helpful squad please check us out at www.royalscotsww2online.net, or PM myself, the XO armygreg, or any player sporting our tags. Alternatively hop onto our teamspeak password peterson. Cerpin CO The Royal Scots
  9. That's pretty cheap for an X-Fi extreme. Guess that's where I'm going next Sadly when I built this I made my old sound blaster redundant, stupid PCI-E
  10. I've exhausted all of my ideas on this and wondered if anyone here may have anything useful to add. I'm sure a few folk out there have better technical understanding of components than I do. Decided I'm sick of living with the problem and though after the format I did yesterday now is the best time to try and fix it. OK, I've used a couple of sets of USB headphones on this rig. Different brands, the first was a cruddy Trust set I think, then a Point of View set that I broke and now some Medusas (which I have also broken ). The problem does not however lie in their crappy manufacture quality. All 3 sets (2 sets of the PoV ones actually as I sent a pair back to see if it was an error in the headset) have had a strange issue with games and teamspeak. Normally TS works fine, everyone can hear me, I can hear them. Games work fine, no issues with the audio, and the 5.1 sets have made directional audio brilliant. The issue however arises when I start a game. When I boot the game my Mic (if it isn't muted on the headset) opens and starts emitting ear splitting feedback, or crackles like crazy. If I mute the mic then start the game, when I then unmute it and speak I am totally incomprehensible through fuzz. Sometime, the sound will go crackly of it's own accord now and again too (and remain that way until I do the following fix). I can fix the problem by starting games muted (so I don't blast anyone) waiting 'till the initial loading is done (loading screens and things once I'm inside aren't an issue), then I open the C-media control panel, click the stereo button, then click back on the 6 speaker button, and all is well. Clear mic, clear in game audio. Now the first thing people tend to say is "static on teh USB port", but I have 8 ports on this rig, linked to 3 root hubs, then a 4 port, powered, external adapter. All of them do it. All of them do it from the moment the machine is started. Is it drivers? I don't think so, I've just formatted and have them all as up to date as possible. No improvement, it's done it with 3 different C-media devices too, so I don't think I could have dodgey drivers for all 3 sets. So I guess the final thing is a hardware issue. This machine has an ASUS MSN-SLI Delux MoBo and an AMD Athlon 6400 x2. I think I'm going to splash out and replace these headphones with analogue 5.1 Medusas rather than another USB set and buy another soundcard to go with the onboard one (so I don't have to keep unplugging my surround system). But I'd quite like to get to the bottom of the issue anyway, so, any ideas? The tech guys at PoV didn't have a clue lol
  11. We found a live German bomb in my back garden once. 500kg I think. Bomb disposal team. Evacuation. Good times.
  12. I think the main start time issue came from the fact that the event was scheduled to start a 6(GMT) which means people will turn up at 6 (and up to 10 past because some people are late for everything), thinking that is when they are needed. I think it may be better in the future to say something along the lines of "Turn up a 5.30 for a 6 start" then time is made to set up, wait for the stragglers and hopefully get going on time.
  13. Kobra and I were in the USS Pennsylvania in the southern quays, we survived the first wave with a near miss that took out one of the rear 20s, but then we got bombed into oblivion on the second wave lol We took 3 with us.
  14. When you multi crew an FMB who gets the crappy gun?