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  1. While I confess to not being online much one thing I think would be useful would be the ability for mission leaders to be able to limit the troop types or numbers used for a specific mission. allow an experienced mission leader prevent valuable units from being burnt on a camped defense or a mission just to do a fb bust that only needs a handful of units and some support. this does have potential to be abused but if default missions have no restrictions would allow some limited control. A more radical and potentially dangerous option would be to allow missions to be locked to squads or specific people. while i think this would be nice i could see too many people being cut out and not in the best interest of the game. People like myself that are in a fairly quiet squad would often not be able to join the more active squads missions unless you could add multiple squads. The aim of this is to get reliable teams for complex missions that require coordination or compliance. Back to mission tags if you can add a comment that is visible that states for people to group up and wait for minimum numbers or other more complex instructions. defend the building, defend the direction. approach from the tree line. watch for the x. if these are too cluttered on the screen a highlight or asterisk that show there is more the the comment map note. I do like the idea to make deaths more meaning full however the downside of this would be people that play grunts like myself that get mowed down by tank machine guns on a regular basis would be down graded and people that park in said tanks could float to the top in the ranks. Do we really want armoured to be in charge. I have cited tanks as an example however you could apply this to other classes. you could balance it with equipment types after looking at the statistics.