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  1. Lil bump for teh 1775 boys..S!
  2. You wanna join teh POWERHOUSE? You know,I wanna do a little 7th AST Bump here! 7th AST are a GREAT bunch and we work well with em! WOOT for 7th AST!
  3. 27 PAGES! Make it MOARRRR!!!! Ever wondered what Jsilec does in Bunkers alone? Find out!
  4. 23rd! Say it again and you shall be free!!!! 23rd! www.23rdarmor.com
  5. I got win 7 6GB ram 9600 gfx quad core I DL the game and my mouse wont work. Any advice?
  6. Dont let the Armor fool joo!! Air PWNG FTW! Axis ABs are no longer safe!
  7. Bump for the squad that took in a green n00b Ce.. S! 22nd
  8. 54 Tanks comin to a town near you! WACK! www.23rdarmor.org
  9. Have we high jacked ur threads? No,go away troll. www.23rdarmor.org Le wooty babeh! And Temp,yes we do..
  10. Like Bouillon Colum? www.23rdarmor.org
  11. HAHA O snap Mrb! Nice poster! Bumpino!!!