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  1. payment goes to playnet
  2. I used pay paypal and don't use internet explorer, use chrome or mozzila for browser good luk
  3. wtg ! you knbow how I feel about that repair
  4. im inactive this morming and cant make payment
  5. says patch files may arer curupt cant get in
  6. congrats boys nj! and thnanks
  7. I practiced for 17 yrs to be able to hit stuff accurately, died millions of times learning, how the word suicide bombers came about is bs, I died many times cuz I came in to fast or couldn't switch to pos 2 fast enough, and lag spikes are an issue when coming in on a big fight, but never was "suicide' on my mind, u cant kill anything by crashing anyway, neutering the havoc and db7 only has taken the air game backwards,german fighter pilots im sure wish there was big slow bombers to shoot dwn, I seldom look at forums, game is off line and I saw this post,its been acouple months at least since bomber changes,air game is definatly slowed dwn since, and the pic of the bomber stats having many allies in top 10 is because 4 wing is an air squad, any german air sqads around that can rival them? any way
  8. at least have intermission up and reddy, maybe