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  1. I need to review those videos again myself...
  2. What everyone said here. I myself don't bother with the tailwheel lock - as I have a control on my throttle controller that I use to control the rudder as I roll out. That being said - it took me a while to learn the nuances of it (it takes a light touch at high speeds, and more heavy hand at low speeds - just like in RL, if you've ever flown a plane before). YMMV. Good luck and happy flying! S!
  3. I've heard the term used in two totally different do you mean?
  4. I was a TC (Track/Tank Commander) in a previous life... I took what I did IRL - and applied that to my WWIIonline maneuver as well: a. Use your TC unbuttoned view when maneuvering at long range from your target - and scanning for targets well outside combat range. Also good when approaching a major terrain feature - you can have your commander 'peek' over the ridge line/hill to see what's on the other side - without exposing your tank to fire (e.g. turret down - see my bottom signature picture below to see an example of this). Wish game would allow commander to dismount and have a closer look himself...meh. b. Button up when taking fire or within danger close range of enemy (1km from target). c. Only unbutton commander when in active combat to get a brief view of the surrounding area that you can't get from the gunsight alone. I use the 'n' key - to unlock mouse look - and I pan around the area quickly - then button up again immediately. d. I have never had a reason to unbutton my driver in game. You can use the periscope to view the road ahead enough to drive effectively. Use your gunner and commander to provide all-around situational view. Leave the driver buttoned up - or you will forget - and be immobilized by a pistol. Whenever I forget these things - I tend to die, quickly. Also - most importantly - your ability to survive will go up if you link up with other armored vehicles - and they can get your back - or you theirs - to avoid the pitfalls. S! And good hunting!
  5. Hopefully the use of live rounds will be curtailed during the reenactment?
  6. Squads in Battleground Europe are equivalent to 'clans', 'guilds' etc in other games. There are features in the game that makes being in a squad advantageous - such as being able to find action quicker by joining up with your squad mates (if you are in a squad - go to the squad tab - select a person from the list on the left, then click the 'join' button in their summary information on the right), and being able to recognize your 'squadies' - even if you've never met before via their squad tag. Another advantage is having someone to help you learn the ins and outs of the game faster; having done it alone in the beginning myself, I know how frustrating that can be. If you are looking for an Allied squad - my squad, 3CD is looking for new members. We are a squad that has been around at least 10 years and counting - with a long history in the game. IM me (/m malus [in text chat]) in game - and we can get you started. I hope you enjoy BE - WWIIonline - as much as I have. S! (Salute!)