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  1. Joined at end of Beta test pre launch 2001. Migrated from AW3 played in that game from 92 until 2001 with 52nd group PBear , RJohn , KBee and others. First squad I joined was JG26 until recently. Still having fun celebrate 75th next month.........
  2. I can't say enough about all the guys in this squad. It makes a big difference being part of a team and this squad has some of the very best players I have seen in the game. Rock certainly does the job as leader ( not easy) being a part time baby sitter and full time leader. Most of all we need his leadership hunting down members who go astray....it does happen but he tracks them down to boot ! Solid as a Rock well deserved recognition.
  3. Mini Con would be alot of fun. Used to belong to a group of gamers back east and traveled into NYC and NJ to have get togethers started with Falcon 3 on up. Now live in MT but would travel to any con in the NW.Native of Bellingham WA
  4. Right after posting the original thread I went back and rechecked the scenario with using each CPU direct connect to the cable modem and now I could access the game. I looked at the router a newer Cisco model E2500 and used the installation disk to get into maint mode. Once there it started a large upgrade automatically, after that I found on previous posts about router settings and setup the ports suggested to open and now all works fine. That was the night before I had to leave on business. I hope it all still works when I return home in another week. Thanks everyone for all the help and suggetions.
  5. After playing Friday night I am now unable to access game with either account (2). Both acc't get to status bar "connecting to chat" and boot me out with message "Unhandeled network error". The error was: Unable to connect to chat host please report error to support @ playnet.com. I have unistalled the game and reinstalled it 7 times now both cpu's and still cannot play.I loaded the new beta server and got into that fine.As stated I played Fri night turned off and next day I am unable to play either account both have same error message and yes I did unhook router and and tried each cpu direct connect to cable modem bypassing the router still does not work. End of the rope is near!
  6. Had all of the same problems with my 3 devices. Started by creating a new map from scratcg with just the combat stick plugged in and setup as device 1.After I downloaded the map into the stick I went to calibrate screen and setup the combat stick first clickining on "rescan" button then calibrating the stick. Then goto control panel and ckick on game devices and look under tab "advanced properties" and be sure to see device 1 listed. after you add the other parts make sure to recheck that the stick is ALWAYS device 1 otherwise it will not allow you to run the devices seperatly. After you have made sure the stick is looking ok ,go back to CM and open the map and add the throttle as device 2 and add pedals as device 3. Then when it looks good go to the calibrate screen again and do a rescan again. When it installs properly you will be able to clibrate each device by dbl clicking on the individual device. After all three are calibrated and file saved do another download and then go to the control panel again to check the gamecontrollers. what you do not want to se when you click on advanced properties is the device listed has changed to dev2 or dev3, it has to be dev1 when you open that screen. If it looks ok your almost done. One last thing to check is the CH CMCC be sure it's set to start in "mapped mode". Hope this helps,it drove me crazy for longer than I care to say but now both my setups{ I use 2 accounts side by side identical controllers and pc's) work just like the old way thank god.
  7. What I am seeing as lag is simply the fps readout goes to " 1" I believe that's the lowest you can get. It sometimes stays there for 10 seconds some times less. My cable connection works fine with upload speed of over 1 meg and download speed from 2.0 to 3.0 meg i get what I paid for. Every game I play other than WW2 works FINE including other MMOG games. This problem has been there since the early days (Beta Test) to now. I can't remember exactly how many PC s I have built since then but I do remember the first being a P2 400 that I used in the old Air Warrior days. I still play Aces High as all my old squaddies from AW are still playing there. I never have lag in there . I play almost all the FPS games from MOHAA BF 42 BF Vietnam BF 2, COD 1 COD 2 and my setup works without a hitch. how come the only problem I have is WW2 dating back to the Beta Test days I participated in? WW2 online offers the type of MMOG play I have always wanted but as the original post asked how long before the LAG issue is resolved seems like a fair question . If there is a tweak that solves the problem that would be nice .
  8. I to have the lag problem. I have two accounts and have been a player on/off since Beta test days. One setup has p4 3.2 HT, asus P4 800e MB ,2 gig ram ,ATI Radeon Pro 800 AGP Win XP CH Pro everything setup USB. the other account N5950210 uses Athelon Dual Core 3800 processor, Asus MB ,2 gig ram ,ATI Pro 850 PCI Express graphics card. Both cpus have their own cable modem no routers I have a cable connection most would die for and play many games most FPS without a problem, including Aces High. At times when flying over areas my frame rates will go to 1 and basically lock up the game then will lift and start to return to 60 or so fps. I pray when that happens when no enemy are near by.Also the second account uses Saitek x52 control setup. When the frames drop it prevents any inputs from the joysticks from being recognized which is very inconvienent especially when in a dive and you cant stop a thing except being a lawndart. Like the original post I to have never seen this go away since the beta-test days and why does it only happen with this game?