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  1. Tried that but still not working. Don't have a 4k monitor either. It use to work last time I played 6 months ago or so. Same monitor. Wonder what's changed ...errrrrr
  2. Hey all. Just had to re download the game after a hiatus. For the life of me I can't get the player icons or town icons to display information when I put my mouse pointer over it. I know it's something in the map options or game preferences. But I just can't remember. thanks.
  3. Hey all. After a long Hiatus and busy real life, I've finally settled in to playing ww2ol steadily again. I'm looking to get JG26 up and flying on a regular basis again. Most of our vets have moved on to other venues. Looking to replace some of the ranks. JG26 was one of the largest and most successful Axis squads back in it's prime. With over 10 years of history in the game as a dominating Axis squad I am looking to keep the tradition going. We typically play Axis but do switch to the allied side from time to time. We Pride ourselves on working together and using skill and force to win the day. Please reply or PM me if interested. Cheers!
  4. Not working for me either...guess it's done.
  5. I'll be a subscriber again one day
  6. I'd be posting naked pictures of hot chicks. I just don't see the point of posting those here for all you free loaders
  7. Miami, Cuba....same thing
  8. The Opel and Infantry got their reskins!! So who cares!!!
  9. Why do you hate people with only 1 thumb?
  10. Someone should take one for the team and buy a subscription! Then they can pass word along to the OT
  11. Your taunts will not deter us! We will get into OT..or go away at the end of the two weeks.
  12. it's like a stoop but better
  13. Ah, roger. Good ole sport left as well for bigger and better things. Give me a buzz one day your in town. Get some brews. I'll be gone this upcoming Wed. though
  14. Do you still live South of me still?
  15. Your post count is 5.675