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  1. The grass is always greener on the other side. Everyone should not stick to their sides 100% of the time and experience both sides. I am sure that they will probably find that they are getting killed around the same amount on the other side. Stats are good and all, but we all know that people who think charging straight at the enemy is in the game or the camping of spawns that skew the numbers. If everyone used the equipment properly, then I would guess that the stats would change a lot.
  2. Awesome! Didn't read that one yet.
  3. Was kind of thinking about ways to improve the big city battles. One of the ideas that I have is dividing the big cities into sections. So Antwerp for example would be 4 different AOs in one. For flag supply any flags in one of the cities supplies all sections of the cities. It would condense the fighting down, minimizing moles gamey aspect, and even slow down the map so we have a better chance seeing the later tiers. Could even add a couple more CPs for the connecting sections to ensure that spawnables are available. Thoughts?
  4. Long time axis player and recently playing underdog to keep the game alive. We can go to red vs blue, but that would mean getting rid of the 88. Also, I would bet that there are a lot better red vs blue games out there. I like how this game has unique ways to play. 88s killing chars in one hit from town to the FB kind of negates a lot of armor woes the axis has. I don't want to hear "but you have to get a tow" when you can get a free account to do it.