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  1. Post Canuks stats vs the Tiger. I'm witchu XOOM.
  2. Seems I was gone for some really fine debate. It’s my $.02. Didn’t mean to touch a nerve.
  3. Change the victory conditions for Axis to: 1. Axis holding France and the Low Countries, and 2. Either holding all British factories, or hold a port and buffering an airfield in Britain Allied victory conditions would be capping the Axis factories. No recoding required, no money spent by CRS. Worth trying just once
  4. Excellent post. I almost quit the first time I logged in. He111 on the box, no He111 in the game. We used to complain about enemies blinking in or out because there were so many units in the area. I remember when RAF Eagle Squadron had 36 or more on squad night, used 3 Teamspeak channels to communicate. CRS released a patch that had a bug in it that allowed a 109 pilot to roll inverted and push forward on the stick, accelerating upward as if the nose was pointed at the ground. That was it. Next squad night there were ten of us. I think town based garrison, get rid of air EWS, 10 minute contention before AB is hot, 5 minute CP cap for 1 to 1 minute for 8, would be just grand. Alternatively, make the Axis have to conquer the whole of France and capture England to end a campaign. You could do that immediately without recoding anything, and it would make for an awesome fight. $.02. I salute all those who have never cancelled your subscription. I wish I had been as loyal.
  5. Of course the Unreal Engine will change everything. Wholly kow, will it really look that good? I forsee new box and vid card for it.
  6. Air unit should not be able to drop a FMS. This reeks of the early days, when a Stuka could drop two allied FBs on one mission and the French Blen fed my Flak30 kills to the point I had guilt. Let better ATG spawn at the FMS as the armor improves, and let HE be more effective dropping one. But the Allies bust Axis attacks up today like the Axis busted Allied attacks of yesteryear. The Z34 looks like a USS Fletcher class destroyer with different AAA guns. I'm not sure who copied who. You just need another paint job and instant US Navy, just add water. FMB should have a 40 knot unit with torpedos on it spawnable from the deepwater ports. forget the artwork for now, just give me a launch button. dont need no stinking torpedo computer. Slowpoke FMB on the river. I've heard it said "FMBs on the rivers is unrealistic, they couldnt get under the bridges." Seriously? Do the FMBs last long enough, or kill enough stuff to bother some of you that much? I'll take a hybrid navy if thats all I can get. I think its fun. Give everybody torpedo Blens too
  7. Honestly I can’t believe I kept playing in 2001 after realizing the He111 was on the box but not even on the drawing board; Allies didn’t have player AAA; the AI at an airfield was a complete joke and allowed Axis jackasses to vulch Antwerp like complete tools; British had to use a Char to blow FBs; the map would get Opel rushed in as little as 3 hours... I’m such a world history buff, especially WWII history, I can’t let go. I love the fact when I manage (not often) to kill someone it irritates them. I’m an old man now. Had no gray when I started. I’ve pitched fits before and walked away, I’ve gone through times when I maintained 5 pay subs at once. I’m glad the lights are still on. To those who are here because of the Steam release, thank you. Thanks to all of you who are keeping the game going.
  8. Are you gents still playing WW2O?
  9. I replaced a GeForce4ti4600 with the 7300GT. I get 100fps flying, 60fps on the ground driving vehicles, and 30fps looking at trees through binoculars now. You can say a 7300 aint enough, all I know is it's working fine for me.