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  1. this needs a list of links helpful to noobies ******************** International Community Pages DEUTSCHSPRACHIGE COMMUNITYSKANDINAVISKA ZONEN COMMUNAUTE FRANCOPHONE COMUNIDAD DE LENGUA ESPANOLA ******************** Guides and Tactics OFFICIAL WIKIALLIED GUIDE (Kill Axis) by Parasit AXIS GUIDE(Kill Allied) by Parasit UNIT TYPE GUIDE by Parasit Hazylzrd's List of WWIIOL Abbreviations
  2. Alpine, You might be better off posting this to Windows Support forum or submitting a ticket to http://support.playnet.com
  3. trial sign ups do not require a credit card
  4. When in game, click the squads tab and you shud find out more
  5. ^ that stuff should be on the offiical WIKI. Please contact BLOO about getting permissions. bloo@playnet.com
  6. Greni these are great. Ive added all the Youtube videos to a playlist on the official YouTube channel. Thank you so much! How about some on basic mechanics? Facility Capture, FB Blow, FRU the list is endless!
  7. That will give lipton another month to bash us in the forums. wheeeeee!
  8. not many questions left here so Im closing the thread. Additional questions can be submitted to support http://support.playnet.com
  9. known issue with unsub. Fix will result in Next Billing: none Sry. BTW, dont unsub kthxbye
  10. It depends on if/when you cancel it. An Easy Pay subscription offers a discount over the non-plan rate and so in order for us to offer that discount we need to be sure that the user will stay for the term. For example, you select a 12-month Easy Pay plan. You get a discounted monthly rate of $12.99. The term is twelve months. If you cancel during month 6 of 12 you would have a remaining term of 6 x $12.99 = $77.94 (scheduled to be paid over 6 more months) BUT we cap the early termination penalty at $50 for the 12-month Easy Pay Plan. If you cancel during month 10 you would have a remaining term of 2 x $12.99 = $25.98 so because that's less than the $50 cap, you pay $25.98. Of course you can unsubscribe from any plan at any time which means when the term is over (be it 1, 6, 12 whatever), the plan goes inactive and doesnt renew. We tried to strike a balance with these early termination fees so that we don't get burned with users getting a deep discount but not sticking through the term and making the penalty reasonable for a user who just wants to quit all together. Any player who's been around a while (we have LOTS) and figures to keep playing should really have a hard look at the Easy Pay plans. If you're an on again/off again player, the monthly non-plan rate or even a 3 month Pre-Pay is probably more for you.
  11. They were down briefly but they seem to be back up. pls confirm
  12. noted will get BLOO to have a look
  13. its not appropriate for discussion in any game topic forums the only alternative was off topic and.. well.. just no.
  14. Long time players who want to keep playing can choose to have their monthly sub lowered to $12.99. We, more than anyone count on the support of the game vets- this is partly why we dropped the price for easy pay. If you've been playing for years and like it and aren't likely to quit anytime soon- this is the plan for you! I guess I already mentioned that
  15. WRT to your last paragraph, our terms of service do not allow us to modify the plan for an existing subscriber. In your example, we cannot simply modify the terms for a monthly subscriber to a 3-month Easy Pay because the Easy Pay plan has a different set of terms than the monthly (non-plan) . Regarding your reply, it is really great to see that players can see the benefit to both Playnet/CRS and the players WRT to the new plans. S!
  16. In an effort to manage increasing costs and better plan our cash flow forecasting, we designed the Pre-Pay and Easy Pay plans. Our new Easy Pay plans offer new options for players who want to pay monthly- not everyone likes pre-paying for something. Anyone who is currently paying monthly can lock in at $14.99 by choosing the 6 month Easy Pay plan. You still pay monthly and your price stays the same. The 12-month Easy Pay plan actually LOWERS the monthly price to $12.99. Are there cancellation penalties for early termination? Yes. We designed them to be reasonable but the benefit we have from being able to forecast cash flow from players on the Easy Pay plan is erased if you can cancel anytime. We're offering a lower price point (far lower on pre-pay) to players and in exchange, we get to plan accordingly for the revenue- for salaries, contractors, operations and hard costs like server hosting and bandwidth. If someone isn't sure if they like the game enough to hang around for 6 or 12 months then they have the no-plan rate to fall back on. We hope that all our longtime players will see the value in Pre-Pay and Easy-Pay discounts and the benefit to CRS in having a better handle on how we can plan for resource needs. In conjunction with these new plans we've eleminated the need for a credit card to sign up for a trial. We also have changes underway on how a trial works. All of these things are an effort to grow the subscriber base and give CRS better management over our cash forecasting. We hope you will support these inititatives. http://www.battlegroundeurope.com/accounts
  17. I cant tell you how great it is to see you guys year after year and shoot the bull about our *GASP* 10 years together. It's also cool to see new faces, well... new people because DAMN you people are UGLY! HAAHAH I sure we can put together a big convention again some time.
  18. Wheres all the piccs from the party???
  19. It hasnt been behaving itself lately. We're having a look at it this afternoon.
  20. Im replying to message to TOTO. Have you submitted a ticket to support? http://support.playnet.com I copied your email to our support department but submitting a ticket is usually the fastest.
  21. I reset his password and emailed it to him.
  22. The shirts are complete and sitting at the printer's warehouse. They totally screwed up the packing. The company we contracted to do the pick, pack and ship needed each style & size in it's own box with a product code we provided to the printer. The printer ignored these instructions and had to repack the shirts. They will be delivered to the shipping company this week and will begin going outbound next week. Sorry for the delay. Our advertised 2-4 weeks for delivery is likely going to 4-8 weeks. On the upside, Ive seen the finished product and they nailed the "vintage" look. The shirt and the printing are awesome. I think you'll like them.
  23. This is a verification transaction that simply pings your card to see if it's valid and will accept a transaction. It goes from pending to deleted after awhile because it doesn't actually process the $1 charge. It stinks but many credit card companies do the same when you use your card at gas stations etc. The only difference is you usually don't see it. You saw it today because our credit card company was slow clearing the pending transactions. Long story short? Its a non-debit transaction that verifies your card then disappears.
  24. uninstall download the full installer reinstall no official support for vista FYI