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  1. lmao how long ago did i write this..... now that it was brought up again (and i barely play anymore) shrink it so small COD players wouldnt even play on it! j/k
  2. Sons of anarchy www.samcro.biz great bunch of guys.... MVS campaign 78
  3. havent been on the ground so as far as that i dont know. in the air ive noticed some spiking here and there thats a bit worse then it was before but that usualy only happens to me right before a furball or coming into action...kinda like my own early warning system, heh. ive seen a few people complaining about loss of FPS after patch but just figured that was the norm as is with every patch. do you have something running in the background, Anti virri, maleware, anything?
  4. Bumpalicious
  5. if you think the names odd and questionable you apparently havent met me yet
  6. Just wondering if anyone might know why it is when I set my phenom to 4 cores and play the game it crashes on me? I plays fine for a while but then it just goes "blink" back to desktop...no error message... I know theres a chance in not having all cores work when doing this but everything seems to be A ok until I play for a little bit then it kicks me. is it the game or maybe the cores?
  7. not sure what or why i get it from time to time but i get the error message about my IP port something or other. next time i see it ill try and remember to grab a screeny but im sure others have seen it before. what does it mean and why do i randomly get this message? it hasnt had an effect on my game (that I know of) just curious as to what it is.
  8. map your own keys in settings.
  9. I resubbed with every intention of having YOU in my Xhairs...if you stay out of them my whole reason for continuing to play this game goes null & void Dont try and stay out of them...just stand still when your in them!
  10. subbed...6 more months youll have to deal with me
  11. thank you for the answer hick! makes it a lil easier to sub knowing it wont hit me with a one time fee. leaves me that lil extra for burger king or chuckie cheeze for my kid lol!