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  1. Sorry for the delay guys, There is currently no way to access your Squad Roster outside of the game. That is one of the features we are looking at but it is currently not available.
  2. I do not understand. The Brigades, Divisions, Corps etc DO make up what the Allied and Axis Orders of Battle represent. The Brigade may be a portal now but with TOEs it WILL be the Brigade. If you change brigades, you CHANGE Brigades, not portals. If you are playing French in the 110th, you are a French player who is aligned with the French Armies 110th Brigade. I perfectly understand how the ORBAT and Brigades, channels etc used to work. I helped build them but we can not rely on that anymore with TOEs and Brigade spawning. We want every Brigade to be active all of the time so there is little to no reason to change Brigades. We also want to encourage people to stay loyal to that Brigade with different incentives along the way.
  3. Squads are never going to be hard coded because it just wouldn't work. We have hundreds of squads and each of them have a different idea about what a squad should be. Some use it as a force like you have described while others use it as a social group just to chat with friends and hang out. We also have squads that like to play in one Brigade one night, a different brigade another, a different branch the next and a different country the following night and we do not want to take this flexability away. Things that will come though is an OIC system to make sure there is ALWAYS someone in charge of a Brigade. The OIC system is needed desperately and we will see it some time after TOEs goes live.
  4. All name changes need to be sent to Please see his announcement in the Production Update Thread.
  5. I will let you guys know as soon as I do. I am meeting with Doc today about it.
  6. The permissions are very easy to set up. The problem is changing town ownerships and locking the arena etc for the event because the server is for training, everything else takes a back seat. If you have an event idea, send it to myself and Fogaban and if we get something that is possible and worth doing, we can help set it up and work with the training corps so we do not interfere with their training.
  7. The meeting is in fact at 3PM EST. I edited vontragg's post to avoid confusion. Thanks for the reminder!
  9. You can apply to be a beta tester but if you are looking to get your squad involved, it's best done during the Open testing process.
  10. I am looking into it already. So far it looks like the min AOs is the same as it was during intermission which is 3. From the sounds of it, it was not intentional. Still trying to track down what Gophur meant. Why would an increase on ONE AO cause an up roar?
  11. If you or members of your squad are going to the convention, PLEASE be sure that you register and pass along to them that they need to register ASAP. We have had a lot of people say they are going to the con but the number of people registered so far does NOT reflect that.
  12. Drop me an e-mail at and I will get it corrected. (I'm not at home right now and don't want to forget it) Thanks
  13. Yes. It is still on the plate but it is not up to the plate yet. We have been talking about Squad Management recently and this fits right in there with the rest of the ideas.
  14. The meeting information is: Saturday, March 4th at 3PM EST (Saturday, March 4th at 8PM GMT). More information has been sent to the Squad COs that are signed up for the summit. I hope to see you there!
  15. Do not read to deeply into this guys. Our initial plan will probably be some kind of timer. Your side has x% more players. So you have to wait 10-15 sec before selecting that side. This lets the community know that the other side needs more players and some people WILL go over there to play just to help them out. The focus on this will be the 30% of people not in squads and even then, only about 5% of them would be needed to switch sides to have a dramatic affect to even the sides out. We will not be locking you out of the side you play for. Just letting you know which side needs the extra help and let you decide.