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  1. I'd shorten that substantially (at least a km for the large ATG spawning FMS), then allow the baby MS (as you call it) to go as far as town, minus some exclusion around an enemy facility. I wish there was a way to visibly mass forces, too. Ie: You would spawn trucks (maybe with canvass tops added to the beds) and park them at the FMS, and this "deploys" them, and the player RTBs. The trucks stay at that FMS, and add to the available spawn list at the FMS (which would perhaps be a squad or 2, plus 1 of each ATG/AAA), and at the baby MS. The trucks each have a squad of men, say---10-12 guys, 1 SMG, 1 LMG, 8 rifles, and a maybe a couple of the other classes (mortar/ATR?) as well as another 1 of each ATG/AAA. Or maybe HC can spawn a truck that moves special classes forward (engie, sapper, sniper) (so normal FMS spawn regular infantry, and to get specials the HC has to deploy them). These trucks have to deploy within some short range of the FMS to add to it (100m?) This means attacks would move out from the FB, and either spread all the troops out for a wide front of attack, or they could mass in one area if that is more desirable. The FMS would have to be blown, but the trucks might be destroyed as trucks are, and then their addition to the spawn list is then removed.
  2. Interesting idea. I wonder if a SD could be used to make the number if infantry in play in a given AO/Do roughly mimic their appropriate numbers (~1 in 10 a SMG/LMG, the rest rifles). Still it would not solve the issue that SD is meant to address, population imbalance. I still say that depot/MSP spawning should be limited to the relative balance of units attacking vs defending a given AO.
  3. Agreed, though I think the fall damage is already goofy, and needs universal improvement (no roof jumping, or running off 2d floor depoys). Paras already have a cool down on landing, right? I think the solution to paras usefulness (outside some current cases where they already work fine), is to make the regular MSPs obey some sort of "on-sides" rules, so that if you control the towns N and E, say, you are limited to spawning N and E of the target town. Then paras can drop to the rear.
  4. I hate the fact that the spawns are from every direction, even if it benefits me on attack. The game where the town is overrun, and ei (not counting paras) are literally everywhere (or even possibly everywhere), should be the very end of a battle. I like the @ZEBBEEE idea, only thing I would add is a better on-sides sensibility. Under the current play, seems like the setup would be the same, you'd move the FMS out to surround the town (and I do mean surround), then start placing closer spawns, all this before setting the AO. The supposed defenders would apparently all be asleep or at the bar til they are call to defense, then the first responders are supposed to set up a defense, with ei likely already hiding in the attics of buildings next to the CP.
  5. Whatever a spawn with crates is called (FRU/HC/?), it needs to die if you so much as look at it, honestly. I'd dump the FMS object (because it looks really strong), and make all the MSPs die to a single magazine of MG fire (or as many rifle shots, or a couple nades, whatever energy 30 0.30 cals is). You should have to control an area to have a MSP of any kind. On-sides rules, and easy to kill, not hard to kill. If you want to make it strong, build some emplacements around it (which makes it protected from gunfire, but far easier to spot).
  6. This X1000. And figure out some way to have an "on sides" rule for mobile spawns.
  7. The problem with comparing units in this game has always been that in RL, the units were developed in a context. Pre-war, the context was doctrinal, and once the war was being fought, many decisions were made in response to enemy capabilities. Minus that context, the what-ifs can fall apart, because we're playing with a stable of units designed for a purpose, and that purpose might not be a thing. I'm an aviation history nut, so those examples leap to mind. Fighters designed for attacking massed formations of heavy bombers, with substantial defensive armament might be great against ground targets in game, but minus the massed heavy bombers, they lack a reason to ever have been developed. The opposite is also true, lacking any enemy heavy bombers in massed formations, the Allies never bothered with countermeasures for such a threat. That decreases the available stable of Allied aircraft, because they had fewer use cases (axis needed to do all the things, Allies not so much). Naval would be pretty unbalanced if that was ever a thing (a single Fletcher DD had more AAA throw mass/min than Bismark, for example). Anyway, it gets pretty complicated pretty fast, counterfactuals without context make little sense, I think we are stuck with units that are vaguely representative of different capabilities. I for one would prefer less red/blue, and more variation in capability. The only way to have some rollouts happen in an odd way would be a better strategic level game. Give weapon systems a cost, and have the HCs buy a ToE, perhaps. They can then change it with a tier change in response to what they have seen fielded by the enemy. With loadouts, perhaps there could be variants possible on some platforms to facilitate responses that might not have had a reason in RL.
  8. I measured it on the map, it's roughly square if you include the flag (which it must, because the flag doesn't clip other buildings). The actual interior is closer to what you say, though, for sure. I actually don't care that much about that. I did propose a walk in tomb or 2 for that reason. In reality, a roof should not be overly protective against a mortar barrage, anyway. The ruin state could have some tall tombs fall over in a way that makes a roof to lie under and shoot out of (aiming out a door, or even a fallen wall section...). I just want to have a CP that involves actually fighting, not waiting to be killed in a CQB death dance, and hoping to trade. Ditto. The countryside is way too empty. I think they could use extant farm buildings with the texture made capturable in the CP version. If limited spawn lists could be a thing, then a farmhouse CP could perhaps have a spawn in the upstairs. Only like a squad worth (UK/Ger rrifle section/gruppe were 1 SMG, 1 LMG, 8 rifles). Some in the woods... could be very, very fun. Perhaps if they added new CPs between town/FB (not just linear, either! I want a front of them), they could have some that were simply open ground to be held. The farm compound bunker we have, minus the bit that keeps vehicles out? More variety! Agreed, but we're still stuck with the guarding a closed room paradigm. I can't help but try to help our side win, and I honestly hate it so much. I played a hour or two last night, and the only outside I played was running TO a CP to recap or guard it, or the one time I went looking for an EFMS, then snuck up on a tank (sap blew it). I literally spent the entire night doing what I hate, nothing I liked. I'm willing to pay a while (again) in the hopes something might change, but I'll get sick of that at some point, if the only way to not lose is to stare at a virtual wall. There are also far too many SMGs. Spawn lists need to be smaller, and replenished when emptied, not before. Ie: A Squad/Rifle Section/Gruppe is 1 SMG (NCO), 1 LMG, 8 rifles. That's the spawn list. When all of those are gone from a given brigade, it refills. (it's keeping track of the total number, but only those are available. There might be another, special spawn of some kind for Engineers, a Mortar squad, grenadiers, etc. (maybe 1 of the rifles gets switched with one of those every X Squads?). Later in the war, the Germans went to more SMGs, I think it was 3 SMG, 1 MG42, 6 rifles from '43 on. UK stayed the same, but the French could be whatever we like (matching Germans, for example) for balance (a reason to use them vs UK), they're counterfactual anyway.
  9. Cool, figured I'd just let you guys know.
  10. I was thinking about this some more, looks like the CP is something like 23x23m (assuming the flag sticking out is part of the building footprint) Might be smaller. The Depot itself is similar in footprint. Any Depot change has to fit the same footprint, including garage and exit geometry (including covered area for trucks/ATG). Here's a CP as cemetery doodle: That's an Opel Blitz for scale, and possibly there for real as terrain. A generic truck could be added, or ideally, instead of a flag, perhaps the flag is replaces with a truck model already in game (Opel=German, Laffly=French, Bedford=UK, etc). Trucks could have flags on hood. Otherwise, use a generic truck of some kind (extant truck with canvas?) with flag on hood. The radio idea for the mausoleum is just that the small building is stone, and has room for a small comm setup (old school way to indicate command post). Wires could run out to an antenna---this is an ersatz CP, right? Walls around are made for crouch deploy (like some of the walls in the urban stuff with wrought iron on top). A few larger tombs/monuments are possible, plus tombstones of various heights and designs. Design this so that there are good deploy areas, and places to shoot through narrow arcs with a fair bit of protection from small arms fire (I did a crappy job of this, sue me ). This above is 20mx20m. The entire thing would be cap texture, including perhaps the parking area (if a tank could stand on a CP, could it cap?) The idea is that holding this area is how you cap. Once capped, you need only keep the enemy out. A few places allow hiding, and the ruined state might churn it up a little and make it nearly different, not less open. HE would become pretty important, clearly. A skilled mortar team could really help clear a CP for capture, then again, the cappers can cap, then move nearby and keep recappers away in similar fashion. Cap timers, and multipliers for each capper can then be adjusted to make it work. The depots would be reduced as suggested to get the depot snipers out (they could stay similar, even with height, but simply lose the windows).
  11. ^^^ That, and all AAA/ATGs that can't spawn at an FMS, should have the ability to act as an MSP with a small spawn list for defensive inf.
  12. While spending the entire night guarding/recapping, it occurred to me. The CP should be a park. It's not too open, it's not open enough. If you cannot control a park (no PPOs allowed), you don't control the ground. It becomes ALL about cutting/commanding the CP. The park can have a wall/fence around it. heck, it could be a graveyard, with a single walk-in tomb (some shelter from HE). Open space, some small shelter available. Basically if anyone can nade you, you're hosed. CPs in town centers will be really hard if the defense can manage mortars. Once capped, recapping... non-trivial.
  13. Good ideas, but even 1 v 3 is not ideal, sure you have more targets, but it means that it's respawn, suicide rush, rinse, repeat hopefully bumoing off all of them before the cap happens. It's still not fun play. Not that long ago, you and I were in whatever town, and I capped the CP that was 90 degrees to town, and the CP I spawned at was also separated, so I crossed a field to get from one to the other. There was no ei there, but not knowing, I ran and went prone, sought cover, got to a ree berm, and ran along that, then I naded the place, and recapped. That was a million times more fun than waiting for the recap to happen, staring at the stairwell---and there was no enemy, lol.
  14. Is there a floorplan of the CP and Depot buildings available? Or the rectanlge that is available for them to fit into?